Stakeholder Management Communication Plan


A stakeholder management communication plan is crucial for any project or organization to effectively engage and communicate with stakeholders. Below is a simple, comprehensive, and ready-to-implement plan.

1. Stakeholder Identification

Table 1: Stakeholder Identification

Stakeholder Group Interest Influence
Customers High Medium
Employees High High
Investors Medium High
Suppliers Low Medium
Community Low Low

2. Communication Objectives

3. Communication Methods

Table 2: Communication Methods

Stakeholder Group Method Frequency Purpose
Customers Email Updates Monthly Inform
Employees Team Meetings Weekly Engage
Investors Quarterly Reports Quarterly Inform
Suppliers Newsletters Bi-Monthly Inform
Community Public Forums Annually Engage

4. Feedback Mechanisms

5. Responsibility Matrix

Table 3: Responsibility Matrix

Task Responsible Support Consult Inform
Customer Communication Marketing Sales Legal All
Employee Engagement HR Managers All
Investor Relations Finance CEO Legal All
Supplier Coordination Procurement Finance All
Community Outreach PR Legal All

6. Monitoring and Adjustments

7. Crisis Communication Plan

In case of a crisis, a predefined protocol should be followed to ensure timely and effective communication with all stakeholders.

8. Plan Review and Update Schedule

This stakeholder management communication plan is designed to be flexible, simple, and comprehensive, ensuring effective communication with all stakeholders to achieve project success.

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