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yd to ft

Formula: Length in foot (ft) = Length in yards (yd) × 3




ft to yd

Formula: Length in yards (yd) = Length in foot (ft) ÷ 3


Yard :

Yard to Feet

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Conversion Factors

  • Yards to Feet: 1 yard = 3 feet
  • Feet to Yards: 1 foot = 1/3 yard

How to Convert Yards to Feet:

To convert yards to feet, multiply the number of yards by 3.



Convert 3 yards to feet.

Feet=3×3=9 feet

How to Convert Feet to Yards:

To convert feet to yards, divide the number of feet by 3.



Convert 9 feet to yards.

Yards=9/3=3 yards

Yards to Feet Conversion Table

Yards (yd)Feet (ft)
1 yd3 ft
2 yd6 ft
3 yd9 ft
4 yd12 ft
5 yd15 ft
6 yd18 ft
7 yd21 ft
8 yd24 ft
9 yd27 ft
10 yd30 ft
20 yd60 ft
30 yd90 ft
40 yd120 ft
50 yd150 ft
60 yd180 ft
70 yd210 ft
80 yd240 ft
90 yd270 ft
100 yd300 ft
120 yd360 ft
140 yd420 ft
160 yd480 ft
180 yd540 ft
200 yd600 ft
250 yd750 ft
300 yd900 ft
350 yd1050 ft
400 yd1200 ft
450 yd1350 ft
500 yd1500 ft
550 yd1650 ft
600 yd1800 ft
650 yd1950 ft
700 yd2100 ft
750 yd2250 ft
800 yd2400 ft
850 yd2550 ft
900 yd2700 ft
950 yd2850 ft
1000 yd3000 ft

yd to ft Conversion Chart

yd to ft Conversion Chart

Feet to Yards Conversion Table

Feet (ft)Yards (yd)
1 ft0.33 yd
2 ft0.67 yd
3 ft1 yd
4 ft1.33 yd
5 ft1.67 yd
6 ft2 yd
7 ft2.33 yd
8 ft2.67 yd
9 ft3 yd
10 ft3.33 yd
20 ft6.67 yd
30 ft10 yd
40 ft13.33 yd
50 ft16.67 yd
60 ft20 yd
70 ft23.33 yd
80 ft26.67 yd
90 ft30 yd
100 ft33.33 yd

ft to yd Conversion Chart

ft to yd Conversion Chart

Difference Between Yards to Feet

Basic DefinitionA yard is a unit of length in both the imperial and US customary systems. It is equal to 3 feet or 36 inches.A foot is a unit of length, used primarily in the imperial and US customary measurement systems, equivalent to 12 inches.
International UsageYards are used less frequently around the world, more common in the U.S., U.K., and former British colonies.Feet are used globally, especially in the United States for many everyday applications including height measurement.
Conversion Factor1 yard = 3 feet1 foot = 0.333 yards
Sporting EventsOften used in American football to measure distances on the field. Each end zone is 10 yards deep.Commonly used in soccer to measure the penalty area and goal area dimensions.
Textiles and FabricsFabric is commonly sold by the yard in countries like the United States.Smaller textile measurements in craft projects may use feet.
Construction and Real EstateUsed in real estate in some countries to describe lot sizes.Feet are extensively used in construction and real estate to describe building dimensions and room sizes.
Nautical PurposesNot typically used in nautical settings.Nautical distances are usually measured in nautical mile or feet for smaller measurements.
General Public UnderstandingGenerally considered less intuitive for everyday use by the general public in countries using metric system.Feet are often seen as more practical for daily use in non-metric countries, possibly due to their shorter length which allows for more precise measurements without using fractions

1. Solved Examples on Converting Yards to Feet

Example 1: Convert 4 yards to feet.


4×3=12 feet

Example 2: Convert 7 yards to feet.


7×3=21 feet

Example 3: Convert 2.5 yards to feet.


2.5×3=7.5 feet

Example 4: Convert 10 yards to feet.


10×3=30 feet

Example 5: Convert 0.75 yards to feet.


0.75×3=2.25 feet

2. Solved Examples on Converting Feet to Yards

Example 1: Convert 15 feet to yards.


15/3 = 5 yards

Example 2: Convert 6 feet to yards.


6/3=2 yards

Example 3: Convert 20 feet to yards.


20/3=6.67 yards

Example 4: Convert 33 feet to yards.


33/3=11 yards

Example 5: Convert 18 feet to yards.


18/3=6 yards

Why are yards converted into feet?

Yards are converted into feet for tasks requiring a smaller unit of measurement, such as construction projects, fabric measurement, or when dimensions are required in feet for compatibility with other data.

Is the conversion from yards to feet the same internationally?

Yes, both yards and feet are part of the Imperial system, which is standardized internationally.

Are there any industries that specifically use yards instead of feet?

Yes, industries such as textiles and sports (like football) often use yards to measure fabric lengths and field dimensions, respectively.

How do you teach children the conversion from yards to feet?

Using real-life examples like measuring parts of a playground or using a tape measure can help children understand the relationship between yards and feet.

Why might someone need to convert square yards to square feet?

This conversion might be necessary in fields like real estate or interior design, where room sizes might be given in square yards but decorating materials are sold by square feet.

How can one visually represent the relationship between yards and feet?

Using a ruler or measuring tape that shows both yards and feet, or diagrams that illustrate the units can help visually represent their relationship.

Can yards and feet be converted into metric units?

Yes, yards and feet can both be converted into metric units. One yard is approximately 0.9144 meter, and one foot is about 0.3048 meters.

Why would you measure something in yards instead of feet?

Measuring in yards instead of feet is often more practical for larger distances where using feet could result in unwieldy numbers, simplifying calculations and communication in contexts like sports fields or fabric sales.