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BTU to ft-lb

Formula: Energy in Foot-pounds (ft-lb) = Energy in British Thermal Units (BTU) x 778.169

British Thermal Unit :

Foot-pound :

British Thermal UnitsFoot-pounds

ft-lb to BTU

Formula: Energy in British Thermal Units (BTU) = Energy in Foot-pounds (ft-lb) ÷ 778.169

Foot-pound :

British Thermal Unit :

Foot-poundsBritish Thermal Units

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Conversion Factors:

  • British Thermal Units to Foot-pounds: 1 BTU = 778.169 ft-lb
  • Foot-pounds to British Thermal Units: 1 ft-lb = 1/778.169 BTU

How to Convert British Thermal Units to Foot-pounds:

To convert British Thermal Units to foot-pounds, multiply the number of BTUs by 778.169.


Example: Convert 200 BTUs to foot-pounds.

Foot-pounds=200×778.169=155,633.8 ft-lb

How to Convert Foot-pounds to British Thermal Units:

To convert foot-pounds to British Thermal Units, divide the number of foot-pounds by 778.169.


Example: Convert 500,000 foot-pounds to BTUs.

BTU=500,000/778.169=642.32 BTU

British Thermal Unit to Foot-pound Conversion Table

BTUFoot-pound (ft-lb)
1 BTU778.169 ft-lb
2 BTU1,556.34 ft-lb
3 BTU2,334.51 ft-lb
4 BTU3,112.68 ft-lb
5 BTU3,890.85 ft-lb
6 BTU4,669.01 ft-lb
7 BTU5,447.18 ft-lb
8 BTU6,225.35 ft-lb
9 BTU7,003.52 ft-lb
10 BTU7,781.69 ft-lb
20 BTU15,563.38 ft-lb
30 BTU23,345.07 ft-lb
40 BTU31,126.76 ft-lb
50 BTU38,908.45 ft-lb
60 BTU46,690.14 ft-lb
70 BTU54,471.83 ft-lb
80 BTU62,253.52 ft-lb
90 BTU70,035.21 ft-lb
100 BTU77,816.90 ft-lb

btu to ft-lb Conversion Chart

Foot-pound to British Thermal Unit Conversion Table

Foot-pound (ft-lb)BTU
1 ft-lb0.00129 BTU
2 ft-lb0.00257 BTU
3 ft-lb0.00386 BTU
4 ft-lb0.00514 BTU
5 ft-lb0.00643 BTU
6 ft-lb0.00771 BTU
7 ft-lb0.00900 BTU
8 ft-lb0.01028 BTU
9 ft-lb0.01157 BTU
10 ft-lb0.01285 BTU
20 ft-lb0.02570 BTU
30 ft-lb0.03855 BTU
40 ft-lb0.05140 BTU
50 ft-lb0.06425 BTU
60 ft-lb0.07710 BTU
70 ft-lb0.08995 BTU
80 ft-lb0.10280 BTU
90 ft-lb0.11565 BTU
100 ft-lb0.12850 BTU

ft-lb to btu Conversion Chart

Difference Between British Thermal Unit to Foot-pound

AspectBritish Thermal Unit (BTU)Foot-pound (ft-lb)
DefinitionA unit of heat; the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit.A unit of energy or work; the amount of energy required to move a one-pound object a distance of one foot.
UsageCommonly used in heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration (HVACR) industries.Typically used in mechanical and engineering contexts.
Measurement ContextMeasures thermal energy.Measures mechanical energy.
Conversion Factor1 BTU = 778.169 ft-lb1 ft-lb = 0.00129 BTU
Common ApplicationsUsed to rate the energy content of fuels, appliances like air conditioners, and heaters.Used to calculate the energy exerted by engines, motors, and manual labor.
Practical ExampleOne BTU is roughly equal to the energy released by burning one match.One foot-pound is the energy required to lift a one-pound weight one foot off the ground.
Historical BackgroundDeveloped in the early 19th century to quantify heating values of fuels.Has origins in classical mechanics and the study of work and energy.

1. Solved Examples on Converting British Thermal Unit to Foot-pound

Example 1: Convert 1 BTU to foot-pounds

Foot-pound=1 BTU×778.169


Example 2: Convert 2 BTU to foot-pounds

Foot-pound=2 BTU×778.169


Example 3: Convert 5 BTU to foot-pounds

Foot-pound=5 BTU×778.169


Example 4: Convert 10 BTU to foot-pounds

Foot-pound=10 BTU×778.169


Example 5: Convert 20 BTU to foot-pounds

Foot-pound=20 BTU×778.169


2. Solved Examples on Converting Foot-pound to British Thermal Unit

Example 1: Convert 1 foot-pound to BTU

BTU=1 ft-lb/778.169


Example 2: Convert 10 foot-pounds to BTU

BTU=10 ft-lb/778.169


Example 3: Convert 50 foot-pounds to BTU

BTU=50 ft-lb/778.169


Example 4: Convert 100 foot-pounds to BTU

BTU=100 ft-lb/778.169


Example 5: Convert 500 foot-pounds to BTU

BTU=500 ft-lb/778.169


Are British Thermal Units and foot-pounds commonly used together?

While BTUs and foot-pounds both measure energy, they are used in different contexts. BTUs are typically used in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, whereas foot-pounds are used in mechanical and engineering contexts.

Is there a simple way to remember the conversion factor?

A simple way to remember the conversion factor is to note that 1 BTU is approximately equal to 778.169 foot-pounds.

What tools can I use to convert British Thermal Units to foot-pounds?

You can use calculators, online conversion tools, or even spreadsheet software like Excel to perform these conversions quickly and accurately.

How do I ensure the accuracy of my conversion?

To ensure accuracy, use the precise conversion factor 778.169 and double-check your calculations, especially when converting large or critical values.

What are some practical applications of this conversion?

This conversion is useful in fields such as HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), thermodynamics, and energy management where both thermal and mechanical energy measurements are important.