And Worst OpenAIs ChatGPT

There are plenty of ways to utilize or use ChatGPT in the best way possible. But there are also malicious and malintent ways a person can use and leverage ChatGPT and its searching capabilities. This ultimately means there are best and worst-case uses or scenarios for a person to use OpenAI’s ChatGPT. These cases can span different tones, contexts, and themes.

1. ChatGPT As A Coding Partner

A coder or a back-end developer can use ChatGPT to help create, refine, and edit codes and let it act as a coding partner. Not only that, but ChatGPT can also test the codes and reformat them into another script or coding language. The person will first need to outline or create an outline format in the ChatGPT prompts like this example, “Can you create a Javascript? ”

2. ChatGPT as an App Developer

ChatGPT can help app developers create their applications or software and conduct various QA and debugging processes. Not only can a person leverage ChatGPT to help aid in the app-making process, but OpenAI’s ChatGPT also conducts brainstorming and mind map sessions that can create a unique application. For example, a person can prompt ChatGPT with “Can you provide me with a unique application concept that focuses on creating a list of items one will need for groceries?”

3. Deploy a Virtual Machine using ChatGPT

People can use ChatGPT to act or immerse themselves as a virtual machine that will seamlessly recreate various environments that the specific virtual machine the AI is acting as. A person can use this chatGPT to test and simulate various functions that are unique to the virtual machine it is acting as. For example, one can ask ChatGPT to act as a Linux Terminal and the first command the person wants to enter into the virtual machine.


4. Write Software using ChatGPT with Zero Experience in Coding

A person with zero experience in coding or software development can use ChatGPT to create and develop codes for them that may lead to the creation of software. Just note, ChatGPT is not and will not replace an experienced programmer or coder and should only act as a tool and not a person. Just be sure to properly prompt ChatGPT with one’s request like this example, “Can you create a code that will create an interactive HTML game of simulated Tic-tac-toe.”

5. ChatGPT as a Senior Twitter Data Engineer

ChatGPT can immerse themselves in different roles and can dispense advice regarding the field the AI is roleplaying in. For example, one can begin by prompting ChatGPT to immerse itself as a Twitter data engineer and then ask for codes in a specific script that will automate some Twitter functions. One can use the data and answers of ChatGPT to help improve or increase one’s productivity in coding.

6. Create POC Exploits using ChatGPT

People can use ChatGPT maliciously to create or use vulnerabilities or exploits in a specific code and function. These exploits can allow a person uninhibited access to many things that may result in illegal or illicit actions that will result in harm, fraud, blackmail, and other crimes.

7. Reverse Engineer Shellcode, Rewrite it in C

Sometimes it is very hard to change or manipulate code and rewrite it in another programming language. A person can use ChatGPT to create or reverse engineer specific code language to another one in a matter of a few seconds. For example, “(Insert code here) can you rewrite this Python code to Javascript?”

8. Roleplay with ChatGPT

ChatGPT can help create immersive experiences the user wants to have with AI. Start by asking ChatGPT to roleplay and act as a specific object or thing in a particular environment or setting. Then the person or user will interact with ChatGPT through specific commands and prompt to continue the roleplay. Note, there are situations and specific types of roleplay ChatGPT will not allow specific situations or themes to be roleplayed in the conversation or interaction.

9. Generate Nmap Scans

Nmap is a network tool that can provide specific information and profiles of all the users connecting to the network the device is currently connected to. This tool can help improve the network security of the chosen network or connection. Note, Nmap scans can lead to significant risks and privacy issues that will lead to lawsuits, so user discretion is advised.


10. Code Explanation as a Movie Dialogue

ChatGPT can immerse itself in different characters from movies, books, and fiction. The AI can mimic their specific intonations and nuances that will reply in a specific style of dialogue and nuance. For example, one can ask ChatGPT to explain the nuances of this code in the style of a mafioso from the movie The Godfather. Just note, ChatGPT will only use information and nuances from the data available online and will not fully simulate the character you will ask the AI to roleplay.

11. ChatGPT is New Google

One of the best uses for ChatGPT is the fact that people can use it to conduct searches online and condense the information for the person to consume and use. ChatGPT can filter out and rewrite specific information that will allow the person to properly digest and understand the information it presents. Just note, ChatGPT will not properly cite sources or truly filter scam sites, spreader discretion is advised, and be vigilant with the information you will consume.

12. AI Art using ChatGPT

AI art is one of the most recent developments in Artificial Intelligence that allows people to create specific images or photos. It is important to know that AI art is not a replacement for artists and cannot be used for propaganda purposes. People should only use AI art for inspiration and fun through the use of prompts. One can ask ChatGPT to provide them with AI art prompts that will have specifications the person will ask from ChatGPT.

13. Exploit a Buffer Overflow

A buffer overflow is a type of exploit a hacker uses to open a vulnerability in the person’s system and lets the hacker issue new commands. A malicious person can use ChatGPT to create a code that might allow the perpetrator to use this exploit on unsuspecting victims. Note, using this exploit is illegal and will lead to future lawsuits and cases.

14. ChatGPT as a Doctor

ChatGPT can dispense information that pertains to a specific context like medicine and first-aid. A person can use ChatGPT to help provide information about medicines and other health practices. But ChatGPT shouldn’t act as a doctor and is one of the worst ways to use ChatGPT. If you have any health issues, you will need to connect and reach out to a medical professional who can help with this issue.

15. ChatGPT as a Writer

Writers can use ChatGPT to create texts in a matter of seconds that will provide information about specific contexts or create prompts for poems, books, and texts. ChatGPT should only act as a tool and not a surrogate for a writer as the content ChatGPT creates might be full of misinformation and misinterpretation. This means that people should not rely on ChatGPT to create their essays or content, but instead use it as a tool or software to aid them in their writing tasks.

16. ChatGPT on Trespassing

There are many things ChatGPT will not inform or generate content when the prompt hints or asks the AI to provide them advice about trespassing or breaking into someone else’s property.  Not only that but ChatGPT will also not aid you in obtaining information on how to electronically hack or interfere with other people’s property or digitally trespass.

17. ChatGPT on Owning Illegal Elements

ChatGPT can provide plenty of information about chemical components and elements. People cannot ask or prompt ChatGPT to provide advice, information, and knowledge on the storage, procurement, and enhancement of dangerous chemical elements. Note, that the user is accountable for the things and prompts they will put into ChatGPT and may incur penalties.

18. ChatGPT on Other Crimes

There are many terms and conditions that regulate and monitor the responses of OpenAI’s ChatGPT. These regulations would prevent people from prompting ChatGPT with questions and requests that provide information, knowledge, and how-tos on criminal actions and crimes.  This is one of the worst use cases a person can have on OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

19. ChatGPT As A Designer

Graphic designers, artists, and designers can use ChatGPT to help provide them with ideas,  prompts, and concepts that will improve specific processes. People can also use ChatGPT to also help inform them of concepts, ideas, and processes designers will use. Just note it is best to use ChatGPT as a tool, but not as a surrogate or proxy of a professional designer.

What Are the Best And Worst OpenAI’s ChatGPT Use Cases?

ChatGPT is a recent chatbot AI that has a lot of potentials that people can use to further specific causes, improve processes, enhance one’s knowledge, and increase productivity. But people can also use ChatGPT for violent or malicious intents and propaganda that may cause issues and problems to the people using ChatGPT or the people around them.

How to Properly or Best Use ChatGPT

There are many ways to best use OpenAI’s ChatGPT as long as the person can properly leverage the potential of ChatGPT. Most proper usage of ChatGPT is in the person’s utilization of the AI as a tool rather than it being a surrogate or a stand-in of a person or a professional. There is a thin line between the best and worst use cases a person can have with ChatGPT.

Step 1: Select or Choose a Context or Topic You Will Use ChatGPT on

Begin by selecting or choosing the context or topic you want to use in ChatGPT. This is important as the topic or context you will use ChatGPT with. Just note, it is important to log in to the correct site, which is You can log in to ChatGPT with your Google account or you may also create a new account for this session.

Step 2: Learn or Have Pre-Existing Knowledge of the Chosen Context

It is important to have pre-existing knowledge or previous knowledge of the chosen context, topic, or theme. This is to ensure that one doesn’t obtain any misinformation or mistakes in the information ChatGPT will provide to the person. This is because ChatGPT will pool data available on the internet and condense the information, which may include biased or improper data.

Step 3: Create or Tailor the Perfect Prompt

It is important to have a good prompt that will perfectly provide you with the information you are seeking from ChatGPT. A good prompt should include the main intent of what the person wants from ChatGPT. Not only that, but you can also affect the responses of ChatGPT by providing salient examples ChatGPT can use to respond to your prompt.

Step 4: Generate the Response

ChatGPT will then generate a response to the question or prompt you have provided to the AI. If the response is not satisfactory you may either edit or manipulate the prompt’s wording or example, or click the regenerate button on the lower part of ChatGPT’s AI. There are also specific rules and regulations ChatGPT will adhere to, which may affect OpenAI’s ChatGPT responses to your prompts.


Will ChatGPT provide me with illegal instructions or information that may harm someone?

No, ChatGPT has strict rules and regulations that will prevent the AI from providing the person with specific types of content. But people have found various ways to exploit and work around the set regulations OpenAI has given to ChatGPT. Note, doing this might result in a violation of terms and conditions, which might cause problematic issues and interactions to arise from the AI and OpenAI.

Can I use ChatGPT to write an important school or academic research paper?

No, a person should not use ChatGPT to provide content for an academic or important research paper or essay. Not only will ChatGPT not provide correct information or sources, but it can also generate false sources and spread misinformation or misinterpretations of the subject. One can use ChatGPT as a writing aide that can help proofread your texts, provide brainstorms, and help condense ideas and concepts for one to absorb and understand.

How can I use ChatGPT as a tool for my work?

First, it is important to identify various factors and characteristics one can use in their work processes. After identifying the factors, you must then determine, which of these factors can be effectively changed or modified to create an efficient process. Then you must create a new process that integrates or uses ChatGPT to help create a more efficient and effective process that will not only save time but will improve the overall quality of the process.

People can use ChatGPT in many different ways due to the amount of hidden potential present in the AI. It is important to know how to properly use ChatGPT by opening oneself to the knowledge of the best and worst OpenAI’s ChatGPT use cases. ChatGPT shouldn’t replace or act as a surrogate for professionals and at most should only act as a tool. If you have any complex or complicated issues it is best to ask a professional in that subject.

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