Company Newsletter

Last Updated: June 20, 2024

Company Newsletter

A newsletter is a summary of any particular organization/company issued periodically to the subscribers and members of the company or association. Newsletters are usually considered grey literature in terms of the management of the releasing organization and contain information on a few topics/events related to the releasing authority. Newsletters are sent via email and through post depending upon the matter and the subscribers demand. The basic requirement of a newsletter for an organization is to keep in touch with the existing clients and spread the word about a company’s presence in the respective domain. It also helps in generating new leads and can be a source of income through advertisements if a company has a considerable number of subscribers.

This article will cover examples, samples, and templates of newsletters used in different industries across the globe.

Company Newsletter Examples & Templates

1. Company Newsletter Template Example

Company Newsletter Template

File Format
  • HTML
  • Photoshop

Size: 600 Width Layout


The newsletter can be boring if the editors are conventional. The right content and a balanced article with only required information make a newsletter successful. Newsletters are an amazing medium of conveying about the launch of new products/service by a company to the existing client and also for generating potential customer lead. Companies have an option to announce special promotions or update in manufacturing technology through newsletters. This file is a company newsletter template with a professional design and a consistent format. It is available for download in 600 width layout and has fully layered PSDs included. Download this template and make a customized newsletter for your firm.

2. Investment Company Newsletter Example

Investment Company Newsletter Template

File Format
  • HTML
  • Photoshop

Size: 600 Width Layout


Designing is also an important aspect of a newsletter. The audience judges a newsletter in its first impression by the design and then on the basis of the informative content that it provides. This file is an example of an investment company newsletter template available for download in two file formats. It is designed with perfection and hence can be viewed impeccably in all devices. The title page, the concluding page, and the main content page are systematically aligned with background and images relating to an investment company.

3. Energy Company Newsletter Example

Energy Company Newsletter Template

File Format
  • HTML
  • Photoshop

Size: 600 Width Layout


Newsletters are sometimes a medium of communication for companies with diverse divisions to keep the employees and the silent partners updated. A few companies also prefer to add important notice which applies to all the employees in the newsletter. This file a newsletter template exclusively designed for an energy company. It is designed in white background and light yellowish color tone. High-quality images & graphics related to energy companies, in general, are used. It can be easily modified as required and is available for download.

4. Technical Company Newsletter Example

Company Newsletter Example

This file emphasizes any company small or big to mandatorily have a newsletter. This file is a clean A4 Bi-fold type newsletter design template prepared with emphasize on marketing and promotion of product/service of a company. It is a four-page editable template available for download in three color versions. It is a layered file and is print ready.

5. Business Company Newsletter Template

Waves Company Newsletter

Dynamic and sober design is preferred for a newsletter so that it attains a professional look. This file is a bright and bold design template for all kinds of companies to build a newsletter. It is made in default A4 size margins with free fonts. It has unique headers and footers with perfectly aligned illustrations. It is fully customizable and can be printed in high-resolution 300 DPI quality.

6. Insurance Company Newsletter

Insurance Company Newsletter

Insurance companies are the most volatile sectors of business with constantly changing norms. Hence it becomes important to keep the clients updated and constantly work to generate new leads through a newsletter. This file is an exclusively designed newsletter template for insurance companies. It has a clean and professional design in free fonts and standard layout. Color combinations in the main content and in the headers & footers make this file an ideal newsletter template.

7. Smart Technology Company Newsletter Template

Smart Company Newsletter

This file is an example of a newsletter template which can be used for either promotion or by a company as a general newsletter template. One can easily add or remove images and modify graphics or layouts as the file is fully editable. It is an A4 size file with 300 DPI resolution print in CMYK color range. One can also add or remove pages as required. Multiple colors are used to decorate the template.

8. Weekly Newsletter Design

Company Newsletter Design

This weekly company newsletter template includes a sign-up form and it contains vector illustrations. It is an editable file and can be fully customized according to the requirement of the firm. It is designed in different shades of white and has successfully managed to achieve professional looks. Download this template to prepare your newsletter.

9. Real Estate Company Newsletter Sample

Simple Company Newsletter

This file is an example of a classically designed editable real estate newsletter template. It is designed in plain white and blue color which is applied at respective sections of the template. The content is in paragraph form and in simple font style. It is available for download in two default sizes and is supported in Adobe InDesign CS3and higher versions.

10. Modern Company Newsletter Design


The above file is a general newsletter template for any business designed in white & pastel color combination. The template includes twelve fully designed pages in 300 DPI print resolution. It is available for download in A4 size and is fully editable.

11. Multipurpose Company Newsletter

Multipurpose Company Newsletter

Are you looking for a multipurpose newsletter for marketing and conveying information to your subscribers? Download the above company newsletter editable template which is designed professionally by experts. One can easily edit text, color, and photos of the template. It is a six-page file and with high-resolution, making it convenient for printing.

12. Company Mobile Newsletter

Company Mobile Newsletter

Mobile newsletters are exclusively designed files with specific dimensions of a mobile screen. This file is an example of a mobile newsletter editable template for any business organization. It has a relatively shorter space for capturing content compared to a regular newsletter but includes high definition graphics.

13. Construction Company Newsletter

Construction Company Newsletter

This file is an exclusively designed newsletter for construction companies to convey information about the new and ongoing projects to the clients, suppliers, investors, and competitors. It is designed in RGB color range with 72 DPI print resolution. It is layered and fully editable. Smart objects and vector shapes are used in the template.

14. Classic Company Newsletter

Classic Company Newsletter

A classic newsletter can help one in expanding the coverage of the target audience by fascinating designs and impressive content. This file is a similar classic newsletter template for any companies who intend to make an impact on the readers. It is available in varied color variants and has an elegant font style.

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