ECommerce Chatbot

Last Updated: June 5, 2024

ECommerce Chatbot

Customer experience is one of the biggest factors or elements that a company or business can leverage to increase users or customers of their product, service, or commodity. One of the best ways to improve customer experience is to have a customer service chatbot that can entertain the customer’s needs 24/7 when they are in the digital storefront.

Giosg ECommerce Chatbot

Giosg is a platform one can use to host and create a personalized chatbot on one’s digital storefront. This platform utilizes AI chatbots in place of rule-based chatbots to create organic customer interactions without needing specific chatbot scripts.

MobileMonkey ECommerce Chatbot

MobileMonkey is a platform that will allow the user to instantly build a multi-platform chatbot that can connect with users of different hardware. This is very useful for increasing the availability and reach of your chatbot, which can increase the quality of your customer experience. The reach MobileMonkey’s chatbot has will also increase your reach and the types of customers you can obtain.

Chatfuel ECommerce Chatbot

Chatfuel is a platform people can use to create a chatbot that integrates with Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram. This chatbot focuses on the automation of sales, which will increase various elements of one’s success in the business like Return on Ad Spend or ROAS.

Botsify ECommerce Chatbot

Botsify is a chatbot platform that users can use to integrate an automated chatbot to not only act as customer service but also generate various leads. This chatbot can automatically generate leads by proactively talking and communicating with potential customers without the need for human assistance or observation. Just note, the chatbot cannot answer any complex questions or do any hard tasks and will require human interaction or intervention.

BotCore ECommerce Chatbot

Botcore is a platform a person can use to create a chatbot and deploy it on their digital storefront. This chatbot integrates various machine learning concepts to allow the person to train the chatbot before it is deployed. The training allows the chatbot to tackle more complex themes, tones, and contexts without really requiring human interaction or intervention, this is under the caveat that the chatbot is properly trained by the user.

DialogFlow ECommerce Chatbot

Dialogflow is a Google Cloud-affiliated chatbot that a person can integrate into their digital storefront. This chatbot can reply to potential customers via voice, messaging, or sms, which is its unique selling point. Dialogflow uses NLP to conduct machine learning and analyze various tones and themes in the dialogue, which it will use to create or generate an output based on the database.

Flow XO ECommerce Chatbot

Flow XO is a chatbot platform that allows users to create chatbots without any coding experience or need to code. The user can integrate Flow XO into various messenger-related platforms or software and automate various sales-related activities for one’s business. The user can also program the response database of this chatbot to allow it to respond to specific questions in a certain way.

ActiveChat ECommerce Chatbot

ActiveChat is a chatbot platform that allows a person to create an automated chatbot that can interact with customers through ads and chat interaction. Not only that but the person can also change the chatbot script to properly hit the intended target market. Like all chatbots, ActiveChat allows the person to have their AI improve their response speed, which will allow you to get better customer retention and customer service. This will make the process efficient and cost-effective.

Pandorabots ECommerce Chatbot

Pandorabot is a chatbot platform people can integrate into their software, apps, or social media platform that allows API integration into its code. The chatbots utilize and integrate various facial animations and model rigging to create a personalized chatbot avatar that can read out and emote the responses of the chatbot.

Verloop ECommerce Chatbot

Verloop is a chatbot software that allows the user to have a chatbot that will collate the user experience with it and create a general customer profile. This said profile can then be utilized to tweak and edit the response and the script of the chatbot to suit different goals, objectives, and themes.

ManyChat ECommerce Chatbot

ManyChat is a Facebook messenger chatbot software that focuses on Marketplaces or online retailers on Facebook. This chatbot can market and generate potential customers and leads through automation while acting as 24/7 digital customer support or assistance.

What Are ECommerce Chatbots?

ECommerce chatbots are a type of chatbots that people integrate into their digital storefronts. These chatbots can automate various services that will require human interaction and effort, which will not only reduce the amount of time spent handling these services but also save some money.

How to Use ECommerce Chatbots

Proper implementation of ECommerce chatbots will not only increase customer retention, but it can also increase the quality of customer service one will experience in the digital storefront. This is because chatbots can immediately try and solve a customer’s problem without the requirement of needing a person to fix the issue, Though complex questions and interactions may still require human interaction and intervention.

Step 1: Go to a Website with a Chatbot

Begin by opening a website or a digital storefront that has a chatbot that will assist the person. This is usually located on the bottom right or bottom left portion of the webpage and will try to prompt a conversation with the customer. If there is no chatbot on the digital storefront’s homepage, then you may head to the product section and search for the chatbot there.

Step 2: Click the Chatbot

After heading to a website with a chatbot, you can now click the chatbot bubble. This should open a small window where you can either choose a predetermined reply to the chatbot or an empty space where you can ask the chatbot a question.

Step 3: Ask the Chatbot a Question

If there are predetermined replies that are provided to you by the chatbot, then you must choose the reply that will best represent your current question in mind. But if there are no predetermined replies, then you must type out your question to the chatbot in the empty space it has provided.

Step 4: If the Answer is Unsatisfactory, Try Changing the Question

If the chatbot only has predetermined answers, then you must try and find a way to either ask a more specific question or to contact a human customer service representative through the bot. Otherwise, it is best to change the question you have raised into a more specific version of the same question or to contact a human customer service representative.


What are the advantages of an ECommerce chatbot?

An ECommerce chatbot can provide 24/7 customer support that will allow the customer to interact with the store or business without the need to wait for a human customer service representative. Not only that but it can automatically generate leads without needing any human interaction or intervention, which makes the process efficient and effective.

What are the disadvantages of an ECommerce chatbot?

Some chatbots have a hard time determining what the customer wants or the question the customer is trying to raise to the AI. This may infuriate the customer, which will lower the customer retention rate of the digital storefront. Not only that, chatbots have a somewhat complex UI that will take the user some time to fully understand and utilize to its fullest.

What are rule-based chatbots?

Rule-based chatbots use an integrated structure that will act as the outline or outline format of the responses and messages the chatbot can receive and give out to customers or users. These will require the person to create various scripts for their chatbot and responses to ensure that most of the common issues or responses are available in the interactions with the chatbot.

ECommerce chatbots are specific types of chatbots that businesses and companies use to provide online customer support that does not require a human customer service representative to interact with the customer. Proper utilization of ECommerce chatbots will not only increase the quality of customer service but will also help improve specific processes in the businesses and companies that use them.

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