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Starting a new business project is a combination of risk and reward. Starting a new venture is always risky, but once a blueprint is laid out and a clear plan is set, then the project can attain steady progress. Once the project is completed, a general report needs to be created and submitted to management for the project to be reviewed.

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To help you create a new business project report, we have provided some project report examples you can use as a guide. We also listed down some tips in writing a new business project report.

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SWOT Analysis Business Report Example

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New Periodic Business Project Report Example

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Why Businesses Start a New Project

It is not a rare occurrence for businesses to start a new project. Whether it is a small enterprise or a large corporation, a new project is always is in the sights of these companies. The main reason why businesses start a new project is for expansion purposes. Business organizations who rely on profit for sustainability eventually need to expand so that they can increase their revenues. You may also see investigation report samples and examples.

Even a company cannot simply rely on producing and selling products in one location. Competitors are always threats and they can easily create similar products that do not only have similar functions but might function better than the ones currently existing in the market. You may also like business report examples.

Another reason why businesses start a new project is to venture into other products or a new industry. Although this is similar to expanding, venturing into a new industry acts as a 90-degree shift for companies due to difficulties entering into a new venture.

Take for example a computer software manufacturer planning to open a restaurant or a toy and souvenir seller venturing into the healthcare business. Venturing into a new business is like starting from scratch, financial and human resources (human resource plan, investment agreement, loan agreement, etc.) still need to be gathered and extensive research (business plan, business proposal, marketing plan, etc.) also needs to be conducted.

The subsequent section will further discuss the types of business projects. Some of the projects may be applicable and can be implemented in your own business.

Types of Business Projects

1. Administrative

An administrative project involves the company investing in projects that relate to administrative functions. These types of functions mostly involve secretarial duties and responsibilities (i.e., create reports or minutes of meetings, represent the company in business events and gatherings, be the first line of interaction with clients and other stakeholders, etc.). You may also see status report examples.

Mostly, administrative projects are focused on purchasing or developing new office equipment. Among the office equipment that needs to be purchased include computers, landline phones, printers, scanners, security systems, network cables, and Wi-Fi/modem routers, to name a few. You may also like academic report examples.

2. Construction

Construction meanwhile involves the company investing in building projects. If administrative projects are more focused on purchasing, then construction projects center on construction. These types of projects mostly involve the construction of an office space or office building. Construction can also pertain to constructing office equipment from scratch. You may also check out consulting report examples.

Construction projects are lengthy projects, thus creating a business project report for a construction project requires multiple project reports to track the progress of the said project.

3. New Product Development

A new product development pertains to the company investing in developing a new product that will eventually be sold to the market (and possibly to a new market segment).

Product development is a common function utilized by companies as they aim to expand operations. In some companies, they have a research and development (R&D) department that takes charge of developing a new product or service. The R&D department reports directly to the CEO or top management. You may also see research report examples.

Examples for new product projects include a restaurant adding a new dish in their menu, a car manufacturer creating a new variant for an existing automobile model, or a video game developer releasing a new game. Similar to a construction project, a new product project also requires multiple project reports as the amount of time needed to develop a new product is lengthy. You may also like examples of a short report.

4. Event or Relocation

An event or relocation is a business project that pertains to the company investing heavily in an event or relocation activity.

The event pertains to an activity that the company organizes. It can either be a business event (seminar, workshop, conference, forum) or a community event (outreach program, donation activity, environmental clean-up). The company can organize the event by itself or with another company or public institution (government, academe). You may also check out technical report examples.

Relocation meanwhile involves the company or business organization investing in a full or partial relocation in another office or office building. A relocation project is similar to a construction project where an office building needs to be constructed in which employees will be relocated to the office building. You might be interested in marketing report examples.

5. Research

Not all business projects are tangible, just like research projects. You may ask yourself why companies invest in research projects when they can research on their own. This is because some companies are understaffed and want to create a study for their business operations, so what they do instead is hire a third party to create the research project. You may also see management report examples.

Additionally, some companies do not have the qualified personnel to research since some processes or terminologies can be only be accomplished and understood by qualified researchers.

Matrix for New Business Project Report Example

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New Flour Mill Project Report Example

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Essential Tips in Creating a New Business Project Report

Listed below are some tips in creating a new business project report. Take note that the tips listed below are important when you will be creating a project report. This is to avoid confusion while also providing clarity to the reader or recipient to the project report, specifically to top management and stakeholders.

1. Specify the project

The first step in creating a new business project report is to specify the project. The report cannot be created if there is no clarity to the project that will be worked on. The project can range from administrative, construction, equipment or system installation, new product development, and research (as mentioned in the previous section). You may also see recruitment report examples.

Specifying the project also needs to be identified as the company might be working on other projects as well. This is true for companies who are always pursuing expansion projects and have ample financial resources at the same time.

Additionally, there are project reports that cannot be completed in a single report, especially for construction projects. Construction projects require numerous progress reports due to the period needed to complete these projects. A simple office construction can even last one month, how much more for an entire office building. You may also like sample activity reports.

2. List down the people involved

After specifying the project, the next step should be listing down the people involved in the project. Depending on the project, the people involved should be the individuals working on the said project. If there are individuals who are not directly involved in the project but act in an observatory function, they should be included in the business project report as well. You may also check out sales report examples.

If the project requires more than a hundred or even a thousand individuals, then it is not necessary to include all of their names in the project report. The report should not only be limited to the names of the individuals involved. Their duties, responsibilities, or tasks in the project should also be included as well. This provides a reference for top management and to stakeholders, in case they have concerns regarding the progress of the project.

3. Have a timeline

The timeline is another essential component of a new business project report. Listing down a timeline is important not only for a project that is still in progress but also for a project that has already been accomplished. If the project is already completed, then the complete timeline of when the project began until when the project was accomplished should be listed in the project report. You might be interested in quality report examples.

A timeline for a project report should be listed in detail. If the analysis of the timeline can be included in the project report, then it can be very beneficial for the report’s readers. If the project requires numerous reports and the timeline is spread out across the different reports, then it is suggested that a timeline summary of the previous reports should be included in each formal report. A compilation of all the timelines should be included in the last report if the project is completed.

Executive Summary for Project Report Example

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New Engineering Business Project Report Example

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Cover Page for New Business Project Report Example

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Companies Who Found Success after Investing in New Projects

1. Nintendo

If you thought the massive Japan-based gaming company Nintendo began with Mario, think again. Nintendo was already in the gaming industry when it began operations, but it all started with creating and selling playing cards. Nintendo shifted its core business to video gaming in the 1970s, and eventually released the Super Mario and Donkey Kong games and the Nintendo Entertainment and the Super Nintendo Entertainment System gaming consoles in the 1980s. After that, the rest is history.

2. Apple

Apple began as a computer company that introduced the Apple I and eventually the Macintosh (Mac) to the world. That was in the 1980s. Fast forward three decades later, the iPhone was introduced which put Apple in the map as the biggest smartphone manufacturer in the world. Apple still produces the Mac, by the way, and is also one of the world’s highest-selling laptops. You may also see how to write a short report.

3. LG

Korean electronics company LG is not the company that you know today when it began in the 1940s. LG began selling hygiene and cosmetics. LG is one of the few companies that made a 90-degree shift in terms of products and services and is more profitable now after they completely changed their entire product line. You may also like English report writing examples for students.

4. General Electric

Did you know that when Thomas Edison invented the light bulb in 1982, he also founded the energy company General Electric (GE)? GE then proceeded to manufacture and sell the light bulb as well as Edison’s other inventions to the world. GE eventually shifted to aircraft engines, hybrid locomotives, HD CT scanners, ultrasound devices, and chemical sensors. You may also check out narrative report examples.

5. Nokia

Nokia was at its peak during the late 1990s and early 2000s. But before the Finnish-based company became the undisputed mobile phone manufacturer during that time, it sold paper and rubber.

The company then changed its product line after a merger of its umbrella companies in the 1960s. Nokia is now jointly owned by Taiwanese firm Foxconn Technology and another Finnish company HMD Global after its failed acquisition by Microsoft in the late 2000s. You might be interested in medical report examples.

6. 3M

Formerly called Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, 3M is one of the world’s leading producers of scotch tape, duct tape, post-it notes, and cleaning products. 3M began in 1902 after five men in Minnesota, USA, invested in a mining venture. When they discovered that the minerals they mined were not marketable enough, they started making and selling sandpaper and scotch tape. You may also see incident report letter examples.

Editable New Business Project Report Example

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Basic Report for New Project Example

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We hope you found this article to be informative as you will be creating a project report for your new business project.

General FAQs

1. What is a Project Report for New Business?

A project report for new business is a report that contains information relating to the venture of a new proposed business. It lays out a road map and discusses the finances, challenging risks, and other forewarning issues of the business.

2. What are the Main Components of a Business Project Report?

Following are the components of a business project report:

  • Background of the business
  • Company objectives
  • Project background and progress
  • Market analysis
  • Marketing assessment
  • Financial assessment
  • Operational and financial plan.

3. What are the Tips for Designing an Effective Project Report for New Business?

Follow these tips to design an effective project report for new business:

  • Keep in mind the target market
  • Develop a powerful business strategy
  • Focus on strategies that present you differently from your competitors
  • Catalog realistic plans.

4. What is the Significance of a Project Report?

The significance of a project report is as follows:

  • It serves as a master plan
  • It gives direction
  • It shows feasibility
  • It foresees necessities
  • It helps in decision making
  • It paves the way for financial assistance
  • It guides the course of action.

5. What are the Different Types of Project Reports?

Following are some of the different types of project reports:

  • Project status report
  • Project progress report
  • Project summary report
  • Project management report
  • Executive project report
  • One-Page status report
  • T project status report.

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