Graduation Speech Writing Outline

Last Updated: April 26, 2024

Graduation Speech Writing Outline

Graduation, that one milestone anyone could be proud of. To mark this special milestone, students or even deans of different universities and colleges often make graduation speeches. This is to commemorate an important event in students’ lives. Now you would be wondering how a graduation speech would look like before the final output. Graduation speeches like any other speeches follow a certain outline. This article will explain to you what that outline is and how to compose a speech that could wow any type of audience.

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Definition of Graduation

The term graduation is defined as the act of completing a degree or a course of study at a university or a school. This is the type of event wherein you are officially stated to have finished your education. The finish line to your educational history. A formal gathering of students, teachers, and parents. A ceremony wherein a person or an individual has successfully completed their education and will be receiving their diploma.

Definition of Speech

Speech is often described as a formal or an informal discourse. Informal discourse when it happens inside the classroom, where a teacher and the students discuss a topic. A talk between two or more people who share the same ideas, thoughts and opinions. A discussion between a group of people who agree or disagree with a topic. In addition to that, a speech is an address formally given during ceremonies.

Definition of Outline

An outline is a tool. This is used to organize your thoughts and ideas into a logical order. Outlines are often used on a topic or for thesis statements. An outline gives writers a clearer view of what they are writing about and what they are aiming to accomplish. Outlines arrange your main topic, subtopic and supporting ideas in a clear and concise manner.

Definition of Graduation Speech

A graduation speech is also known as a commencement speech. This type of speech is given during a graduation ceremony. The speech is mainly given by graduating students to commemorate an important event. Graduation speeches are often made to motivate its audience and to highlight the positive aspects of the whole event.

Importance of an Outline

The purpose of using an outline is it helps you organize multiple thoughts, opinions and ideas about a certain topic. It also helps you pick out relevant information that supports your theories. Outlining in speech also helps you organize your train of thought and to highlight important key points when writing.

Importance of a Graduation Speech

The main purpose or importance of a graduation speech is to give the audience attending the information they want to hear. A graduation speech is not trying to persuade or to cause any discourse among the audience. It is merely giving information of the event that is currently happening.

Tips for Writing a Graduation Speech

Using an outline for a graduation speech is easy. Writing the actual graduation speech would seem a little tricky. But no worries at all. Like any other problem, there is a solution to it. Check out these tips to help write a graduation speech.

  • Draft your speech- Draft your speech using an outline. This way, it would be easier for you to match your thoughts into writing.
  • Write your introduction- Your introduction should be a few sentences long. What goes in your introduction should be thanking the previous speaker, and introducing yourself.
  • Make your speech memorable- Add a quote or an inspirational message to your speech. All the while making your speech stick to its original purpose.
  • Match the words to your audience- Avoid using words that are too difficult for your audience to understand. Better yet, use words that are general or well known. Your audience ranges from children to adults. Find words that fit the general public.
  • Revise your speech- Revise your speech before you present it. Always revise if you feel there is still room for improvement. Check grammatical errors, and misspelled words. Check the tone of your words to make sure it fits with the audience.


Does my speech have to be a page long?

Not necessarily. Your speech could be half a page long. What is important is the fact that your speech is memorable, and all the information needed is present.

How can outline help me with my graduation speech?

The outline helps by rearranging your thoughts and ideas into a logical order. It also helps by putting the keywords in your outline to make it easier for you to write a speech. Outlines are merely used to make it easier for the writer to use the words that fit.

Is drafting and outlining the same?

In a way it would sound the same as you use your outline to guide you write your essay.

Outlines help with making any type of speech. A graduation speech is no different. Your graduation speech should always follow a certain guideline that is often found in outlines. Your introduction which is your main topic, the subpoints that follow. Same goes with the rest of the speech. A good graduation speech can be made possible if the necessary information is presented.

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