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It comes as no surprise that hotels would often have their own indoor restaurants. After all, they cannot survive on just accommodating guests in their rooms alone. They would need to look for another source of income which would be in the restaurant business. But here’s the thing. Hotels would only go as far as offering free breakfast to the guests of the said hotel and no further.You may also see tea party menus.

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Lunch and dinner would obviously be on them already. But do note that a hotel’s restaurants would and can earn just as much for a night in the hotel if done properly and right. If there are promos for special events say Mother’s Day, sales and revenue can actually skyrocket if the marketing strategy is done correctly.You may also see pastry menus.

Crowds will come in by the numbers just to avail of the hotel’s restaurant promotion for that specific event. But that can only work if the hotel’s reputation and standards is as good as the world says. If you are an avid follower of Gordon Ramsay, you would know that he has godlike standards in terms of the taste and presentation of food. In his shows Hotel Hell and Kitchen Nightmares, you may notice how it is ever so rare that these kinds of industries have failed to please or even meet Gordon’s standards. To elaborate further, let us first delve deeper on the tips that start a successful restaurant. You may also see ice cream menus.

Tips for Starting a Successful Restaurant

1. Have the right intentions

Why? Why do you even want to build a restaurant in the first place? There are some hotels that do not even have restaurants. Sometimes, there are guests who just check in the hotel for a good night’s rest and nothing more. They pay and leave the next day. But for hotels to achieve their true and perform at maximum efficiency and capability would often establish a restaurant in their premises which all boils down to the aforementioned question in the first place: why. What could you possibly have in mind in setting up a restaurant other than to feed the guests? What is the end goal of this restaurant of yours? Once you have answered all that, then you may proceed to include it as part of the blueprints. You may also see burger menus.

2. Have a solid business plan in place

Now that you have already set up your hotel restaurant in tact, now comes the real problem: How will you promote it? If people already know about the hotel, then it should not pose as a significant and major problem since people who check in the hotel would often take the time to eat in one of their restaurants as well. But what if your hotel has multiple restaurants? Can you really say that you have a well-established business plan for all of them to actually earn? Or do you need to just focus on just the one?

Although the word-of-mouth is usually the best way to bring in new customers, can you think of other ways to rake in the customers? There are other ways and means to attract customers to your area. For instance, you can try making use of video advertisements or write-ups in newspaper or paid TV commercials as they tend to spread the message a lot faster than the usual word-of-mouth. Because in the end, all it takes is a little creativity and imagination. But here are some ideas that you can try out and see if it works for you:

  • Participate in community events and give out food samples
  • Offer discounts to new customers
  • Join the local business association
  • Utilize social media channels

3. Location, location, location

This is probably the most important factor to consider when you first have blueprints to even start construction with the hotel. It should be first and foremost, accessible to the general public. If it is not accessible, then it can only mean 2 things: first, you are just a really poor planner who got very lazy at finding for a prime location and ultimately decided to settle for the cheapest location that he or she could find or that hotel was intentionally set there as a getaway kind for guests who decide to escape the city life for a bit. It is important to remember that there are guests or potential clients who are willing to go out of their way just to check the place out.You may also see spa menus.

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4. Test your menu

A Chinese restaurant is not expected to serve Western food nor can a Japanese restaurant not have sushi in its menu. Because of the fact that is is just wrong. In an episode of Kitchen Nightmares, there is a certain dish that is served in a Japanese restaurant called Sushi Pizza. Although instead of bread, it is the normal sushi base along with melted cheese and mayonaise and some crab meat.  If it was considered an innovative creation for the owner, it certainly did not sit well for the customers as it was considered the absolute worst dish the owner has created. It was deemed to be an abomination and a food disaster gone horribly wrong.You may also see salon menus.

Drafting your menu is basically trial and error. If you have received feedback from the customers about a certain dish that needs to go, then heed their advice and remove it from the menu. There is no point in keeping a thing that does not work anymore. There is no harm in attempting to offer new meals or delicacies once in a while to spice things up a notch. Retain the best-sellers and customer favorites and remove the ones that are simply not working. The fewer the items on the menu, the better.You may also see takeaway menus.

5. Hire essential help

How many people do you need on staff to get started? Some restaurant pros advocate for bringing on a manager prior to opening day, but think through your biggest needs. Do you need a dishwasher? How many cooks? What about servers? Take your time as you hire staff. Consider doing a soft opening so you can see how smoothly things run with just a few essential positions. You may also see free menus.

Think it like this: If you send untrained soldiers out to the battlefield, how are they able to prove their worth if they do not even know how to handle a gun? You have hired employees for a reason: for them to do the jobs that you cannot or unable to do and to help keep the business floating for as long as it takes. But what happens if one of them screws up big time for which you, the owner would have to pay for it? You feel like it’s on you, right? That you have somehow failed. Train your employees to be the best that they can be in all that they do.You may also see italian menus.

6. Secure funding and manage your cash flow

Generate startup capital. As with every business, make sure you know how much money you need to get your restaurant off the ground. Obviously, you would need to invest how many millions or how many hundred thousands to even set the place up with all the decorations, the furniture, the utensils, the equipment, the ingredients, the food preparation, etc… Once you have already established as to how much capital you need, then proceed to the next step.

Plan to lose money for the first six months. Yeah, you heard that right. If you think you are going to start earning immediately, then you are sorely mistaken. You will end up losing a lot more money in the first six months than actually earn. But as a saying goes: “All good things take time”. And they really do. You cannot rush things. If you end up rushing the process, you might actually end up doing something horrible which you will eventually regret. So always be prepared for the worst and just continue to stride on all the way.You may also see bakery menus.

Plan for bumps in the road. One of the main bumps that you will be facing along the way would involve money most of the time. But perhaps the common reason to that is the lack of traffic influx. But as mentioned before, that’s not the only bump that you might face. There are others more.

Watch your food cost. Making food is not cheap. It costs money too, you know? Ingredients are getting more expensive these days plus do not forget that there is also the labor cost in preparing the said dish. If you anticipate it to be a slow day, then only prepare that certain amount of food. But if you expect it to be a busy weekend, then brace yourselves.

7. Keep marketing

Yay! You have customers already. Good for you! So, are you always going to rely on them to keep coming to eat at your hotel? Or are you going to try and bring in other potential customers who love spending on good food? Don’t stop your marketing efforts, ever! If you want the business to stay afloat, you gotta do what you can until you have nothing more to give and offer. Be innovative and be more creative in your marketing efforts. With enough imagination, you can be sure that the business will skyrocket.You may also see beer menus.

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