Communication Lesson Plan for Kindergarten

Last Updated: April 27, 2024

Communication Lesson Plan for Kindergarten

To enhance verbal and non-verbal communication skills among kindergarten students through engaging and interactive activities.

Week 1: Introduction to Communication

Day Activity Description Materials
Monday Morning Circle Time Introduction to basic greetings and expressions. None
Tuesday Show and Tell Encouraging students to speak about their favorite toy. A toy from home
Wednesday Picture Storytelling Students describe a story from a picture. Story picture cards
Thursday Listening Game Follow the leader game focusing on listening skills. Music player
Friday Puppet Show Observing and discussing non-verbal cues from puppets. Puppets

Week 2: Building Vocabulary

Day Activity Description Materials
Monday Color and Shape Day Identifying and naming colors and shapes. Colorful objects
Tuesday Animal Sound Match Matching animals to their sounds. Animal sound clips
Wednesday Story Time Reading a story and discussing new words. Children’s book
Thursday Sing-Along Songs Learning new words through songs. Song lyrics sheets
Friday Word of the Day Introducing a new word and using it in sentences. Word cards

Week 3: Expressing Emotions

Day Activity Description Materials
Monday Emotion Charades Acting out different emotions for others to guess. Emotion cards
Tuesday Feeling Collage Creating a collage to express feelings. Magazines, glue
Wednesday Story and Discuss Reading a story about emotions and discussing it. Children’s book
Thursday Emotion Circle Time Sharing times when they felt a certain emotion. None
Friday Happy/Sad Puppet Play Using puppets to show happy and sad emotions. Puppets

Week 4: Effective Listening

Day Activity Description Materials
Monday Whispering Game Passing a message around the circle to practice listening. None
Tuesday Listen and Draw Listening to a story and drawing it. Paper, crayons
Wednesday Musical Chairs Playing musical chairs to enhance auditory focus. Chairs, music player
Thursday Sound Identification Identifying sounds from sound clips. Sound clips
Friday Recap and Review Reviewing what they’ve learned with fun activities. Assorted materials

Evaluation and Feedback

Continuous observation and end-of-week group discussions to assess understanding and improvement in communication skills.

Materials Needed

  • Story picture cards
  • Puppets
  • Musical instruments
  • Emotion cards
  • Various children’s books
  • Art supplies (crayons, paper, glue, magazines)
  • Audio clips for animal sounds and other sound identification games

This lesson plan aims to build a strong foundation in communication for kindergarten students. It’s designed to be simple, engaging, and effective in fostering essential communication skills through interactive and fun activities.

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