Employee Survey Communication Plan

Last Updated: April 27, 2024

Employee Survey Communication Plan

Develop and implement a straightforward, efficient communication plan for conducting employee surveys. The goal is to gather honest feedback, enhance employee engagement, and identify areas for improvement.

Plan Overview:

  1. Pre-Survey Communication:
    • Audience: All employees.
    • Method: Email announcement, informational posters in common areas.
    • Content: Purpose of the survey, importance of participation, assurance of confidentiality.
    • Timeline: 2 weeks before survey launch.
  2. Survey Launch:
    • Method: Email with survey link, reminders on internal communication platforms.
    • Content: Instructions on how to complete the survey, contact for queries.
    • Timeline: Launch day.
  3. Mid-Survey Check-In:
    • Method: Follow-up email, team meeting announcements.
    • Content: Encouragement to participate, progress update.
    • Timeline: Midway through the survey period.
  4. Post-Survey Communication:
    • Method: Email, company meeting.
    • Content: Thank participants, preliminary insights, next steps.
    • Timeline: Within a week of survey closure.
  5. Results Sharing and Action Plan:
    • Method: Detailed report via email, presentations in meetings.
    • Content: Survey findings, proposed actions, timeline for implementation.
    • Timeline: Within a month of survey closure.

Visual Aids:

  • Communication Timeline Graph: Visualizing each phase of the survey communication process.
  • Survey Participation Chart: Tracking participation rates to encourage involvement.


  • Feedback Mechanism: Post-survey feedback form about the communication process.
  • Participation Rate Analysis: Assessing the effectiveness of communication strategies based on response rates.

This Employee Survey Communication Plan is designed to be simple yet comprehensive, ensuring maximum participation and valuable feedback. Regular updates and clear, consistent messaging are key to its success.

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