Communication Skills Lesson Plan

To enhance both verbal and non-verbal communication skills in a diverse range of contexts, suitable for older students or adults.

Week 1: Introduction to Communication Basics

Day Activity Description Materials
Monday Icebreaker Activities Introduce basic verbal communication and active listening skills. None
Tuesday Role-Playing Scenarios Practice everyday communication scenarios. Scenario cards
Wednesday Non-Verbal Communication Study Study and practice non-verbal cues and their meanings. Video clips
Thursday Group Discussion Discuss effective communication in personal and professional settings. None
Friday Reflection and Journaling Reflect on the week’s learning and personal communication styles. Journals

Week 2: Advanced Verbal Communication

Day Activity Description Materials
Monday Public Speaking Exercise Practice public speaking with structured topics. Speech topics
Tuesday Persuasive Speaking Learn and practice persuasive communication techniques. None
Wednesday Debate Session Organize a debate on a current topic. Debate topics
Thursday Storytelling Workshop Develop storytelling skills with personal experiences. None
Friday Feedback and Peer Review Provide constructive feedback to peers. Peer review forms

Week 3: Effective Listening Skills

Day Activity Description Materials
Monday Listening Comprehension Test Test listening skills with a clips and questions. Audio clips, questionnaires
Tuesday Active Listening Workshop Practice active listening in pairs or groups. None
Wednesday Group Therapy Session Participate in a group session focusing on empathetic listening. None
Thursday Listening in Conflict Resolution Role-play scenarios to practice listening in conflict situations. Conflict scenarios
Friday Reflection and Feedback Reflect on the importance of listening and provide feedback. Reflection sheets

Week 4: Non-Verbal and Digital Communication

Day Activity Description Materials
Monday Body Language Analysis Analyze and practice effective body language. Video clips
Tuesday Email and Written Communication Practice professional email and written communication skills. Email templates
Wednesday Social Media Etiquette Discuss and learn about communication on social media platforms. Case studies
Thursday Video Conferencing Etiquette Learn and practice effective communication in video calls. None
Friday Final Presentation and Review Present a topic incorporating all communication skills learned. Presentation materials

Evaluation and Continuous Feedback

  • Weekly assessments through practical activities.
  • Continuous peer and instructor feedback.
  • End-of-course self-assessment and group discussions.

Materials Needed

  • Scenario cards for role-plays.
  • Video clips for non-verbal communication study.
  • Audio clips for listening comprehension tests.
  • Conflict scenarios for resolution exercises.
  • Email and social media communication templates.
  • Journals and reflection sheets.

This comprehensive lesson plan covers all facets of communication skills, from verbal and non-verbal communication to listening and digital communication etiquette. It’s designed to be easily implemented and adaptable to various learning environments

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