Counter Offer Letter

Priscilla Kline
123 Maple Street
Anytown, USA 12345

[Today’s Date]

[Employer’s Name]
[Company Name]
[Company Address]
[City, State, Zip Code]

Dear [Employer’s Name],

I am writing to express my sincere gratitude for offering me the position of [Job Title] with [Company Name]. I am excited about the opportunity to join your team and contribute to [specific project, goal, or feature of the company you’re excited about].

After careful consideration, I would like to discuss the initial offer further. While I am enthusiastic about the prospects of the position, I am seeking a compensation package that better reflects the value I bring to [Company Name], especially considering my experience, skills, and the current market rate for similar roles.

Specifically, I propose the following adjustments to the initial offer:

A base salary of [your counteroffer amount], compared to the offered [original offer amount]. This is based on [reason for your counteroffer, such as industry averages, your experience level, or cost of living adjustments].
[If applicable, mention other components you wish to negotiate, such as bonus potential, stock options, additional vacation time, a flexible work schedule, etc.].
I believe these adjustments would make the offer more aligned with the industry standards and my professional worth. I am very excited about the possibility of working at [Company Name] and am confident that I can make significant contributions to the team and the company’s goals.

I am open to discussing this further and am flexible regarding the details. I am eager to find a mutually beneficial agreement that will allow me to join your team and start contributing to [Company Name].

Thank you very much for considering my request. I look forward to your response.

Warm regards,

Priscilla Kline

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