Offer Letter for Remote Workers

Last Updated: April 27, 2024

Offer Letter for Remote Workers

Buford Forbes
Director of Operations
Digital Horizons LLC
123 Tech Avenue
Innovation City, CA 94000
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (555) 123-4567
Date: [Insert Date]

Lenore Pace
[Recipient’s Address]
Home Office City, State, Zip

Dear Lenore Pace,

I am pleased to extend to you the offer of employment for the position of Remote Project Manager with Digital Horizons LLC, reporting directly to myself, Buford Forbes, Director of Operations. This is a full-time position with flexible working hours to accommodate our project needs and your personal effectiveness as a remote team member.

Compensation and Benefits:

  • Salary: Your starting salary will be $75,000 per annum, payable in bi-weekly installments.
  • Benefits: You will be eligible for our comprehensive benefits package, including health, dental, and vision insurance, effective 30 days after your start date. Additionally, you will have access to our remote work technology package, 401(k) plan, and generous paid time off policies.
  • Remote Work Setup: Digital Horizons LLC will provide you with a one-time stipend of $2,000 to set up your home office, along with necessary software licenses and access to company systems.

Start Date:
Your proposed start date is [Insert Start Date]. However, we are flexible and willing to accommodate a different start date based on your availability.

Conditions of Employment:
This offer is contingent upon the successful completion of a background check and any other pre-employment screenings deemed necessary for the role.

Confidentiality Agreement:
As part of your onboarding, you will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement to safeguard the proprietary information of Digital Horizons LLC and its clients.

We believe that your skills and passion will be a great addition to our team and are excited about the possibility of you joining us. Digital Horizons LLC is committed to innovation and excellence, and we look forward to the contributions you will bring to our projects and overall company goals.

Please indicate your acceptance of this offer by signing and returning a copy of this letter by [Insert Deadline], either via email to [email protected] or by mail to the address listed above.

Should you have any questions or need further clarification on any aspect of this offer, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

Welcome to Digital Horizons LLC, Lenore. We are thrilled at the prospect of you joining our team and contributing to our remote workforce’s success.

Warm regards,

Buford Forbes
Director of Operations
Digital Horizons LLC

[Signature for hard copy]

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