Customer Injury Report

On September 15, 2024, at approximately 2:30 PM, a customer injury incident occurred at the Maple Grove Shopping Center, located at 1234 Elm Street, Springfield. The incident involved Mrs. Jane Doe, a 58-year-old shopper, who slipped and fell in the north wing of the mall, near the entrance of the Home Goods store.

Mrs. Doe was walking through the area when she slipped on a wet floor, not marked by any caution signage. She fell onto her right side, resulting in a visible bruise on her right arm and complaining of sharp pain in her right hip. Mall security personnel were immediately on the scene, and first aid was administered. They helped Mrs. Doe to a seated position and applied an ice pack to her arm.

An ambulance was called, and Mrs. Doe was transported to Springfield General Hospital for further evaluation. Preliminary reports from the medical team indicated a possible fracture in her right hip. Mrs. Doe’s contact information was collected, and her family was notified of the incident by mall management.

Upon investigation, it was discovered that the wet floor resulted from a recent cleaning activity. However, the staff responsible for the area failed to place the necessary warning signs to alert shoppers of the hazard.

Following the incident, the mall management took immediate steps to address the situation. They reviewed and reinforced the cleaning and maintenance protocols with all staff members to ensure that appropriate signage is placed promptly after cleaning. The management also reached out to Mrs. Doe and her family to express their apologies and discuss support during her recovery.

This incident has been documented in the mall’s safety incident log, and a comprehensive review of safety and hazard communication practices is underway to prevent similar incidents. The mall is committed to providing a safe environment for all visitors and has taken this incident seriously in their ongoing efforts to improve mall safety standards.

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