Daycare Incident Report

Daycare Name: Little Explorers Daycare
Address: 456 Adventure Lane, Kidstown, KT
Date of Incident: March 15, 2024
Time of Incident: 2:45 PM
Reported By: Emily Clark, Daycare Assistant
Date of Report: March 15, 2024

During the afternoon outdoor play session, 5-year-old Sarah Jennings slipped on a wet patch near the slide, resulting in a twisted ankle. The incident was witnessed by two staff members, including myself. Immediate measures were taken to ensure Sarahโ€™s comfort and safety. Sarah was gently moved to a seated position away from the play area, and a cold pack was applied to her ankle to reduce swelling. After the initial first aid, Sarah’s parents were contacted immediately and informed about the incident. They were advised to consult a physician for further assessment. Sarah was calm and under constant supervision until her parents arrived. An incident report was completed, and a copy was handed to Sarah’s parents upon their arrival for their reference.

Following the incident, the daycare staff conducted a thorough inspection of the outdoor area to identify and address any safety hazards. A staff meeting was convened to review safety protocols and reinforce the importance of constant vigilance during playtime. Additionally, parents of all children at the daycare were notified about the incident and the steps taken to prevent future occurrences, reinforcing our commitment to child safety and transparency.

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Signature: ______________________
Date: ______________________

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