Domestic Incident Report

On May 5, 2024, at approximately 7:30 PM, officers were dispatched to a residence at 123 Harmony Lane, Peaceful Suburb, following a report of a domestic disturbance. Upon arrival, officers encountered Ms. Jenna Roberts and Mr. Kyle Thompson, both residents of the address. The couple appeared visibly distressed, and Ms. Roberts had minor bruising on her forearm.

Ms. Roberts reported that an argument had escalated between her and Mr. Thompson, leading to Mr. Thompson grabbing her arm forcefully, which resulted in the bruising. Mr. Thompson acknowledged the argument but stated that the physical contact was unintentional and occurred as he tried to prevent Ms. Roberts from leaving the room during their dispute.

The officers conducted separate interviews with both parties to gather detailed accounts of the incident. Additionally, a neighbor, Mr. George Milton, who had called the police, provided a statement indicating that loud shouting had been heard from the residence, prompting his concern.

After assessing the situation, officers provided Ms. Roberts with information on local support services and options for further action, including the possibility of pressing charges and seeking a restraining order. Mr. Thompson was advised on the legal implications of his actions and the importance of seeking alternative methods for conflict resolution.

The residence was examined, and photographs were taken of Ms. Roberts’ injuries for documentation. Both parties were informed about the importance of safe and healthy communication and were provided with contacts for couples counseling and domestic violence support services.

A report of the incident was filed, and the case was referred to the local family services department for further evaluation and follow-up. The officers remained on-site until they were confident that no immediate threat remained, and both parties had calmed down.

This domestic incident report serves as an official record of the events that transpired at 123 Harmony Lane and will be utilized for any necessary legal or supportive actions going forward. The safety and well-being of all individuals involved are of utmost priority, and all efforts will be made to ensure a resolution that respects the rights and needs of everyone involved.

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