External Audit Communication Plan

Last Updated: April 27, 2024

External Audit Communication Plan


An external audit communication plan is vital for ensuring a smooth, efficient audit process. This plan lays out a clear framework for interactions between the organization and the external auditor, ensuring that all necessary information is shared in a timely and organized manner.


To streamline communication during the external audit process, ensuring clarity, efficiency, and compliance with audit requirements.

Key Stakeholders

  1. Audit Team: External auditors conducting the audit.
  2. Management Team: Executives and department heads in the organization.
  3. Audit Committee: Oversees the audit process.
  4. Employees: Staff involved in providing information and support.

Communication Tools

  • Email: For formal communication and document sharing.
  • Project Management Software: To track audit progress and tasks.
  • Video Conferencing: For remote meetings and discussions.
  • Phone Calls: For quick queries and clarifications.

Communication Plan

Pre-Audit Phase

Activity Responsible Timeline Communication Method
Initial Meeting with Auditor Audit Committee Week 1 Video Conference
Distribute Audit Schedule Management Team Week 1 Email
Collect Preliminary Data Employees Week 2 Project Management Software

Audit Execution Phase

Activity Responsible Timeline Communication Method
Regular Updates Audit Team Weekly Email/Project Management Software
Document Requests Audit Team As Required Email/Project Management Software
Query Resolution Employees As Required Phone Calls/Email

Post-Audit Phase

Activity Responsible Timeline Communication Method
Draft Report Review Management Team Week 1 Post-Audit Email
Final Meeting Audit Committee Week 2 Post-Audit Video Conference
Implement Recommendations Management Team Ongoing Project Management Software

Best Practices

  • Regular Updates: Schedule weekly updates to keep all parties informed.
  • Clear Documentation: Maintain clear records of all communications.
  • Prompt Responses: Ensure quick responses to audit team queries.
  • Confidentiality: Ensure sensitive information is securely shared.

This communication plan aims to facilitate effective and efficient communication throughout the external audit process, ensuring all parties are well-informed and aligned.

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