Family Disaster Communication Plan

Last Updated: April 27, 2024

Family Disaster Communication Plan

In the event of a disaster, staying connected with family members is crucial. This Family Disaster Communication Plan is designed to be straightforward, comprehensive, and easy to implement, ensuring families can stay in touch and remain safe during emergencies.


  • Maintain Contact: Ensure family members can communicate during a disaster.
  • Ensure Safety: Quickly ascertain the safety and whereabouts of all family members.
  • Facilitate Reunification: Assist in reuniting separated family members.

Key Components

1. Emergency Contact Information

  • Primary Contact: [Name, Phone Number, Email]
  • Secondary Contact: [Name, Phone Number, Email]
  • Local Emergency Services: [Phone Number]
  • Nearest Hospital: [Address, Phone Number]

2. Family Member Information

Name Relationship Contact Number Special Needs/Considerations
John Doe Father 123-456-7890 None
Jane Doe Mother 123-456-7891 Diabetic

3. Meeting Points

  • Primary Meeting Point: [Address]
  • Secondary Meeting Point: [Address]

*Map with marked meeting points included.

4. Communication Channels

  • Primary: Mobile Phones
  • Secondary: Email
  • Alternative: Social Media Platforms (e.g., Facebook)

5. Disaster Kit Checklist

  • Basic Supplies: Water, non-perishable food, flashlight, batteries, first aid kit.
  • Documents: Copies of personal identification, insurance policies, medical records.
  • Special Needs Items: Prescription medications, baby supplies, pet supplies.

*Checklist table with items and quantities included.

6. Evacuation Plan

  • Routes from Home to Meeting Points: [Map with routes]
  • Transportation Means: [Personal Vehicle/Public Transportation]
  • Special Considerations: [Pets, Elderly Family Members]

7. Communication Protocols

  • During an Emergency: Text first (to save battery), then call.
  • Check-In Schedule: Every [3 hours] during an ongoing disaster.
  • Information to Share: Location, status, next steps.

Practice and Review

  • Regular Drills: Practice evacuation and communication plan every [6 months].
  • Plan Review: Update the plan annually or as family circumstances change.

This Family Disaster Communication Plan is a critical tool to enhance your family’s preparedness and safety during emergencies. Regular review and practice will ensure its effectiveness

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