Incident Report for Insurance Claim

Last Updated: April 27, 2024

Incident Report for Insurance Claim

On May 5, 2024, at approximately 4:30 PM, a vehicle collision occurred involving my car, a 2023 Honda Accord, and a 2022 Toyota Camry at the intersection of Main Street and 2nd Avenue in Springfield, SP. I, John Doe, was driving the Honda Accord southbound on Main Street when the Toyota Camry, driven by Ms. Emily Johnson, unexpectedly ran a red light while traveling eastbound on 2nd Avenue, resulting in a T-bone collision on the passenger side of my vehicle.

Immediately after the collision, both parties checked for injuries. Fortunately, there were no immediate injuries reported at the scene. Springfield Police Department was notified and Officer Michael Smith arrived at the scene within minutes to file an official police report, number SP456789.

Photographs of the scene were taken, showcasing the position of the vehicles post-collision, the visible damage to both cars, and the traffic light which Ms. Johnson disobeyed. These photographs, along with the police report, serve as evidence of the circumstances surrounding the incident.

The Honda Accord sustained significant damage, including a crushed passenger door and shattered windows on the impacted side. A preliminary estimate from AutoFix Mechanics, dated May 6, 2024, suggests repair costs amounting to approximately $8,000. This estimate includes parts and labor for door replacement, window repairs, and painting to match the original color.

A witness, Mr. Alex Green, who was standing on the southwest corner of the intersection, provided a statement corroborating my account that Ms. Johnson ran the red light leading to the collision. His contact information is included for further verification.

I have initiated a claim with my insurance company, Total Coverage Insurance, under policy number TC1234567. This report, along with the attached police report, photographs of the damage, repair cost estimate, and witness statement, is submitted as part of the claim documentation.

My vehicle is currently not drivable, and I am seeking compensation for repair costs, as well as a rental car until repairs are completed. I believe the evidence clearly shows Ms. Johnson at fault for the incident, and I request a timely and fair resolution to my claim.

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