Incident Report for Preschool

On October 5, 2024, at approximately 10:30 AM, a minor incident occurred at Little Stars Preschool, located at 123 Sunshine Blvd, Happy Valley, HV. The incident involved two preschoolers, Emma Johnson and Liam Smith, during outdoor playtime. Emma, aged 4, accidentally bumped into Liam, aged 5, while both were using the slide, causing Liam to fall and sustain a minor scrape on his right knee.

Staff member Ms. Rachel Green, who was supervising the children at the time, immediately attended to Liam, applying first aid in the form of cleaning and bandaging the scrape. Emma was comforted as she was visibly upset about the accident. Both children were observed closely for the rest of the day for any signs of distress or further injury.

Ms. Green reported the incident to the preschool director, Mrs. Amy Ford, who then documented the event in the preschool’s incident log. Liam’s parents were notified of the incident upon picking him up from preschool. They were provided with a detailed account of the incident, including the steps taken by staff to ensure Liam’s well-being. Emma’s parents were also informed about the incident and the inadvertent role Emma played in it.

Following the incident, a staff meeting was convened to review playground supervision procedures and discuss strategies to prevent similar occurrences. It was decided that additional staff would be allocated to supervise outdoor play areas, especially during peak times when children are more likely to engage in vigorous play.

The incident has been recorded for future reference, and a follow-up with both Liam’s and Emma’s parents is scheduled to ensure that both children are coping well after the event. Little Stars Preschool remains committed to providing a safe and nurturing environment for all children, with a focus on enhancing safety measures during all activities.

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