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On the evening of May 5, 2024, at approximately 7:30 PM, an incident occurred at Bella Cucina Italian Restaurant located at 1234 Vine Street, Gourmet Town, GT. A customer, identified as Ms. Linda Carter, experienced a severe allergic reaction after consuming a dish that was mistakenly prepared with peanut oil, despite her explicit notification to the server about her peanut allergy.

Ms. Carter had ordered the “Pasta Primavera,” clearly stating her allergy to peanuts and was assured by the server, Alex Rodriguez, that her meal would be prepared without any peanut-based products. However, due to a miscommunication in the kitchen, the dish was cooked using peanut oil. Approximately 10 minutes after beginning her meal, Ms. Carter exhibited symptoms of an allergic reaction, including difficulty breathing and hives.

The restaurant staff immediately called emergency services upon noticing Ms. Carter’s distress. Paramedics arrived at the scene by 7:45 PM and administered emergency treatment, including epinephrine, before transporting Ms. Carter to the nearby Grandview Hospital for further medical attention. Ms. Carter was treated and released from the hospital later that evening.

Following the incident, an internal investigation was conducted to identify the breakdown in communication. It was discovered that the kitchen had recently switched to using peanut oil for cooking certain dishes and the change had not been properly communicated to all staff members. Additionally, the server failed to mark the order with an allergy alert, a standard procedure for customers with food allergies.

In response to this incident, Bella Cucina Italian Restaurant has taken several corrective actions to prevent future occurrences. These actions include retraining all staff on food allergy protocols, updating the kitchen’s communication procedures regarding ingredient changes, and implementing a double-check system for orders flagged with food allergies. The restaurant management has also reached out to Ms. Carter to apologize for the incident and has offered compensation for her distress and medical expenses.

This incident report serves as a record of the event and the steps taken to address and rectify the situation. Bella Cucina Italian Restaurant is committed to ensuring the safety and satisfaction of all customers and has implemented these measures to reinforce its dedication to high-quality service and food safety.

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