Independence Day Speech for Class 3

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Independence Day Speech for Class 3


Good morning everyone!

Today, we are celebrating a very special day—Independence Day! It’s the day our country became free. Let’s take a journey back in time and learn why this day is so important.

Historical Context

Imagine our country many years ago, when it was not free. People were ruled by others and could not make their own decisions. Brave leaders, like [Key Figure 1] and [Key Figure 2], stood up and said, “We want freedom!” They worked very hard, faced many challenges, and finally, on [specific date], our country became free!


Let’s think about those brave heroes. They were like superheroes without capes! They fought for our freedom, not with superpowers, but with their courage and love for our country. We should always remember their sacrifices and be thankful for the freedom we enjoy today.


Since gaining independence, our country has grown and achieved many wonderful things. We have great schools, amazing parks, and many opportunities to learn and play. We should feel proud of our country and always do our best to make it even better.


Even though we are free, there are still things we can improve. We can help by being kind, studying hard, and taking care of our surroundings. When we help each other and work together, we can make our country an even happier place to live.

Call to Action

Let’s make a promise today. Let’s promise to be good friends, good students, and good citizens. We can help our friends when they need us, work hard in school, and take care of our environment. Every small action we take can make a big difference.


As we celebrate this Independence Day, let’s remember the importance of freedom and how lucky we are to live in a free country. Let’s honor our heroes by being the best we can be. Happy Independence Day, everyone!

Thank you for listening.

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