Integrated Communication Plan



An Integrated Communication Plan (ICP) is a strategic approach combining various communication methods to deliver a consistent message across multiple platforms. This plan aims to ensure that all forms of communications and messages are carefully linked together.


Target Audience

Key Messages

Communication Channels

  1. Digital Platforms: Websites, social media, email campaigns.
  2. Traditional Media: Press releases, print advertisements, brochures.
  3. Internal Communication: Newsletters, intranet, team meetings.

Content Strategy

Implementation Plan

Phase Activity Channel Timeline Goal
Initiation Stakeholder Briefing Internal Week 1 Align goals and expectations
Development Content Creation Digital, Print Weeks 2-4 Produce key communication materials
Execution Multi-Channel Distribution All Channels Weeks 5-8 Disseminate content across platforms
Monitoring Analytics and Feedback Collection Digital Weeks 9-12 Evaluate engagement and reach
Optimization Strategy Adjustment All Channels Week 13 Refine approach based on insights

Budget Allocation

Monitoring and Evaluation

Risk Management

This Integrated Communication Plan is designed to be straightforward, yet comprehensive, ensuring effective engagement with various stakeholders through coordinated and consistent messaging. Regular assessment and flexibility in approach are key to adapting to audience needs and market changes

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