Letter of Intent to Homeschool

Madison Clark
1234 Maple Street
Lincoln, NE 68508
[email protected]
(402) 555-0123
October 1, 2023

Dr. Henry Walton
Director of Educational Services
Lincoln Public School District
7890 Education Lane
Lincoln, NE 68508

Dear Dr. Walton,

I am writing to formally notify the Lincoln Public School District of my intent to homeschool my daughter, Sophia Clark, age 12, for the 2023-2024 academic year. After considerable research and discussion as a family, we have decided that homeschooling will provide Sophia with a tailored educational experience that best suits her learning style and needs.

Sophia has always been a curious and eager learner, and we believe that homeschooling will allow her to explore her interests more deeply while continuing to meet and exceed the educational standards set forth by the state of Nebraska. We are committed to providing a comprehensive curriculum that covers all the required subjects, including mathematics, science, social studies, and language arts, as well as offering opportunities for physical education and the arts.

Our homeschooling plan includes a variety of instructional methods, such as online courses, project-based learning, and community engagement activities, to ensure a well-rounded and interactive educational experience. We will also utilize standardized testing and portfolio assessments to monitor Sophiaโ€™s progress and ensure she is achieving academic milestones appropriate for her grade level.

Please find attached a detailed homeschool curriculum plan and schedule for the upcoming academic year, along with the necessary documentation and forms as required by the Lincoln Public School District homeschooling policies. We are prepared to meet all state regulations and requirements for homeschooling and are eager to work with the district to facilitate any necessary oversight.

We appreciate the resources and support provided by the Lincoln Public School District for homeschooling families and look forward to a successful academic year. Please let us know if there are any further steps we need to take or information we need to provide as part of this process.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. We are excited about the journey ahead and confident that homeschooling is the right path for Sophiaโ€™s education.


Madison Clark

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