Teacher Report Writing to els Student

Last Updated: April 28, 2024

Teacher Report Writing to els Student

Teacher Report for Juan Perez, Grade 5 ELS

Date/Term: Spring 2023


  • Present: 88 out of 90 days
  • Absent: 2 days
  • Comments on Attendance: Juan has shown excellent commitment by maintaining near-perfect attendance this term.

Academic Performance:

  • English Language Arts:
    • Reading: Juan has progressed from beginner to intermediate level. He now understands basic narratives and can answer comprehension questions with more confidence.
    • Writing: Improvement in sentence structure is noted. However, he struggles with paragraph coherence and essay organization.
    • Speaking: Actively participates in class discussions. His vocabulary has expanded significantly, which has improved his ability to express complex ideas verbally.
    • Listening: Shows good comprehension during listening activities, though sometimes requires repetitions for clearer understanding.
  • Mathematics:
    • Demonstrates a strong grasp of mathematical concepts taught in the native language and is steadily improving in solving word problems in English by applying language strategies discussed in class.
  • Science:
    • Juan shows keen interest in scientific experiments. He effectively uses new vocabulary learned during lessons in practical contexts.
  • Social Studies:
    • Active participation in group projects, contributing his ideas and accepting feedback constructively. Shows a growing understanding of historical events discussed in class.

Behavioral and Social Development:

  • Behavior: Juan is respectful to both peers and teachers. He follows classroom rules consistently and is polite in interactions.
  • Social Interaction: He has made significant strides in social integration, forming friendships with English-speaking peers, which has also aided his language skills.
  • Participation: Regularly volunteers for class activities, showing increased confidence in his language use and social interactions.

Teacher’s Comments: Juan has made commendable progress in his English language skills, which is evident across all subject areas. His enthusiasm for learning and openness to feedback make him a pleasure to teach.


  • Encourage reading at home to further enhance vocabulary and comprehension skills.
  • Practice writing at home with prompts provided to improve writing structure.
  • Continue participation in English-speaking environments to strengthen language use.

Next Steps/Goals:

  • Short-term Goals: Aim to read and comprehend higher-level texts with minimal guidance. Start organizing paragraphs with clear topic sentences.
  • Long-term Goals: Develop the ability to write multi-paragraph essays and engage in more complex discussions on academic topics.
  • Upcoming Events: Prepare for the end-of-year oral presentations in English, which will be a significant opportunity to showcase language proficiency.

Signature: [Teacher’s Name]

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