Teacher Request Letter

Last Updated: April 28, 2024

Teacher Request Letter


Dear [Principal’s Name],

I hope this letter finds you well. As the parent of [Child’s Name], who is looking forward to joining [Grade Level] this coming academic year, I am writing to express my sincere request for [Child’s Name] to be placed in [Requested Teacher’s Name]’s class. After thorough research and discussions with other parents, I am convinced that [Requested Teacher’s Name]’s teaching style and approach to education align perfectly with what I believe would benefit [Child’s Name] the most.

[Child’s Name] has shown a keen interest in [Specific Interests or Academic Areas], and from what I understand, [Requested Teacher’s Name] excels in nurturing these interests among their students. Furthermore, [Child’s Name] responds well to a [specific teaching method or characteristic of the teacher, e.g., “hands-on learning environment,” “supportive and encouraging attitude”], which I’ve learned is a hallmark of [Requested Teacher’s Name]’s classroom.

I strongly believe that being in [Requested Teacher’s Name]’s class would not only enhance [Child’s Name]’s academic skills but also significantly contribute to his/her personal development. [Requested Teacher’s Name]’s reputation for fostering a love of learning and encouraging critical thinking skills is exactly the kind of educational environment we wish for [Child’s Name].

Please understand that this request is made after careful consideration and with [Child’s Name]’s best interest at heart. We are committed to working closely with [Child’s Name]’s future teacher and the school to support [his/her] educational journey.

Thank you very much for considering our request. We appreciate the hard work and dedication of all the teachers and staff at [School Name] and look forward to another rewarding year.

Warm regards,

Rogelio Perkins

[Your Contact Information]

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