Teacher Resignation Letter for Pregnancy Reason

Last Updated: April 28, 2024

Teacher Resignation Letter for Pregnancy Reason

Emily Stanton
123 Education Way
Teacherville, MA 02139
[email protected]
(555) 234-5678
April 11, 2024

Karen Fitzgerald
Lincoln Elementary School
321 Learning Loop
Teacherville, MA 02139

Dear Principal Fitzgerald,

I am writing to formally announce my resignation from my position as a third-grade teacher at Lincoln Elementary School, effective May 15, 2024. This decision comes after careful consideration of my growing family needs as I am expecting a new addition to our family in the coming months.

Teaching at Lincoln Elementary has been a profoundly rewarding experience. Over the past four years, I have not only grown professionally but have also cherished the relationships developed with my colleagues and students. The support and camaraderie present at Lincoln Elementary are truly unique and have made my decision to leave very difficult.

I am committed to ensuring a smooth transition and plan to complete all upcoming assessments and reports before my departure. I will also organize lesson plans and materials for my successor and am willing to assist in the recruitment and training process if that proves helpful.

I want to express my sincere gratitude for the opportunities for personal and professional development that I was given at Lincoln Elementary School. I am hopeful that my departure will be met with understanding and wish only the best for the school’s future.

Please feel free to contact me at my personal email or phone number should you need assistance during the transition. I look forward to keeping in touch, and once again, thank you for the opportunity to be a part of such a supportive educational community.


Emily Stanton
Third-Grade Teacher
Lincoln Elementary School

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