Total Insurance Incident Report

Last Updated: April 28, 2024

Total Insurance Incident Report

On February 15, 2024, a comprehensive insurance incident occurred involving a policyholder’s residential property located at 345 Cedar Lane, Springfield, SP. The incident, which took place at approximately 3:00 PM, involved significant water damage due to a burst pipe in the upstairs bathroom. The homeowner, Ms. Rebecca Turner, discovered the issue upon returning from work and immediately contacted Total Insurance to report the incident.

Emergency services were promptly dispatched to the property to address the immediate water leakage and to prevent further damage to the home’s structure and belongings. The initial assessment revealed extensive water damage to the bathroom floor, ceiling of the kitchen directly below, and various pieces of furniture and electrical appliances.

Total Insurance’s claim adjuster visited the property on February 17, 2024, to conduct a detailed evaluation of the damage. The adjuster confirmed the cause of the damage as a burst pipe, which appeared to have failed due to age and wear. Photographs of the affected areas were taken, and statements were recorded from Ms. Turner and the emergency service technicians.

The estimated cost for repairs and replacements was calculated at approximately $25,000, covering plumbing repairs, structural restoration of the bathroom and kitchen, and replacement of damaged personal property. Ms. Turner’s policy, which includes coverage for such incidents, was reviewed, and the claim process was initiated.

In addition to covering the repair and replacement costs, Total Insurance provided Ms. Turner with temporary accommodation assistance, as the property was deemed unsafe for occupancy during the restoration period. Ms. Turner expressed gratitude for the swift response and support provided by Total Insurance throughout the incident.

This incident report will be maintained in Ms. Turner’s policy file for future reference and analysis. Total Insurance is committed to reviewing its policyholders’ claims with thoroughness and compassion, ensuring that they receive the necessary support and assistance during such stressful events. The company will also use this incident as a case study to review and potentially enhance its response protocols and policy coverage options to better serve its customers.

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