Workplace Accident Report

On May 15, 2024, at approximately 2:30 PM, an accident occurred in the main warehouse of Distribution Center #4, located at 789 Logistics Lane, Industrial Park, IN. The incident involved a forklift operated by Mr. Jake Thompson colliding with a storage rack. This collision resulted in several heavy boxes falling from a height of approximately 8 feet, striking Mr. Thompson and causing him to sustain a concussion and a broken arm.

Emergency response was immediately activated, with on-site safety personnel providing first aid and coordinating with local emergency services to transport Mr. Thompson to Mercy General Hospital for urgent care. The area was secured, and all operations involving the use of forklifts were temporarily suspended.

An initial investigation was conducted by the safety officer, Ms. Laura Kim, to determine the cause of the accident. It was found that the forklift was operating beyond the recommended speed limit within the warehouse, contributing to the operator’s inability to stop in time to avoid the collision. Further, it was noted that the storage rack had been improperly loaded, with heavier boxes placed at higher levels, contrary to safety protocols.

In response to this incident, several corrective actions have been proposed and are in the process of being implemented:

  • Immediate retraining of all forklift operators on safe operation procedures and speed limits within the warehouse.
  • A thorough review and restructuring of storage rack loading protocols to ensure that heavier items are stored at lower levels.
  • Installation of additional physical speed-limiting barriers in areas prone to high traffic or where machinery is operated.
  • Conducting a comprehensive safety audit of all warehouse operations to identify and mitigate any other potential hazards.

The incident has been documented in detail, with witness statements collected and security footage reviewed. This report will be filed with the company’s human resources department and the local regulatory body overseeing workplace safety. A follow-up meeting is scheduled with all warehouse staff to review the incident and discuss the importance of adherence to safety protocols to prevent future accidents.

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