What Information Is Included in a Police Auto Accident Report?

Last Updated: May 22, 2024

What Information Is Included in a Police Auto Accident Report?

Driving can be as dangerous as it is convenient. Even when we’re careful on the road, there’s still a chance that we might end up in an accident of some sort. After all, the streets are flooded with reckless drivers. It could be caused by faults in the vehicle’s breaks or by simple human error. Regardless of the situation, it’s highly advisable to file a police report for the incident, especially when major damage has been caused.

How to File an Accident Report with the Police

In the occurrence of an accident, a police is often called to the scene to address the incident properly. This is typically done when the value of property damage is large or when particular injuries have been caused.

The police would first assess the situation based on what is visible at the scene and then gather accounts from the individuals involved and possible eyewitnesses. Like an incident report, your police report should be made as accurate and as detailed as possible. You can do so by taking photos as clear evidences.

The police report should contain any significant information. This would include a clear description of what happened, testimonies from eyewitnesses, and the damages and injuries sustained from the accident.

How Do Police Car Accident Reports Affect Insurance Claims?

The main reason why we pay for an insurance is to protect ourselves from the financial report burden brought by unforeseen circumstances. Insurance companies need to conduct an investigation into your claims before providing you with the needed assistance.

To do so, you are usually asked to provide a copy of the police report.

Although, there are some claims adjusters who request one directly from the police department. With this, claim adjusters are able to reassess claims that have been made regardless of what has been specified in the report. Additionally, once the other driver decides to write a report to their insurance company, yours will be notified of this as well.

How Are Police Reports Used in Auto Accidents?

In the event of an accident, whether it involves a fender bender or an intense collision, having a police at the scene of the accident will make it easier to resolve the situation. A police report will be used to record the incident in case of any probable disputes.

For instances when a police had not been called in, it’s best to create a formal report of your own for future references.

Some accidents are minor compared to others. Police investigation reports could be used to settle insurance claims and the like. But for major accidents, lawsuits may be involved. This is usually apparent for accidents that involve major injuries or even fatal casualties. The content of the police report will then be used during court hearings for the driver at fault.

Incidents involving reckless driving or driving under the influence rely on police reports as evidence to support certain claims during the prosecution. This will also help the judge determine the fine that must be paid by the driver at fault.

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