Bridesmaid Speech Examples

Weddings are beautiful, dazzling and presents itself like a giant expensive playground where you can have fun, dance, eat a lot of delicious food. Weddings include heartfelt wedding vows and speeches from the couple and their respective parents. The best man and the bridesmaid also have to give speeches as well.

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Being selected as a bridesmaid is gratifying but it comes with great responsibility. Towards the end of the wedding when the food is already being eaten and the drinks are being drank, it is now time for the chosen bridesmaid to give her speech.

If you are lucky enough to be chosen as the bridesmaid, there are a few basic things you should remember when writing a speech. Begin your speech by giving your gratitude to the people who’ve come to share this eventful day and don’t forget to introduce yourself. On this kind of occasion you must understand that there are some things better left unsaid. You can share funny moments but nothing that could raise an argument between the couple and avoid talking about the bad days the couple had gone through. Instead, share a story with your friendship with the bride and also mention some experiences you had with the couple. Sum up your speech with happiness and best wishes for the couple.

Get inspired and use these bridesmaid speech examples for your reference.

The Humorous Speech

In every wedding, people expect stories, tears, and of course, some juicy throwbacks. You and the bride are best friends and you have spent your life together, so why not spill some funny experiences from your past? This will be nostalgic, fun, and at the same time embarrassing for the bride. A sample speech is written below.

“Good evening ladies and gentlemen! Thank you for coming to this very special day to celebrate the union of my best friend– the bride, and to my frenemy, the groom– of whom unfortunately I have to deal with since he is now married to my best friend. By the way, my name is (insert name), the bridesmaid for the day!

It felt like it was just yesterday when me and the bride were spending an afternoon under a tree, crying, because she was heart broken. And as a supportive best friend, I also cried with her. She even swore to the tree she’ll never love again (unfortunately, the tree has now been cut down). I remembered all those sleepless nights when were writing our academic papers that we forgot to date other people. We missed out on a few boys back in the day (wink). But when we did go into relationships, it wasn’t easy. Most days, you were crying, and sometimes even in public. I had to tell people you were crying because you ate too much the previous day and you felt like vomiting. Fast forward to all these years, you have become stronger, more patient, and more resilient, and I couldn’t be more happier. Since you call the groom now as a best friend, I am willing to share the “best friend” title.  

To the groom, thank you for loving my best friend despite all the craziness that comes with her. I know you won’t mind the excess baggage since you love her so much. Besides, the baggage comes with a handle with care sticker so you know what to do. I love you both and I look forward to share more fun memories with you in the future.

Me and the couple go way back. We were already together during the times when were lost and broke. We couldn’t find a job and nobody wanted to hire us. And guess what, the three of us are still here now, celebrating a wedding! Can you believe it? This is an amazing moment and I want to cherish each and every bit of it. To the couple, congratulations and I hope you will continue living life to the fullest. As the best friend for you both, I will do my job well and I will even take care of your kids. 

Cheers to forever!”

The Bridesmaid Speech (For the Sibling)

Most of the time, the couple looks for the bridesmaid within their circle of friends. You don’t need to look too far as you can always choose your sister to be your bridesmaid (as long as you have a sister and you share a close bond with her). The sister is always the perfect option to become the bridesmaid since the wedding is all about family in the first place. This will become a platform for your sister in preparation for her own wedding in the future. Here is a sample bridesmaid speech for your sister.

“Good evening everyone! Thank you for attending this very special event as we celebrate the wedding of my sister and now my brother-in-law. First of all, I thank God for giving me not only a sister, but also a best friend. I could never put it into words how grateful and thankful I am for having her in my life.

When we were still children, we wrote numerous wishes and letters and kept them in some sort of a chest box. I fondly recalled one of the letters she wrote in which she stated that she wanted to get married to a handsome boy who was a very big house. Well, thankfully that wish came true. Aside from writing letters, we constantly sneaked out late at night to do some star gazing. Sorry mom and dad! As we stared at the stars, we assigned each star to a wish and we would stay up all night laughing and singing.    

My sister is probably of the most stubborn yet amazing person I know. She has been with me ever since; during my first heartache, my first paycheck, and even my first adventure in the mountains. She is my support system and is the first one to comfort me when I’m down. From diapers, to barbie dolls, to pimple breakouts, to sleepless nights, to overtime work sessions, and to family reunions, we will continue to celebrate what life gives us. 

From this day onward, I know all the love and happiness that you had given our family and friends will be given in great amounts to your husband as well. And to my new brother-in-law, I know you will take care of my sister as you already have for the past five years. Continue to praise her achievements and embrace her imperfections. 

Cheers for the bride and groom and congratulations again to you both!  

The Short yet Heartfelt Speech

Speeches can sometimes be boring especially in weddings. Here is a suggestion, make it short yet heartfelt. Most of the time, the audience remembers the details of shorter speeches than in longer ones but this doesn’t give you the freedom to go for short speeches all the time. If you are going for a short speech, take one or two memorable moments you had with the bride or couple and make it the emphasis of the speech. A sample short speech is found below.

“Good evening everyone! Thank you all for the attending the event and spending this day together with the bride and groom. I am (insert name), a close friend of the bride. I have witnessed and experienced first hand the couple’s lovely journey, and I could never be happier for their union today.

To the couple, I have witnessed your high and lows and I always believed in the strength of your relationship. Nothing can never hold you both down. I am happy, as well honored to be part of this wonderful journey. I, together with everyone in this room, wish you all the best as you both take the next step in life’s difficult yet fulfilling and amazing journey. Cheers!”


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