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Last Updated: April 26, 2024

Business Speech

In relation to the upcoming 90th Academy Awards this March 2018, you may have known of Leonardo DiCaprio. It took him at least 22 years and 5 attempts before finally winning an Oscar in 2016 with as he starred in the movie The Revenant. Among all his other nominated movies for best actor, there was one particular motion picture that brought out the best of him as a ruthless and determined salesman. And that was The Wolf of Wall Street which was released in 2013. You may also see motivational speech.

To give you an idea on what the movie is about, DiCaprio stars as real life Wall Street stockbroker Jordan Belfort. Under the employment of a certain Mark Hanna (played by Matthew McConaughey), he begins to learn that a stockbroker’s only job is to make money for himself. He runs out of a job after Black Monday and finds himself under the new employment at a boiler room brokerage firm specializing in penny stocks. Little by little, he starts to make a small fortune thanks to his aggressive pitching style and the high commissions. You may also see introduction speech

Fast forward, he and his neighbor Danny Porush founded Stratton Oakmont, an “over-the-counter” brokerage house that practices the pump and dump scam in Long Island, New York making money illegally faster than they anticipate. Thanks to the valiant efforts of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), his company was closed and under his reduced prison sentence started hosting seminars on sales technique. You may also see thank-you speech

Despite its dishonesty, it is a proven fact that he was one heck of a sales personnel. Even before Stratton Oakmont, he sounded convincing enough to let a client purchase penny stocks from him because of his persistence. Just like any other speech, business speeches have to be thought out and must inspire the people those working for you. You may also see informative speech

Examples of Writing an Inspirational Business Speech

Here are three examples of writing an inspirational business speech which will aid you in delivering one for your company or for a client.

Know Your Audience

It is critical to have a good understanding to know who you’re going to be speaking to. If not, there will be no common ground that you and the audience to stand on and vice versa causing misunderstanding. Try to conduct a bit of research about them so that both the audience and you have something that you share with each other. You may also see special occasion speech.

Most likely, your audience will come from the business or general public sector likely your audience depending on the type of clients your business caters to. Here are some questions that the speaker should try to research on:

  • What’s the job function of the audience members that represent the businesses sector?
  • What’s would be the size and industry of those companies if your listeners represent different companies?
  • Do they have pressing concerns?
  • What is the age range of the audience?
  • Are your audience members present clients, prospective clients, or a mix of both?

If it so happens that you will be delivering the speech in a conference room, chances are that you can ask the event organizer on the demographic of your attendees. From there, you will be able to get an idea on how to adjust your content according to their preference to allow the audience to comprehend better. Just as there are countless of types of audiences, be sure to adapt and adjust to their cultural differences. You may also see presentation speech

Just because you are the speaker, it does not mean that you can just rely on what you prepared for your speech and deliver it as it is. It does not hurt to do a little more research on your topic. The more knowledgeable you are about something, the better. Do not feel threatened or intimidated when the audience will raise a question. Find the time to entertain the question. Your audience may know something that you do not. It is serves as an opportunity to gain insight from them as well.You may also see welcome speech

Purpose. The heart and soul of the business speech. Not just the content alone, but the direction you would want your audience to follow after listening to you. Do not be a “garbage-in-garbage-out” kind of speaker wherein at the end of the day, your audience does not do or has not learned anything from that speech. But be that kind of speaker to leave a lasting impression to your audience to make them follow in your footsteps to allow them to become just like you may also see self-introduction speech

We hope we aided you in creating an outline for your own future business speech. Convince that client and close that sale with our examples on how to write a business speech.

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