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5+ Entertainment News Outline Examples – PDF

In the news industry, being a journalist is a versatile job. You are tasked to write different kinds of topic; may it be politics, economics, crime, lifestyle, technology and entertainment. A good journalist knows how to write effective stories by maintaining the credibility of their sources. They know how to tell a story that engages people to read their articles rather than just merely informing them about certain facts. One of the most read kinds of news aside from politics is entertainment news. Entertainment news provides an icebreaker from all the problems that the world is facing.  May it be superfluous or legitimate, nobody can’t deny entertainment news is enjoyable. You may also see essay outline.

Talking about entertainment is a general term. The “entertainment industry” usually does not limit to celebrities, films, and TV shows, it can also refer to books, games, hobbies, fashion, and so much more. Good entertainment news article must be enjoyable to read with full details of a certain topic. For example, if your news is writing about a certain band who is touring, you may not never include the places and the dates where they are performing. You may also see free outline examples.

What to Write About?

Before diving in to write your article, you must figure out what particular topic to write. If you are not part of any news media industry, you might have to do this work since your editor usually gives you assignment. Sometimes, they give their reporters the freedom to choose what stories to write. But if you’re thinking what interesting stories to write; here are a few tips:

 1. You can review your favorite book, movie or video game

If you’re planning to do this, do extensive research to become intimately familiar with these types of sources in entertainment. You can read a book, watch a movie or play a video game (playing once is never enough. You need to familiarize what and how the game works). You may also see speech outline.

Take notes on the certain topic you are going to review while you are doing it, so you may not forget certain details before you write your review. Take note of the perks and the features present in a certain product for your review.

Don’t forget to write a brief summary of the basic story line so that readers will be curious and intrigued about the book, game or movie and want to experience it themselves. However, avoid giving spoilers. You may also see program outline.

Tell the readers why you think certain sections of the material were good and other certain areas did go well. Don’t use hateful terms; instead use constructive criticism. Example instead of saying; “I loathe this actress, she does not know how to act.” You can say “There are certain areas that the actress shone in the film; her comedy timing were great but when the it turned to dramatic part of the film, she fell flat.” You may also see biography outline.

If you are reviewing a certain author, filmmaker, or artist, research their previous works. You may draw comparisons on the style of how the author writes his novels, or the artists sculpt his statues.  You can compare their current work to give the reader a feeling of how the material fit into a larger scheme. You may also see chapter outline.

Lastly, don’t forget that grammar and punctuation is important. There are certain news publication who have their own style of formatting but to be in the safe side, you can always follow the basic format of news writing (see below).

2. Write about your favorite celebrity

If you can, gain access to an interview with the celebrity you want to write about. Unless you are part of a newspaper company who can access to celebrities’ concerts, or press conference, this is very difficult to do. Celebrities are very particular on who will interview to them and they will not permit anyone who can just any kind of questions. But personal interviews are one big way of securing factual information about a person in the entertainment world. You may also see script outline.

If you think you can’t interview celebrities, research biographical information about a celebrity. You can refer to their verified biographies published online or in print.

You may also watch a celebrity on television talk shows, follow them on social media sites, especially if they are promoting an upcoming movie. This is a great source for information for you.You may also see research paper outline.

Know what angle you are going to use for your article. Like hard news or feature articles, entertainment news articles need to have a specific topic. You may write about a celebrity involved in a charity cause.

Take notes of the information you need about this certain celebrity. Then you may use it to outline your article. This will make your writing easier. You may also see training outline.

Film Review Outline

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Here are some ways on how to write a entertainment news article:

Find Credible Sources

Writing an entertainment news article has the same process of getting information from your sources just like writing hard news. Hard news refer to articles that you’ll see in the headlines. They mostly consist of politics, crime, and social issues. Even if writing an entertainment news article is not as formidable as hard news, it’s important to still maintain the work ethic of a journalist. One of their work ethic is not to plagiarize or copy news from other news articles. However some may do it when they don’t have access over these people and their main sources. If you are a practicing journalist, it’s best to train yourself to find and maintain a good relationship with your sources for you to get some news quickly. You may also see content outline.

Current Affairs Outline

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Also make sure that your sources have credible information. You might get a lot of flack if you published a story with false information. To ensure that your information is credible, ask some follow-up questions to confirm your information. Make sure that your sources has the authority or have the main information that you need; you don’t need a source that only hears her sources from a grapevine. Ask other secondary sources the same questions to confirm your information.You may also see project proposal outline.

Do a Little Bit of Fieldwork

The fieldwork, or going personally to your sources, is not as hectic as writing hard stories, but you may want to see personally the new release films you are going to write about, or attend a book launching of a local author. Doing these things will help you gain more information and more information to write. You may get the opinions of the film viewers or interview the author himself. You may also see rough outline.

Transcribe Your Interviews

Once you’ve got your information and you’re done with your interview, assuming you’ve recorded it and taken notes, it’s time to start writing. First, you need to transcribe the interviews you have taken. Take down the important information you need in your article later. It’s also useful when you need a direct quote from your source. You may also see book outline.

Short Documentary Outline

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The Writing Process

Even if the entertainment news and hard news may differ in some ways, the format of writing these articles are still the same. This format applies to news writing. Follow this format while writing a news article:

1. Write the lead first

A news lead or “lede” is the opening paragraph of your news article. This part is the most important. A news report must narrate right away what is the news all about. Keep your lead sharp, putting as much of the basic information as you can into your lead. A lead is only one or maybe two sentences (specifically, 27-32 words only) and summarizes the news story; the 5 Ws and 1 H (who, what, when, where, why, and how) of your story should be emphasized in the lead. It’s important to put the latest and recent information in the lead. Putting a previous information based from past news stories is not allowed. It’s called news for a reason. You may also see thesis outline.

  • Don’t include people’s names in the lead, unless it is a prominent person (i.e. the President, a Hollywood celebrity).
  • For example: Three hundred fifty children received an early Christmas treat during the opening of Boom Amusement Park in the local plaza yesterday to celebrate the season of Christmas.

2. Then the context

Next, write the context of your news: this is going to consist more of your facts, but more detailed than in your lead. You can put the information you gathered in your interviews. Your news article should be in third person and from a neutral perspective. Make sure you put all the sides of the story and not just favoring one. This will make your news seem opinionated. You can do that in the editorial or opinions section. However, if you are writing a review on a movie or album; you can disregard those rules. You may also see presentation outline.

3. Add some quotes

Quotes can make your news article sound more credible. Quotes should be obtained from your main sources. You can insert your quotes from the sources you interviewed. Quotes should be engaging and contains vital information to make your report more credible. Also, don’t put quotes as a basis for information if what your source has said is already mentioned in your context. When writing your first quote, introduce who you are quoting and then their quote. Use their full name the first time you mention them then only use their last name. You may also see employee handbook outline.


  • Michael Gavin, managing director of We Care for Kids Inc., said, “Since it is Christmas, we want to treat them with free food and let them experience the free rides here in our Boom Amusement Park,” he said.

4. Put the core in the body

This is the part where you can put the supporting details of your news article . It’s important to attribute your sources for more information. You can credit your sources with your supporting details. You may also see business plan outline.


  • There are 26 rides available to the public, including Ferris Wheels, bump cars, roller coasters, and horror themed rides. Aside from the food and the rides, they also have bands and mascots who will entertain the children, Gavin added. You may also see course outline.

Other formats to remember:

Don’t use overly descriptive language when writing a news report. Just stick to the facts and keep the sentences short and concise. Use active language and strong verb. Speak in past tense. Start a new paragraph whenever there is a new thought. Paragraphs in news article can be as short as one. You may also see resume outline.

Write out a rough draft of your article. You don’t need to edit it right away. Just finish writing it all first. You can edit it out later. What’s important is you’ve put down the important and interesting facts you needed in your article. After writing, review and revise your news article for grammar or punctuation mistakes. You may also see tentative outline.

Newspaper Story Outline Format

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News Writing Outline Example

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Newspaper Outline Example

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Once you’ve figured out on how to write a news article, you can easily outline your article to make it an effective piece and the writing process is much more easier. If you practice yourself to write entertainment news article, you are on your own way to become a good journalist. You may also see APA outline.

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