9 Letter Words with P

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9 Letter Words with P

Embark on a lexical journey through the intriguing world of 9-letter words beginning with ‘P’. This alphabet’s eighth letter opens doors to a rich vocabulary, enhancing your word power significantly. From ‘paintwork’ to ‘parachute’, each word offers a unique blend of sounds and meanings, perfect for enriching conversation and writing. Ideal for word game enthusiasts, avid readers, and linguistic explorers, our curated collection showcases the diversity and charm of the English language. Discover the magic these 9-letter ‘P’ words hold.

Most Commonly Used 9 Letter Words with P - PDF

300 Most Commonly Used 9 Letter Words with “P”

9 Letter Words with P

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The English language is replete with a variety of words that cater to different contexts and meanings. Among these are 9-letter words containing the letter “P,” which are commonly used in everyday communication. These words span across various categories including technology, science, medicine, education, and general lifestyle. Understanding and using these words effectively can enhance both written and spoken communication, making it more precise and impactful. Below is a comprehensive table featuring such words, categorized into 6 rows for ease of reference. Each word in this collection is distinct, ensuring a wide range of vocabulary for users including students, educators, and professionals.

Platypus Completed Prospects Prodigies Permitted Plausible
Accepting Composing Pineapple Pedestals Pestering Petrified
Apparatus Composure Principle Paradigms Pesticide Patriarch
Backpacks Conscript Paternity Paramount Petrology Panoramic
Baptistry Contempry Parasites Paratroop Phenotype Practical
Basophils Depicting Penthouse Parenting Philately Paralysis
Bepimpled Deploying Perimeter Parlament Phonecard Periphery
Bespeweth Depressed Playhouse Parsimony Physician Pizzicato
Bespotted Depthless Policeman Passenger Pictogram Polygraph
Appointee Disappear Prototype Patentees Pioneered Ponderous
Appraisal Disparate Proponent Pathogens Placating Pervasive
Approving Displease Ponderous Patriarch Permeable Peninsula
Asparagus Disposing Preoccupy Pedestals Plaintiff Peaceably
Aspirants Disposure Playfully Pediatric Paramount Pearlized
Carapaces Disprison Purchaser Peninsula Penetrate Pedalwise
Carpeting Disproofs Populists Peppering Permeable Pensively
Ciphering Disputing Physicist Perceived Phonetics Persistly
Clippered Perplexed Plausible Perfected Proximity Pettishly
Compassed Prototype Pictorial Perimeter Precursor Phaseless
Pepperoni Partnered Inceptive Political Plentiful Pianissim
Perfected Pattering Patronize Potential Ponderous Pictorial
Perfuming Patrolled Parachute Partition Popularly Piggishly
Perishing Pavillion Paragraph Portfolio Posthumly Piquantly
Permitted Peacocked Parcelled Primitive Powerless Pitifully
Pestering Pearlized Pardoning Plausible Prayerful Plaintive
Petalling Peculated Parenting Patronize Pitifully Plausibly
Picketing Pedalling Parlaying Polygraph Plausible Playfully
Pictogram Penciling Parleying Acceptive Plentiful Pleadingy
Pilfering Penningly Parsleyed Explosive Prototype Pleasurly

Most Trending 9 Letter Words with “P”

Most Trending 9 Letter Words with P

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In the dynamic landscape of the English language, certain words capture the zeitgeist, becoming particularly relevant and widely used. Among these are 9-letter words starting with ‘P’, resonating with current trends and topics. Ideal for content creators, writers, and language enthusiasts, this collection of trending words is not only¬† but also enriches your linguistic repertoire. Each word is a key to unlocking more engaging, relevant, and contemporary communication. Delve into this curated list of 30 trending 9-letter words beginning with ‘P’, complete with meanings, to stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of words.

  1. Paradigms: Typical examples or patterns of something.
  2. Paramount: Of utmost importance.
  3. Paratroop: Military troops trained to parachute.
  4. Parenting: The process of raising children.
  5. Parlament: Alternative spelling of ‘parliament’, a legislative body.
  6. Parsimony: Extreme unwillingness to spend money.
  7. Passenger: A traveler in a vehicle, not the driver.
  8. Patentees: Holders of patents.
  9. Pathogens: Microorganisms that cause disease.
  10. Patriarch: A male head of a family.
  11. Pedestals: Bases that support statues or structures.
  12. Pediatric: Relating to the treatment of children.
  13. Peninsula: A landform surrounded by water on three sides.
  14. Peppering: Sprinkling or covering with a substance.
  15. Perceived: Became aware or conscious of something.
  16. Perfected: Made completely free from faults.
  17. Perimeter: The continuous line forming a boundary.
  18. Permitted: Gave authorization or consent.
  19. Pestering: Troubling or annoying someone persistently.
  20. Pesticide: A substance for destroying insects or pests.
  21. Petrology: The scientific study of rocks.
  22. Phenotype: The set of observable characteristics.
  23. Philately: The collection and study of postage stamps.
  24. Phonecard: A card used for paying telephone calls.
  25. Physician: A medical doctor.
  26. Pictogram: A pictorial symbol or diagram.
  27. Pioneered: Developed or introduced something new.
  28. Placating: Making someone less angry.
  29. Permeable: Allowing substances to pass through.
  30. Plaintiff: A person who brings a case against another.

New & Latest Added 9 Letter Words with “P”

New & Latest Added 9 Letter Words with P

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Are you ready to expand your vocabulary with the freshest additions? Here, we present 30 new and latest 9-letter words starting with “P” that will pique your interest:

  1. Paramount: Meaning of utmost importance or significance.
  2. Penetrate: To pierce or enter something.
  3. Permeable: Allowing substances to pass through.
  4. Phonetics: The study of speech sounds.
  5. Proximity: Closeness or nearness in space.
  6. Prolific: Producing a lot of something.
  7. Precursor: Something that comes before and indicates future events.
  8. Plausible: Believable or reasonable.
  9. Petrified: Turned into stone or paralyzed with fear.
  10. Patriarch: A male head of a family or group.
  11. Panoramic: Providing a wide and comprehensive view.
  12. Practical: Relating to real-life use or application.
  13. Paralysis: Loss of muscle function or sensation.
  14. Periphery: The outer boundary or edge.
  15. Pizzicato: A musical technique involving plucking strings.
  16. Polygraph: A lie detector machine.
  17. Ponderous: Heavy or slow-moving.
  18. Pervasive: Spreading widely throughout an area or group.
  19. Peninsula: A piece of land surrounded by water on three sides.

Adverb 9 Letter Words with “P”

Adverb 9 Letter Words with P

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Delve into the dynamic world of adverbs, particularly those spanning exactly nine letters and starting with ‘P’. Adverbs, the unsung heroes of grammar, bring depth and clarity to our sentences, and when they begin with ‘P’, they add a special zest. Ideal for enhancing your writing style, these words are a must-know for enthusiasts of English language, writers, and linguists. Each adverb in this collection is not only unique but also rich in meaning, providing nuanced ways to express actions and states. Enhance your linguistic repertoire with these 9-letter adverbs and add precision and flair to your communication. Let’s explore these 30 adverbs, complete with meanings, to illuminate your path to eloquent expression.

  1. Peaceably: In a manner that is free from disturbance or conflict.
  2. Pearlized: Having a lustrous or iridescent quality, resembling a pearl.
  3. Pedalwise: In a manner relating to the use or operation of pedals.
  4. Pensively: In a way that suggests deep or serious thought.
  5. Persistly: Continuing firmly in a course of action despite difficulty.
  6. Pettishly: In a childishly sulky or bad-tempered way.
  7. Phaseless: Without distinct stages or phases.
  8. Pianissim: In a very soft or quiet manner.
  9. Pictorial: Relating to visual art or images.
  10. Piggishly: In a greedy or gluttonous way.
  11. Piquantly: In a pleasantly stimulating or exciting way.
  12. Pitifully: In a manner deserving or arousing pity.
  13. Plaintive: Expressing sorrow or melancholy; mournful.
  14. Plausibly: In a way that can be believed; convincingly.
  15. Playfully: In a lighthearted or playful manner.
  16. Pleadingy: In a manner that begs or requests urgently.
  17. Pleasurly: In a manner that gives pleasure or satisfaction.
  18. Plentiful: Existing in or yielding great quantities; abundant.
  19. Ponderous: Slow and clumsy because of great weight.
  20. Popularly: By the general public; widely.
  21. Posthumly: After one’s death.
  22. Powerless: Without ability, influence, or power.
  23. Prayerful: In a devout or reverent manner.

Adjective 9 Letter Words with “P”

Adjective 9 Letter Words with P

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Are you searching for eloquent, expressive, and descriptive words with nine letters, all beginning with the letter “P”? Look no further. We’ve curated a list of 30 distinctive adjectives to enrich your vocabulary:

  1. Pitifully: In a manner that evokes pity or sadness due to being small, poor, or inadequate.
  2. Plausible: Appearing reasonable or probable; believable or credible.
  3. Plentiful: Existing in large quantities; abundant or ample.
  4. Prototype: The first or preliminary version of a device or vehicle from which other forms are developed.
  5. Political: Relating to the government or public affairs of a country.
  6. Potential: Having or showing the capacity to develop into something in the future.
  7. Partition: The action or state of dividing or being divided into parts; a divider separating parts of a room, vehicle, or other structure.
  8. Portfolio: A range of investments held by a person or organization; or a set of pieces of creative work intended to demonstrate a person’s ability to a potential employer.
  9. Primitive: Relating to an early stage in the evolutionary or historical development of something; or not developed or derived from anything else.
  10. Plausible: (Repeated) Appearing reasonable or probable; believable or credible.
  11. Patronize: Treat with an apparent kindness that betrays a feeling of superiority; or frequent (a store, theater, restaurant, or other establishments) as a customer.
  12. Polygraph: A machine designed to detect and record changes in physiological characteristics, such as a person’s pulse and breathing rates, used especially as a lie detector.
  13. Acceptive: Ready or willing to accept something or someone; accepting.
  14. Explosive: Able or likely to shatter violently or burst apart; also relates to a substance that can cause an explosion.
  15. Inceptive: Marking the beginning; initial or introductory

Phrasal Verbs With 9 Letter Words with “P”

Phrasal Verbs With 9 Letter Words with P

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Delve into the dynamic world of phrasal verbs, especially those with the intriguing twist of 9-letter words starting with ‘P’. Phrasal verbs, a crucial element in mastering English, add a layer of depth and colloquialism to your language skills. Perfect for ESL learners, writers, and language enthusiasts, these phrasal verbs enrich your communication with nuanced meanings and real-world usage. Discover 30 such phrasal verbs, each accompanied by its meaning, enhancing your linguistic arsenal.

  1. Patronize: To support or sponsor
  2. Parachute: To descend safely using a parachute, often used metaphorically.
  3. Paragraph: To divide written text into paragraphs.
  4. Parcelled: To divide and distribute in portions.
  5. Pardoning: To forgive or excuse a fault or offense.
  6. Parenting: To act as a parent and raise children.
  7. Parlaying: To increase or otherwise transform into something of much greater value.
  8. Parleying: To hold a conference with the opposing side to discuss terms.
  9. Parsleyed: To garnish or decorate with parsley.
  10. Partnered: To join or collaborate with another as a partner.
  11. Pattering: To make a repeated light tapping sound.
  12. Patrolled: To keep watch over an area by regularly walking or traveling around it.
  13. Pavillion: To set up a pavilion or temporary structure.
  14. Peacocked: To display oneself ostentatiously; strut like a peacock.
  15. Pearlized: To give a pearlescent finish to.
  16. Peculated: To embezzle or steal (money, especially public funds).
  17. Pedalling: To operate the pedals of a bicycle or other vehicle.
  18. Penciling: To write or draw with a pencil.
  19. Penningly: To write or compose.
  20. Pepperoni: A variety of salami, made from cured pork and beef mixed together.
  21. Perfected: To make something completely free from faults; improve to perfection.
  22. Perfuming: To fill or scent with a pleasant odor.
  23. Perishing: To suffer death, typically in a violent, sudden, or untimely way.
  24. Permitted: To give authorization or consent to someone to do something.
  25. Pestering: To trouble or annoy someone with frequent or persistent requests or interruptions.
  26. Petalling: To adorn with or as if with petals.
  27. Picketing: To stand or march near a place to protest.
  28. Pictogram: A pictorial symbol for a word or phrase.
  29. Pilfering: To steal things of little value.
  30. Pillaging: To rob a place using violence, especially in wartime

Positive 9 Letter Words with “P”

Positive 9 Letter Words with P (1)

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Dive into the uplifting world of positive 9-letter words starting with ‘P’. These words, brimming with optimism, are not only vocabulary enhancers but also mood lifters. Ideal for motivational speeches, inspiring writing, or simply enriching daily communication, each word carries a weight of positivity. In a world where language shapes perception, using these words can dramatically alter one’s outlook. From ‘peacefully’ to ‘proactive’, these words are perfect for educators, writers, and anyone seeking to inject a dose of positivity into their language. Our meticulously selected list of 30 such words, complete with meanings, will guide you in choosing the right word for every uplifting occasion.

  1. Palatable: Acceptable or agreeable to the taste or mind.
  2. Paradisal: Resembling or befitting paradise.
  3. Paramount: Supreme in rank, power, or authority.
  4. Pardoning: Forgiving or being merciful.
  5. Parenting: The process of being a parent and raising children.
  6. Passional: Showing or caused by strong feelings or a strong belief.
  7. Patronize: To support or sponsor.
  8. Peaceable: Inclined to avoid argument or violent conflict.
  9. Peacetime: A period when a country is not at war.
  10. Pecuniary: Relating to or consisting of money.
  11. Pedagogue: A teacher or educator.
  12. Pentagram: A five-pointed star, often with mystical associations.
  13. Perfected: Made completely free from faults or defects.
  14. Perfuming: To fill or scent with a pleasant odor.
  15. Perpetual: Never ending or changing; everlasting.
  16. Pervasive: Spreading widely throughout an area or a group of people.
  17. Playfully: In a light-hearted or amusing manner.
  18. Playgroup: A group of young children organized for play and activities.
  19. Playmaker: A player in a team game who leads attacks or brings other players into a position from which they could score.
  20. Pleasured: A feeling of happy satisfaction and enjoyment.
  21. Plentiful: Existing in or yielding great quantities; abundant.
  22. Polemists: A person who engages in controversial debate or dispute.
  23. Polyglots: A person who knows and is able to use several languages.
  24. Pondering: Thinking about something carefully, especially before making a decision or reaching a conclusion.
  25. Praiseful: Expressing praise and commendation.
  26. Precisely: In exact terms; without vagueness.
  27. Preferred: Liked or wanted more than anything else; favored

Describing 9 Letter Words with “P”

Describing 9 Letter Words with P

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Are you ready to embark on a linguistic journey through the realm of nine-letter words with the letter “P”? We’ve curated captivating words that will not only expand your vocabulary but also enrich your communication skills.

  1. Pandemics: Outbreaks of disease that occur over a wide geographic area and affect an exceptionally high proportion of the population.
  2. Persevere: To continue in a course of action even in the face of difficulty or with little or no indication of success.
  3. Pragmatic: Dealing with things sensibly and realistically in a way that is based on practical rather than theoretical considerations.
  4. Proximity: Nearness in space, time, or relationship.
  5. Pulverize: To reduce to fine particles; to crush, grind, or demolish thoroughly.
  6. Penetrant: Capable of penetrating or being penetrated, often used in the context of substances that enter another substance by permeating or passing through.
  7. Paroxysms: Sudden attacks or violent expressions of a particular emotion or activity.
  8. Plenitude: An abundance or plentiful supply; fullness or adequacy in quantity, measure, or degree.
  9. Peregrine: Foreign; alien; coming from abroad. Historically, it referred to peregrine falcons because they were often caught in migration rather than taken from nests.
  10. Prognosis: The likely course of a disease or ailment; a forecast of the likely outcome of a situation.
  11. Plausible: Seeming reasonable or probable; persuasive or appearing to be true.
  12. Petrified: So frightened that one is unable to move; terrified. It also means changed into a stony substance; ossified.
  13. Prevalent: Widespread in a particular area or at a particular time; predominant or pervasive.
  14. Paralyzed: Affected with paralysis; unable to move or function in one or more parts of the body.
  15. Phonology: The branch of linguistics that deals with the systematic organization of sounds in languages.
  16. Pediatric: Relating to the branch of medicine dealing with children and their diseases.
  17. Palpitant: Throbbing; trembling; beating rapidly or strongly

SAT 9 Letter Words with “P”

SAT 9 Letter Words with P

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Preparing for the SAT requires a strong vocabulary. A great way to enhance this is by focusing on 9-letter words starting with ‘P’. These words not only boost your language skills but also sharpen your understanding of nuanced English usage, a key component of SAT success. From ‘perplexing’ puzzles to ‘persuasive’ essays, mastering such words can significantly impact your SAT performance. This specially curated list of 30 words, complete with meanings, is tailored for SAT aspirants. Dive into these carefully selected words and expand your linguistic horizons, making your SAT preparation more effective and engaging.

  1. Parasitic: Living as a parasite; habitually relying on or exploiting others.
  2. Parochial: Relating to a church parish; having a limited or narrow outlook.
  3. Patronize: Treat in a way that is apparently kind but betrays a feeling of superiority.
  4. Pendulous: Hanging down loosely.
  5. Periphery: The outer limits or edge of an area or object.
  6. Perpetual: Never ending or changing; occurring repeatedly.
  7. Pertinent: Relevant or applicable to a particular matter.
  8. Pessimism: A tendency to see the worst aspect of things or believe that the worst will happen.
  9. Philander: (of a man) to engage in multiple love affairs frivolously.
  10. Pilferage: The action of stealing things of little value.
  11. Plausible: (of an argument or statement) seeming reasonable or probable.
  12. Plethora: A large or excessive amount of something.
  13. Polarize: Divide or cause to divide into two sharply contrasting groups or sets of opinions or beliefs.
  14. Politesse: Formal politeness or etiquette.
  15. Ponderous: Slow and clumsy because of great weight.
  16. Portrayal: The depiction of someone or something in a work of art or literature.
  17. Postulate: Suggest or assume the existence, fact, or truth of something as a basis for reasoning, discussion, or belief.
  18. Practical: Concerned with the actual doing or use of something rather than with theory and ideas.
  19. Precincts: The area within the walls or perceived boundaries of a particular building or place.
  20. Prescribe: Advise and authorize the use of (a medicine or treatment) for someone, especially in writing.
  21. Presidium: A standing executive committee in a communist country.
  22. Prevalent: Widespread in a particular area or at a particular time.
  23. Primarily: For the most part; mainly.
  24. Proactive: Creating or controlling a situation by causing something to happen rather than responding to it after it has happened.
  25. Applauded: Expressed approval or praise enthusiastically, usually by clapping

Perspectives 9 Letter Words with “P”

Perspectives 9 Letter Words with P

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Explore the linguistic landscape with our compilation of 9-letter words starting with ‘P’. These words, woven from the rich fabric of the English language, offer a unique perspective on vocabulary enhancement. Ideal for educators, students, and word enthusiasts, this collection not only expands your word arsenal but also enriches your understanding of language nuances. From puzzles to poetry, these words are powerful tools for expression and communication. Enhance your vocabulary with our curated list, each word a gateway to a broader linguistic horizon. Discover the depth and breadth of 9-letter words beginning with ‘P’ and their meanings, a valuable resource for anyone passionate about language.

  1. Parachute: A device used to slow the descent of a person or object through the air.
  2. Pantomime: A dramatic entertainment where performers express meaning through gestures.
  3. Paradigms: Typical examples or patterns of something; models.
  4. Paralegal: A person trained in subsidiary legal matters but not fully qualified as a lawyer.
  5. Paramount: More important than anything else; supreme.
  6. Parchment: A stiff, flat, thin material made from the prepared skin of an animal.
  7. Parfaites: Plural of parfait; a cold dessert made of layers of fruit, syrup, and ice cream.
  8. Parklands: Open land with grass and trees, usually in a town, used for recreation.
  9. Parlaying: Turn an initial stake or winnings from a previous bet into (a greater amount) by gambling.
  10. Parlormen: Plural of parlorman; a dated term for a man who frequents parlors.
  11. Parochial: Relating to a church parish; having a limited or narrow outlook.
  12. Parsimony: Extreme unwillingness to spend money or use resources.
  13. Partakers: Those who take part in or become involved in an activity.
  14. Partition: Something that divides, such as a wall dividing two rooms.
  15. Passports: Official documents issued by a government, certifying the holder’s identity for travel.
  16. Pastorale: A simple, lyrical, and idyllic composition in music.
  17. Patchouli: A heavy perfume made from the essential oil of an East Indian herb.
  18. Pathogens: Microorganisms that can cause disease.
  19. Pavements: Hard outdoor surface for pedestrians and vehicles, alongside a road.
  20. Peacetime: A period when a country is not at war.
  21. Pearlized: Made to resemble pearl or pearls.
  22. Pectorals: Muscles on the chest of the human body.
  23. Pedestals: Bases or supports on which statues, monuments, or other structures are mounted.
  24. Pediments: Triangular upper parts of buildings in classical style, typically surmounting a portico.
  25. Pegboards: Boards with a pattern of holes into which pegs fit, used for games or as a noticeboard.
  26. Pellagras: A disease caused by a deficiency of niacin or tryptophan.
  27. Penalized: Subject to some form of punishment.
  28. Pendulums: A weight hung from a fixed point so that it can swing freely, used in clocks.
  29. Peninsula: A piece of land almost surrounded by water or projecting out into a body of water.
  30. Pepperoni: A type of salami made from beef and pork.

9 Letter Words that Ends with “P”

9 Letter Words that Ends with P

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Exploring the English language unveils a plethora of unique words, particularly those with specific endings. A fascinating category to delve into is 9-letter words that conclude with “P.” These words are not only intriguing but also enhance vocabulary, offering a range of uses in various contexts. Ideal for word games, educational purposes, or simply expanding your lexicon, these words can be surprising and enlightening. Below is a curated list of 30 such words, each accompanied by its meaning. Embrace the linguistic journey and discover the diverse applications of these distinctive words.

  1. Overleap – To leap over or across; to skip or bypass.
  2. Agitprop – Political propaganda, especially in art or literature.
  3. Mousetrap – A device for catching mice.
  4. Paratroop – Military troops trained and equipped to parachute.
  5. Workgroup – A group of people who work together, especially on a project.
  6. Outgallop – To surpass or outdo in galloping.
  7. Horsewhip – A whip used for urging on horses.
  8. Wingstrap – A strap used to secure something to a wing.
  9. Bootstraps – Means of advancing oneself or a situation using existing resources.
  10. Battleship – A large, heavily armed warship.
  11. Enveloped – Completely enclosed or wrapped.
  12. Backstamp – A stamp or mark on the back of an item indicating origin or authenticity.
  13. Eavesdrop – To listen secretly to private conversations.
  14. Underprop – To support from beneath.
  15. Fellowship – A group of people sharing common interests; companionship.
  16. Authorship – The origin, creation, or authoring of something.
  17. Championship – A competition to determine a champion in a particular field.
  18. Interloop – To loop among or between other structures.
  19. Clampdown – A severe or harsh restriction, especially by authority.
  20. Foresharp – To make sharp or pointed in advance.
  21. Footstomp – A heavy stomp of the foot.
  22. Handicapped – Having a condition that markedly restricts one’s ability to function physically, mentally, or socially..
  23. Overtrump – To trump with a higher trump in a card game.
  24. Photoshop – To edit an image digitally using Photoshop or similar software.
  25. Thumbgrip – A grip or part designed to be held with the thumb.
  26. Airdrop – The delivery of goods or equipment by dropping them from an aircraft.
  27. Whipwhelp – A young and inexperienced person, often energetic or assertive.
  28. Overtrump – To beat a previously played trump card with a higher trump
  29. Scholarship – Academic study or achievement; a grant for a student.

9 Letter Words with “P” in the Middle

9 Letter Words with P in the Middle

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Discover a fascinating aspect of English vocabulary with our comprehensive guide to 9-letter words harboring the letter ‘P’ in the middle. This unique selection caters to writers, educators, and word enthusiasts, offering a deeper dive into the intricacies of the language. These words, embedded with a ‘P’ centrally, are not just lexical entities but keys to unlocking a more engaging and vivid expression in both spoken and written forms. Ideal for enhancing vocabulary in creative writing, academic pursuits, or competitive word games, each word in this list is a testament to the versatility and richness of English. Explore these words to add a distinctive flair to your linguistic repertoire.

  1. Cupboards: A piece of furniture with doors and shelves used for storage.
  2. Empanadas: Pastries or breads stuffed with meat, cheese, or other fillings.
  3. Hospital: An institution providing medical and surgical treatment and nursing care.
  4. Impartial: Treating all rivals or disputants equally; fair and just.
  5. Liposome: A minute spherical sac of phospholipid molecules enclosing a water droplet.
  6. Operatics: Relating to opera; melodramatic.
  7. Outplayed: Surpassing an opponent in a sport or game.
  8. Palpitate: Beat rapidly, strongly, or irregularly.
  9. Rampantly: Spreading unchecked; flourishing or spreading unchecked.
  10. Reptilian: Relating to or characteristic of reptiles.
  11. Respected: Admired deeply, as a result of one’s abilities or achievements.
  12. Sculpture: The art of making two- or three-dimensional representative or abstract forms.
  13. Sculptors: Artists who create sculptures.
  14. Sculpting: Carving or shaping stone, wood, or other materials into art.
  15. Shipboard: On or in a ship.
  16. Shiploads: Large amounts of cargo loaded onto a ship.
  17. Shipmates: Companions on a ship.
  18. Shipments: The action of shipping goods; a quantity of goods shipped.
  19. Shipshape: In good order; neat and tidy.
  20. Slapstick: Comedy based on deliberately clumsy actions and humorously embarrassing events.
  21. Snapshots: Informal photographs, especially taken quickly or with a small handheld camera.
  22. Snappiest: Sharply stylish or smart; quick and energetic.
  23. Snappily: In a brisk, sharp, or lively manner.
  24. Stripling: A young man.
  25. Strippers: Performers who strip, especially in a provocative or erotic manner.
  26. Triplanes: A type of aircraft with three sets of wings.
  27. Triplexes: Buildings divided into three units or apartments.
  28. Whiplash: A neck injury caused by a sudden jerking of the head.
  29. Whipcords: Strong cords or ropes.
  30. Whipstall: A maneuver in aerial acrobatics.

In the world of words, nine-letter words with the letter “P” offer a plethora of possibilities. From captivating puzzles to enriching vocabulary, they stimulate the intellect and imagination alike. These words can be a powerful tool for writers, educators, and word enthusiasts, adding depth and intrigue to their linguistic endeavors. Explore this captivating realm of nine-letter words with “P” and unlock new dimensions of expression today.

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