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9 Letter Words with S

Embark on a linguistic journey with our captivating collection of 9-letter words containing the letter ‘S’. This carefully curated list not only enhances your vocabulary but also adds flair to your everyday language use. From the serenity of ‘Solstice’ to the strategy behind ‘Sculpture’, each word is a gateway to a richer, more expressive form of communication. Ideal for writers, educators, and word enthusiasts, these words offer a delightful blend of complexity and charm, perfect for enriching conversations, writing, and intellectual exploration. Whether for creative writing, academic purposes, or just the joy of discovering new words, this list promises to be a valuable and inspiring resource.

Most Commonly used 9 Letter Words with S - PDF

90+ Most Commonly used 9 Letter Words with “S”

Most Commonly used 9 Letter Words with S

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The English language is replete with a variety of words that cater to different contexts and meanings. Among these are 9-letter words containing the letter “P,” which are commonly used in everyday communication. These words span across various categories including technology, science, medicine, education, and general lifestyle. Understanding and using these words effectively can enhance both written and spoken communication, making it more precise and impactful. Below is a comprehensive table featuring 300 such words, categorized into 6 rows for ease of reference. Each word in this collection is distinct, ensuring a wide range of vocabulary for users including students, educators, and professionals

Analysing Syncopate Yardgoods Yersinias Yuppiness Sponsored
Analystic Syndicate Yardstick Yesterday Solutions Spectacle
Ecosystem Synergies Yardworks Yestreens Strategic Sparingly
Loyalists Synergist Yarmulkes Yieldings Stimulate Specialty
Physicals Syntactic Yataghans Yodelings Sincerely Strangers
Secretary Synthesis Yawmeters Yoghourts Suspicion Sunflower
Sycophant Synthetic Yearbooks Yokemates Scenarios Sweepings
Symbiosis Syntonize Yearliest Yokozunas Secession Swordfish
Symbiotic Systemize Yearlings Youngness Sculpture Secondary
Symbolism Yachtings Yearnings Youngster Substance Stalwarts
Symbolize Yachtmans Yeasayers Youthless Serenades Stridency
Symmetric Yachtmens Yeastiest Ytterbias Scavenger Swiftness
Sympathic Yachtsman Yeastlike Yuletides Safeguard Seafarers
Symphonic Yachtsmen Yellowest Yumminess Satellite Slandered
Synagogue Yardbirds Yellowish Yuppifies Sequencer Strengths

Most Trending 9 Letter Words with “S”

Most Trending 9 Letter Words with S

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In the vast landscape of the English language, certain words capture the zeitgeist of our times. Among these, 9-letter words with the letter ‘S’ stand out for their relevance and frequency in contemporary usage. This list is particularly valuable for educators, students, and language enthusiasts seeking to expand their vocabulary with current and significant terms. Each word is presented with its definition, enhancing understanding and usage.

  1. Stalwarts – Loyal, reliable, and hardworking persons.
  2. Scenarios – Plausible or possible situations.
  3. Symbiosis – Interaction between two different organisms living in close association.
  4. Sculpture – The art of making two- or three-dimensional representative forms.
  5. Serenades – Pieces of music sung or played in the open air.
  6. Soliloquy – An act of speaking one’s thoughts aloud when alone.
  7. Spectacle – A visually striking performance or display.
  8. Sponsored – Supported financially.
  9. Synergies – The interaction or cooperation of two or more agents to produce a combined effect.
  10. Sceptical – Not easily convinced; having doubts or reservations.
  11. Sanctions – Penalties for disobeying a law or rule.
  12. Showpiece – A prime example of something.
  13. Submerged – Beneath the surface of the water.
  14. Struggles – Forceful or violent efforts to get free of restraint.
  15. Sensitize – Cause to respond to certain stimuli.
  16. Sparingly – In a restricted or infrequent manner.
  17. Serenades – Musical performances given to honor someone.
  18. Synthesis – Combination or composition.
  19. Swiftness – The quality of moving quickly.
  20. Symposium – A conference or meeting to discuss a particular subject.
  21. Streamers – Long, narrow flags or pennants.
  22. Strategic – Relating to the identification of long-term goals.
  23. Subsidize – Support financially.
  24. Seductive – Tempting and attractive.
  25. Speculate – Form a theory without firm evidence.
  26. Singulars – Unique or extraordinary things.
  27. Starlight – The light emitted by stars.
  28. Spreading – Extending over a large area.
  29. Scavenger – A person or animal that searches for and collects discarded items.
  30. Soundness – The quality of being based on valid reason or good judgment.

New & Latest Added 9-Letter Words with “S”

New & Latest Added 9-Letter Words with S

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In the ever-evolving landscape of language, new words continually enrich our vocabulary. Today, we delve into the world of nine-letter words that contain the letter ‘S’. This exploration is not only intriguing for those passionate about linguistics but also vital for professionals and digital content creation. Understanding and incorporating these words can enhance the lexical richness of your content, making it more engaging and search engine friendly.

  1. Sundrises – Plural of sunrise, the moments when the sun appears in the morning.
  2. Spacelabs – Laboratories designed for research in outer space environments.
  3. Snowscape – A landscape covered or dominated by snow.
  4. Songsmith – A composer or creator of songs.
  5. Sailcloth – A strong, heavy cloth used for making sails.
  6. Sculpture – The art of creating three-dimensional figures or designs.
  7. Sprinkles – Small particles or droplets scattered or sprayed on a surface.
  8. Spinsters – Older women who have never married (traditional definition).
  9. Syllabubs – Sweetened milk or cream mixed with wine or cider.
  10. Sandblast – A blast of air or steam carrying sand for cleaning or etching surfaces.
  11. Starshine – The shine or light emitted by stars.
  12. Sweatband – A band of absorbent material worn to catch sweat, especially during exercise.
  13. Scarecrow – A figure made to resemble a human, used to scare birds away from crops.
  14. Slickrock – Smooth, weathered rock, often found in desert areas.
  15. Sandalier – A type of light, open shoe, often used in warmer climates.
  16. Subskills – Specific, less prominent abilities that contribute to a larger skill set.
  17. Sunblocks – Substances or materials that block or reduce sun exposure.
  18. Spheroids – Objects shaped like a sphere or nearly spherical.
  19. Soundless – Completely quiet; without sound.
  20. Sapodilla – A tropical fruit with a sweet, grainy texture.
  21. Scarehead – A sensational or alarming headline in a newspaper.
  22. Scoliosis – A medical condition where the spine curves sideways.
  23. Scrubland – Land covered with small trees and shrubs.
  24. Shovelnose – A type of fish or shark with a flattened, shovel-like snout.
  25. Sulphates – Salts or esters of sulphuric acid.
  26. Shoelaces – Cords or strings used for fastening shoes.
  27. Snowdrift – A large mass of snow piled up by the wind.
  28. Swordplay – The skill or art of using a sword, especially in fencing.
  29. Shipshape – Neat, tidy, and well-organized.
  30. Spymaster – A person who directs a network of spies or espionage activities.

Noun 9 Letter Words with “S”

Noun 9 Letter Words with S

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Exploring the English language reveals a rich tapestry of words, each with its unique meaning and usage. Among these are nine-letter nouns containing the letter ‘S’, offering a diverse range of vocabulary for writers, educators, and students alike. These words are not only pivotal for enhancing vocabulary but also crucial for various academic and creative writing tasks. Understanding these words can significantly improve language skills and enrich one’s expression in both spoken and written English.

  1. Backstage – Area behind the scenes in a theater.
  2. Bassoonist – A person who plays the bassoon.
  3. Brainstem – The central trunk of the mammalian brain.
  4. Capsulate – Enclosed in a capsule.
  5. Classmate – A fellow member of a class at school or college.
  6. Crosstown – Extending or moving across a town or city.
  7. Draftsmen – People who prepare technical drawings.
  8. Frostbite – Injury to body tissues caused by extreme cold.
  9. Glassware – Objects made from glass, especially for use in the home.
  10. Horseplay – Rough or boisterous play.
  11. Insulated – Protected by insulating material.
  12. Jailhouse – A building used for the confinement of prisoners.
  13. Kingsnake – A species of nonvenomous snake.
  14. Landslide – The sliding down of a mass of earth or rock.
  15. Misreport – An inaccurate or false report.
  16. Newsstand – A small booth selling newspapers and magazines.
  17. Obstinate – Stubbornly refusing to change one’s opinion.
  18. Pantsuits – Suits consisting of pants and a matching or coordinating jacket.
  19. Quicksand – Loose, wet sand that yields easily to pressure.
  20. Rhinestones – Imitation diamonds made from rock crystal or glass.
  21. Songsters – People who sing, especially professionally.
  22. Spearfish – Any of several large, slender, marine fishes.
  23. Tapestry – A piece of thick textile fabric with pictures or designs.
  24. Treasurer – A person appointed to manage or look after funds.
  25. Umbrellas – Devices for protection against rain.
  26. Vocalists – Singers, especially those who sing popular music.
  27. Washbasin – A basin for washing, especially one fixed to a wall.
  28. Xenoliths – A piece of rock within another rock.
  29. Yearbooks – Annual publications with information about events.
  30. Zealously – With great energy or enthusiasm in pursuit of a cause.

Adverb 9 Letter Words with “S”

Adverb 9 Letter Words with S

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In the realm of language, adverbs play a crucial role in modifying verbs, adjectives, or other adverbs, often adding depth and nuance to a sentence. Specifically, 9-letter adverbs that contain the letter ‘S’ are a unique subset, offering a rich array of words to enhance both written and spoken English. These adverbs can transform a simple statement into a more vivid and precise expression. For individuals keen on expanding their vocabulary, understanding these adverbs is invaluable. They are particularly useful in creative writing, academic contexts, and even in everyday conversation, providing a way to convey thoughts with greater clarity and style.

  1. Assuredly: Without any doubt; certainly.
  2. Blissfully: In a state of extreme happiness.
  3. Decisively: In a manner that shows firmness or determination.
  4. Desperately: In a way that shows despair.
  5. Endlessly: In an infinite or unlimited way; perpetually.
  6. Hopelessly: In a manner without hope.
  7. Joylessly: Without joy or happiness.
  8. Lawlessly: In a manner contrary to the law.
  9. Nervously: With anxiety or apprehension.
  10. Ruthlessly: Without pity or compassion.
  11. Solemnly: In a serious and dignified manner.
  12. Suddenly: Quickly and unexpectedly

Adjective 9 Letter Words with “S”

Adjective 9 Letter Words with S

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Adjectives are the spice of language, adding flavor to our sentences. They describe, modify, and bring life to nouns, often creating vivid imagery or conveying specific emotions. In this exploration, we focus on 9-letter adjectives starting with ‘S’. These words are not only useful for enriching your vocabulary but are also valuable for various writing purposes, from academic essays to creative writing.

  1. Saliently: Prominently or conspicuously.
  2. Scorching: Extremely hot or intense.
  3. Screaming: Making a loud, high-pitched sound.
  4. Secondary: Coming after, less important than, or resulting from someone or something else that is primary.
  5. Secreting: Producing and discharging a substance.
  6. Seductive: Tempting and attractive.
  7. Sensitive: Quick to detect or respond to slight changes, signals, or influences.
  8. Sequester: Isolate or hide away.
  9. Sequinned: Decorated with small, shiny discs sewn onto clothing for decoration.
  10. Seraphic: Characteristic of or resembling a seraph or seraphim; angelic.
  11. Servilely: Having or showing an excessive willingness to serve or please others.
  12. Shrinking: Becoming smaller in size or amount.
  13. Signaling: Used as a signal or indication.
  14. Sinistral: Left-handed or on the left side.
  15. Situating: Fix or build (something) in a certain place or position.
  16. Skeptical: Not easily convinced; having doubts or reservations.
  17. Slavering: Drooling or slobbering.
  18. Sleepless: Suffering from or affected by sleeplessness; insomniac.

Phrasal Verbs with 9 Letter Words with “S”

Phrasal Verbs with 9 Letter Words Starting with S

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Phrasal verbs are an integral part of mastering the English language. They consist of a verb and a preposition or adverb that modifies or changes the meaning of the verb. For educators, students, and language learners, understanding these unique combinations can significantly enhance fluency and comprehension. This article focuses on phrasal verbs that involve 9-letter words starting with ‘S’, offering an insightful look into this specific category.

  1. Scrambled: “Scrambled up” – to climb or move quickly.
  2. Scrubbing: “Scrubbing out” – to remove by hard cleaning.
  3. Squashing: “Squashing down” – to press or flatten.
  4. Showering: “Showering off” – to wash oneself under a shower.
  5. Sprinkled: “Sprinkled on” – to scatter small drops or particles.
  6. Splotched: “Splotched on” – to mark with irregular spots.
  7. Smoulders: “Smoulders out” – to burn slowly without flame.
  8. Splinters: “Splinters off” – to break into small sharp pieces.
  9. Squelches: “Squelches in” – to suppress or silence.
  10. Scrounges: “Scrounges for” – to gather by scavenging.
  11. Scribbled: “Scribbled down” – to write hurriedly and carelessly.
  12. Sprouting: “Sprouting up” – to begin to grow.
  13. Squinting: “Squinting at” – to look with eyes partly closed.
  14. Squeezing: “Squeezing out” – to extract by applying pressure.
  15. Shimmered: “Shimmered in” – to shine with a wavering light.
  16. Sputtered: “Sputtered out” – to make a series of explosive noises.
  17. Strapping: “Strapping on” – to fasten or secure.
  18. Scattered: “Scattered around” – to throw in various random directions.
  19. Splashing: “Splashing out” – to spend money freely.
  20. Starlight: “Starlight in” – to illuminate with starlight.
  21. Sightless: “Sightless in” – to lack sight.
  22. Scramming: “Scramming from” – to leave or go away quickly.
  23. Splotting: “Splotting on” – to cover with splotches.
  24. Strangled: “Strangled off” – to stop by squeezing or obstructing the throat.
  25. Squeaking: “Squeaking out” – to make a short, high-pitched sound.
  26. Squiggled: “Squiggled on” – to write or draw with irregular, wavy lines.
  27. Scrounged: “Scrounged up” – to obtain by scavenging or begging.
  28. Squawking: “Squawking at” – to make a loud, harsh noise.
  29. Squirming: “Squirming under” – to wriggle or twist the body.
  30. Scramming: “Scramming away” – to leave or escape hurriedly.

Describing 9 Letter Words Starting with “S”

Describing 9 Letter Words Starting with S

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Exploring the English language reveals a plethora of intriguing and useful words, particularly those that are nine letters long and begin with the letter ‘S’. These words not only enhance vocabulary but also improve linguistic skills. In this article, we’ll delve into a selection of 30 nine-letter words starting with S, each accompanied by its definition. These words range from everyday terms to more complex ones, broadening your understanding and application in various contexts.

1. Safeguard – To protect or shield from harm or danger.
2. Scarcity – The state of being scarce or in short supply.
3. Schooled – Educated or trained in a particular field.
4. Scramble – To move or climb hurriedly, especially over rough terrain.
5. Sculptor – An artist who creates sculptures.
6. Seafarer – A person who regularly travels by sea.
7. Seclusion – The state of being private and away from others.
8. Secreting – Producing and releasing a substance from a cell or gland.
9. Seduction – The act of enticing someone into a desired behavior.
10. Semantic – Relating to meaning in language or logic.
11. Sentinel – A soldier or guard whose job is to stand and keep watch.
12. Serenade – A piece of music sung or played in the open air.
13. Shoelace – A cord or string for fastening shoes.
14. Shrinker – Someone or something that shrinks or becomes smaller.
15. Silicone – A durable synthetic resin used in adhesives, sealants, and medical applications.
16. Simplify – To make something easier to do or understand.
17. Singular – Unique, particularly in being the only one of its kind.
18. Smuggler – A person who moves goods illegally into or out of a country.
19. Snowfall – The amount of snow falling in a specific time or place.
20. Solitude – The state or situation of being alone.
21. Spectral – Relating to or resembling a ghost.
22. Spinstar – A fictional or hypothetical star that spins rapidly.
23. Splendor – Magnificent and splendid appearance; grandeur.
24. Sprinkle – To scatter or distribute in small drops or particles.
25. Squadron – A principal division of an armed force in the air or at sea.
26. Squander – To waste something in a reckless or foolish manner.
27. Stagnant – Showing no activity; dull and sluggish.
28. Standout – Exceptionally good or prominent.
29. Starling – A common bird with dark, iridescent plumage.
30. Stricken – Seriously affected by an undesirable condition or unpleasant feeling.

Positive 9-Letter Words with “S”

Positive 9-Letter Words with S

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In the realm of language, words are not just mere symbols; they are powerful tools that shape our thoughts, communications, and perceptions. Among these, 9-letter words hold a special place, offering a balance of complexity and accessibility. Particularly, 9-letter words containing the letter ‘S’ are versatile and often convey positive meanings. Enhancing your vocabulary with these words can significantly improve your communication skills, be it in writing or speaking. For NLP (Natural Language Processing) enthusiasts, incorporating such words can add a new dimension to text analysis and generation.

  1. Assurance: A positive declaration intended to give confidence.
  2. Sunshine: Direct sunlight; brightness or cheerfulness.
  3. Serenades: Music played in the open air, typically at night.
  4. Stalwarts: Loyal, reliable, and hard-working individuals.
  5. Sculpture: The art of making figures or designs in relief.
  6. Skillsets: A particular range of skills or abilities.
  7. Stimulate: To rouse to action or effort.
  8. Strategic: Relating to the identification of long-term goals.
  9. Safeguard: To protect or shield from harm or danger.
  10. Starlight: The light emitted by stars.
  11. Substance: The quality of being important, valid, or significant.
  12. Steadfast: Firmly fixed in place or position.
  13. Symphonic: Relating to an orchestra or symphony.
  14. Speculate: To engage in thought or reflection.
  15. Sensitize: To make sensitive or more sensitive.
  16. Songbirds: Birds known for their musical calls.
  17. Sublimity: The quality of being sublime.
  18. Sovereign: Possessing supreme or ultimate power.
  19. Sustained: Continuing for an extended period.
  20. Sweetness: The quality of being sweet.
  21. Sculptors: Artists who create sculptures.
  22. Solaceful: Providing comfort in sorrow or distress.
  23. Spacious: Having ample space.
  24. Stimulant: Something that raises levels of physiological activity.
  25. Serenades: A performance of vocal or instrumental music in the open air at night, especially by a suitor under the window of his beloved.
  26. Spirited: Full of energy, enthusiasm, and determination.
  27. Shimmered: Shine with a soft tremulous light.
  28. Streamers: Long, narrow flags or pennants.
  29. Silentium: A state of being silent or a request for silence.
  30. Seamstress: A woman who sews, especially one who makes her living by sewing.

SAT 9 Letter Words with “S”

SAT 9 Letter Words with S

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Preparing for the SAT requires a robust vocabulary. Mastering 9-letter words can be particularly challenging yet rewarding. These words often appear in SAT reading passages and writing prompts. Enhancing your vocabulary with these words not only prepares you for the SAT but also boosts your overall language skills. Here’s a curated list of 30 SAT-level 9-letter words, each starting with ‘S’, complete with definitions to aid your learning.

  1. Scrupulous – Having moral integrity; acting in strict regard for what is considered right or proper.
  2. Sculptural – Relating to or resembling sculpture.
  3. Secondary – Coming after, less important than, or resulting from someone or something else that is primary.
  4. Secretary – An official in charge of a department of government.
  5. Sedentary – Doing or requiring much sitting; not physically active.
  6. Sensation – A state of widespread public excitement and interest.
  7. Sentiment – An attitude, thought, or judgment prompted by feeling.
  8. Sequester – To set apart; segregate.
  9. Sequential – Forming or following in a logical order or sequence.
  10. Serenading – Entertaining with a performance of vocal or instrumental music.
  11. Serpentine – Resembling a serpent in form or movement; winding.
  12. Shattering – Very shocking and upsetting.
  13. Shepherded – Guided or directed in a particular direction.
  14. Shortening – Making something shorter in duration or length.
  15. Signatory – A party that has signed an agreement, especially a country that has signed a treaty.
  16. Silhouette – An outline of a solid object (as cast by its shadow).
  17. Simplified – Made less complex or complicated; clarified.
  18. Sincerity – The quality of being free from pretense, deceit, or hypocrisy.
  19. Situating – Placing someone or something in a particular context.
  20. Slumbering – Sleeping or inactive.
  21. Smoldering – Burning slowly with smoke but no flame.
  22. Snickering – Laughing in a half-suppressed, indecorous or disrespectful manner.
  23. Solitaire – A gem (such as a diamond) set alone.
  24. Solvently – Having assets in excess of liabilities; able to pay one’s debts.
  25. Somnolent – Sleepy, drowsy.
  26. Sonorously – Producing sound (especially deep and resonant sound); rich and full.
  27. Specified – Clearly stated or identified.
  28. Sponsoring – Providing support for an event, activity, person, or organization financially or through the provision of products or services.
  29. Sprawling – Spreading out over a large area in an untidy or irregular way.

Perspectives on 9-Letter Words with “S”

Perspectives on 9-Letter Words with S

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Exploring the diverse world of 9-letter words containing ‘S’ offers a fascinating insight into language and its intricate structures. This article aims to delve into the nuances and meanings of such words, enhancing vocabulary and understanding. Focusing exclusively on 9-letter words with ‘S’, we provide a list that is not only but also rich in keywords and presented in an instructive tone. These words, often used in various contexts, from academic writings to everyday conversations, reflect the versatility and depth of the English language. Understanding their meanings and usage can significantly enhance your linguistic skills and enrich your verbal and written expressions. Let’s explore these words, each presented with its definition, to broaden our linguistic horizons and appreciate the complexity and beauty of language.

  1. Assurance – A positive declaration intended to give confidence; a promise.
  2. Substrate – An underlying substance or layer.
  3. Syllables – Units of organization for a sequence of speech sounds.
  4. Sedentary – Tending to spend much time seated; somewhat inactive.
  5. Sculpture – The art of making two- or three-dimensional representative or abstract forms.
  6. Spectrum – A band of colors, as seen in a rainbow, produced by separation of the components of light.
  7. Sprinter – An athlete who runs short distances at top speed.
  8. Seclusion – The state of being private and away from other people.
  9. Shrinkage – The process, fact, or amount of shrinking.
  10. Spaghetti – Pasta made in long, slender, solid strings.
  11. Sincerity – The quality of being free from pretense, deceit, or hypocrisy.
  12. Surcharge – An additional charge or payment.
  13. Sunflower – A tall North American plant of the daisy family.
  14. Shoemaker – A person who makes shoes for a living.
  15. Swordfish – A large, predatory fish known for its long, sharp bill.
  16. Solitaire – Any of various card games played by one person.
  17. Syllabify – To divide (a word) into syllables.
  18. Suspender – A strap that passes over the shoulder and supports trousers or a skirt.
  19. Staleness – The quality of being stale and not fresh.
  20. Sluggards – Slow-moving, lazy people.
  21. Softwares – The programs and other operating information used by a computer.
  22. Strangely – In a way that is surprising or difficult to understand.
  23. Scavenger – An animal or person that scavenges.
  24. Smoothies – Thick, smooth drinks made from blended fruits or vegetables.
  25. Strangest – Most unusual or peculiar.
  26. Sailboats – Boats propelled partly or entirely by sails.
  27. Speculate – Form a theory or conjecture about a subject without firm evidence.
  28. Survivors – People who survive, especially a disaster or great misfortune.
  29. Sparingly – In a restricted or infrequent manner; in small quantities.
  30. Synagogue – The building where a Jewish assembly or congregation meets for religious worship and instruction.

9 Letter Words that End with “S”

9 Letter Words that End with “S” (1)

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Discovering 9 letter words that conclude with the letter “S” can be a fascinating challenge for language enthusiasts, crossword puzzle solvers, and writers seeking to expand their vocabulary. These words are not just linguistic curiosities; they are versatile tools in the English language, suitable for various contexts. This list provides a diverse range of such words, each with its unique meaning, enriching your word arsenal for creative writing, academic purposes, or even competitive word games.

  1. Albatross: A large seabird known for its long wingspan.
  2. Alchemist: A person who practices alchemy, a form of chemistry and speculative philosophy.
  3. Ampleness: The quality of being large or sufficient in size, capacity, or amount.
  4. Analogous: Similar in some way, allowing for a comparison.
  5. Ancestors: Individuals from whom one is descended.
  6. Animators: People who create animated sequences, especially in films and videos.
  7. Antivirus: Software designed to detect and destroy computer viruses.
  8. Applauses: Expressions of approval and commendation, typically in the form of clapping hands.
  9. Assignees: Individuals to whom rights or property are legally transferred.
  10. Awareness: The state of being conscious or knowledgeable about something.
  11. Bachelors: Unmarried men; also, a degree awarded by a college or university.
  12. Blissfuls: Full of, marked by, or causing complete happiness.
  13. Cellulose: A complex carbohydrate that forms the main constituent of plant cell walls.
  14. Chainless: Free from chains or restraints.
  15. Cherished: Beloved; treated with affection and tenderness.
  16. Clueless: Lacking understanding or knowledge.
  17. Colorless: Lacking color; not vivid or vibrant.
  18. Conquests: The act of conquering or the state of being conquered.
  19. Crossings: Places where two things intersect, especially roads or paths.
  20. Delicious: Highly pleasant to the taste.
  21. Diagnoses: Identifications of the nature of an illness or other problem by examination of the symptoms.
  22. Disasters: Sudden events causing great damage, loss, or distress.
  23. Elegances: The quality of being graceful and stylish in appearance or manner.

This curated list of 9 letter words ending with “S” offers a unique blend of vocabulary, suitable for various applications. From creative writing to academic research, these words add depth and precision. Their diversity and richness enhance linguistic expression, making them invaluable tools for anyone passionate about the English language and its intricacies.

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