Appraise vs Apprise

Last Updated: April 26, 2024

Appraise vs Apprise

In English, there are numerous pairs of words that cause confusion, but with a bit of attention, most can be easily distinguished. Take for instance “appraise” and “apprise.” While they sound similar, they have distinct meanings. “Appraise” means to evaluate the value of something, while “apprise” means to inform someone about something. Often, people aren’t aware of “apprise,” which leads to confusion. Lets clear the confusion!

Appraise vs Apprise – Meanings

  • Appraise” is a verb that means to assess or evaluate the value, quality, or nature of something. It is often used with an object, as in “She appraised the antique vase before purchasing it.” The past tense of “appraise” is “appraised,” and the present participle is “appraising.”
  • Apprise,” also a verb, means to inform or notify someone about something. Like “appraise,” it is typically used with an object, as in “He apprised the team of the new project deadline.” The past tense of “apprise” is “apprised,” and the present participle is “apprising.”


Appraise” is about evaluating or assessing something to determine its value or quality. It’s like judging or examining something closely to understand its worth, such as appraising a piece of jewelry to determine its value. “Apprise,” on the other hand, is about informing or notifying someone about something. It’s like giving someone a heads-up or updating them about a situation, such as apprising your friend of a change in plans.

How to Pronounce Appraise and Apprise

  • Appraise: Pronounced as /əˈpreɪz/ (uh-prayz).
  • Apprise: Pronounced as /əˈpraɪz/ (uh-prize).

Differences between Appraise and Apprise

Aspect Appraise Apprise
Part of Speech Verb Verb
Meaning Assessing value or worth Informing or notifying
Evaluation Judging quality or significance Providing information or updates
Usage Formal assessment Informal notification
Context Monetary value, performance, etc. Situational awareness, updates
Examples Appraising a property’s value Apprising someone of recent developments

How to Remember the Difference

To distinguish between “appraise” and “apprise,” consider their meanings and functions:

  • Think of “Appraise” as assessing the value or worth of something, like appraising a house before buying it. The word “praise” is embedded in “appraise,” so you can associate it with evaluating or praising something’s value.
  • Remember “Apprise” with the phrase “keeping someone in the loop.” “Apprise” means to inform or notify someone about something. You can think of it as keeping someone apprised of a situation.

How to Use Appraise and Apprise

Appraise vs Apprise usage

 Appraise Usage

  • It is commonly used in contexts related to assessing the monetary value of property, goods, or assets. For example, a real estate agent might appraise a house before listing it for sale.
  • It can also be used more broadly to indicate assessing the quality or performance of something. For instance, a manager might appraise the performance of an employee during an annual review.

 Apprise Usage

  • It is used when you want to let someone know about a particular situation, development, or piece of information. For example, “Please apprise the team of the changes to the project schedule.”
  • It implies giving someone updates or keeping them informed about a matter they need to be aware of. You might apprise a colleague of new policies or apprise a friend of your travel plans.

What About ‘Apprize’?

The word “apprize” is a less common variant of the more widely used term “apprise“. The primary difference between “apprise” and “apprize” lies in their usage and regional preferences. Both words essentially mean the same thing: to inform or notify someone. However, “apprise” is more commonly used in American English, while “apprize” tends to be more prevalent in British English and other Commonwealth countries.

Examples – Appraise and Apprise

Appraise vs Apprise examples

Appraise Examples

  • The real estate agent will appraise the house before listing it on the market.
  • The art appraiser carefully examined the painting to determine its authenticity and value.
  • It’s essential to appraise the performance of employees regularly to ensure productivity and growth.
  • The jeweler appraised the diamond ring and gave an estimate of its worth.
  • Before purchasing the antique car, the buyer asked a mechanic to appraise its condition.

Apprise Examples

  • Please apprise the team of the changes in the project timeline.
  • The embassy staff will apprise citizens of the travel advisory issued for the region.
  • As soon as I receive more information, I will apprise you of the situation.
  • The teacher apprised the students of the upcoming exam and its format.
  • The manager apprised the employees of the new company policies during the staff meeting.


Verb Synonyms
Appraise Evaluate, assess, judge, estimate
Apprise Inform, notify, update, brief


  1. She asked the real estate agent to _____ the value of her property.
  2. Could you please _____ me of any updates regarding the meeting?
  3. The manager will _____ the team’s performance during the quarterly review.
  4. He needed to _____ his family about the change in plans for the weekend.
  5. It’s crucial to _____ the situation carefully before making a decision.


  1. appraise
  2. apprise
  3. appraise
  4. apprise
  5. appraise.


What is the difference between appraise and apprise?

Appraise assesses value or quality, while apprise informs or notifies someone.

What is the difference between appraise and praise?

Appraise evaluates worth, while praise expresses admiration or approval.

Is it “keep someone apprised” or “appraised”?

It’s “keep someone apprised” to mean keeping them informed, not “appraised,” which refers to assessing value or quality.

Does appraise mean inform?

No, appraise means to assess value or quality, while inform is to give knowledge or updates.

How do you use apprise in a sentence?

“Please apprise me of any changes to the schedule.”

How can I use appraise in a sentence?

“I need to appraise this antique before selling it.”

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