Commonly Used Prepositions

Last Updated: May 22, 2024

Commonly Used Prepositions

Have you ever imagined not being able to understand a sentence just because it feels incomplete? Well, you might be missing something important. Prepositional phrases are used to link the nouns, pronouns and any other words in a sentence to make it complete. Basically, it will tell you when and where something is related to something.

Learning prepositions is actually fun most especially when it’s your first time to encounter these words. It will also add some new words to your vocabulary so that the next time you write an essay, you will not keep on repeating same words over again.


Prepositions are usually added before the nouns or pronouns to show the link between words and it can also be interchanged sometimes. Just like any other words, preposition will simply tell you where is the caterpillar crawling in an apple. Learn more about prepositions with the list that we prepare for you.


This is a common word used to describe that something is on top of another or it could also mean something is at a higher level compared to the other one. Look closely at the example sentences below:

  1. Jeremy was the one who gave me the painting that’s hanging above my fireplace.
  2. I placed the apple above the container.

It means that the painting is hanging on top of my fireplace, and it was Jeremy who gave it. Above was used to locate the position of the painting in the fireplace.


Just like above, below is used to describe something that is in lower level than other things or of things that are extending underneath. See the examples how below is used in a sentence.

  1. There are a lot of beautiful flowers below the bridge.

2. Nathalie found a lot of gifts below the Christmas tree.

The sample sentence is simply pointing out that there are beautiful flowers down the bridge. Below was used to determine the position of the beautiful flowers.

With Respect to

Not like above and below, the proposition with respect to is not used to determine a location but rather to mean as a reference to or as regards to something. This is usually used in a sentence to know what are the similarities and differences of the particular subject to each other. Refer to the example below to further understand what with respect to means.

  1. Professors often have little choices with respect to how they will extend their patients to their students.

With Respect to

       2. With respect to anonymity, the sources we got from her is actually of no help.

In the sentence above, with respect to is used to link the professor and on how they will treat their students. As you can notice, prepositions are not only used to determine when and where to locate things but also to link two ideas into one.

Instead of

Instead of means as an alternative or substitute to something that is referred in the sentence. Most of the times, it is used to link ideas in a sentence to complete its thought. It is also synonymous with as a replacement for, in place of, and in lieu of. Here is an example of how we can use instead of in a sentence.

  1. I promised myself to think positively instead of worrying things.

         2. Ron will just walk going to the mall instead of booking a ride to save money.

As you can notice, instead of is used to substitute negative thoughts with positive ones. This proposition is not that difficult to use most especially when you want to form a sentence by the use of substitutes.


This is one of the prepositions that can be used indifferent ways. Most of the times it is used as a determinant where something is placed, its also used to choose among two options or to separate two points at a time. Three different samples are shown below on how between can used in different ways.

  1. My brother has to choose between ice cream and pizza since he can’t have both.
  2. Janice placed her apple between the mug and pitcher.
  3. I decided to take my snacks in between meals.


In the first sentence, between is used to choose among two options which is ice cream and pizza. Another way of using between in a sentence is determining where the apple is placed and as indicated in the sentence, it was placed in between the mug and the pitcher. Lastly, between can be used to separate two points or happenings at a time. For example, in the sentence given, it was stated that we decided to have our snacks after every meal.


Outside means the external surface of something or situated on the external surface of a place. Basically, it is used as determinant where something can be found or where something is placed. Here are some examples how outside can be used in a sentence.

  1. My mother asked me to hang the clothes outside our house to expose it to sunlight.

        2. During holiday seasons such as Christmas, parties are always present outside our compound.

Basically, outside here is used to determine where my mother asked me to place the clothes.


This preposition means something is concerning to a certain thing or it is in relation to something. Look at the sample below to see how you can use regarding in a sentence.

  1. I want to confirm something regarding the letter you left on my table.
  2. My supervisor would like to talk to me regarding the tasks she asked me to do.


As you can see, regarding in the sample sentence is used to note that I want to talk to you about the letter you gave me. You can also use regarding when you want to explain the importance of a certain act.

Because of

Because of means on account of or by reason of. This preposition will help you explain why something happened in a certain period of time. Below are some samples of how because of can be used in a sentence.

  1. John was not able to attend his class because of high fever.
  2. I got sick yesterday because of unpredictable weather.

With the sample given, because of was used to explain why John was not able to attend his class.


This preposition means in addition to or apart from. Most of the times, besides can also be used as other than or except. See sample sentences below on how besides is used in different ways.

  1. No one dared to jump the cliff besides Monna and Andrea.
  2. Besides her mother, she has siblings to support.


As you can notice, besides an be used at the start of the sentence or at the middle as long as you can use it properly.


Not like above and below, under is not just used to determine the location of soathing, it can also be used in different forms. Most of the times, it could mean to a lower place of something, guided or managed by and it could also mean something is controlled by someone. See the sample below on how under can be used in a sentence.

  1. Andrew placed the book under the table in the living room.


       2. Maria ad Sophia are both under the same team in the game.

       3. That hotel and the restaurant is just under the same owner.

With the given samples above, it is shown that under can be used to tell where an object is located, who controls a certain business or in which something belongs to.


Among is usually used to talk about the opinions, feelings or ideas of a group of people. It can also be used to mean in a presence of a group of people or in the midst of something. Let us refer to the sample sentences below to give us a hint how to use among in statements examples.

  1. Among other positions, she was elected a the president of their class.
  2. The Gonzaga sisters usually quarrel among themselves.
  3. That beautiful hut I saw was hidden among the trees.

Wooden Cottage

Among can definitely be used in different ways depending on what you want to mean in your sentence.


After is used to describe a time following specific minutes or hours or it can also be used to determine that something happened because of something. Below are some samples sentences to guide you on how to use after in a sentence.

  1. I usually take my lunch 30 minutes after 12 noon so I can eat with my friends.
  2. Raniere Doll has a unique nickname which is named after his grandfather.
  3. During the competition, we were cheering Amanda to go after gold and bring home the bacon.

The examples above show that after, just like other prepositions can also be used in different ways depending on how you want to mean in it a sentence. You can use it to determine that a police officer is after a robber or you can also mean that

We may not be that familiar with prepositions but its importance in completing a sentence is actually very necessary. Imagine asking your brother to get your bag without telling him where it is placed or meeting your friends without knowing what time you will meet. Every part of a sentence is very important as it will help you understand what that statement means and prepositions are one of those. Going back to basic is not that bad after all.

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