Strategic Internal Communications Plan


This plan outlines a strategic approach to improving internal communications within an organization. It is designed to be straightforward, comprehensive, and ready for implementation.

1. Objectives

2. Key Messages

3. Target Audiences

4. Communication Channels

Channel Purpose Frequency
Company Newsletter General updates, achievements Monthly
Intranet Announcements Immediate updates, alerts As needed
Email Communications Detailed information, follow-ups Weekly/Bi-weekly
Town Hall Meetings Company-wide discussions, Q&A Quarterly
Department Meetings Specific updates, team building Monthly

5. Communication Calendar

Month Theme/Topic Channel Responsible
January Yearly Goals and Objectives Town Hall, Email Leadership
February Project Updates Newsletter, Intranet Project Managers
March Employee Recognition Email, Department Meetings HR
December Year-End Review Town Hall, Newsletter Leadership

6. Feedback and Evaluation

This plan ensures that all levels of the organization are informed, engaged, and aligned with the company’s goals and values. The use of various channels and a structured calendar aids in delivering consistent and relevant information. Regular feedback mechanisms ensure that the communication strategy remains effective and responsive to employee needs.

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