Top Crisis Communication Firms

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Top Crisis Communication Firms

Top Crisis Communication FirmsΒ play a pivotal role in guiding organizations through turbulent times. These firms specialize in crafting strategic communications that help businesses navigate crises effectively. They offer expertise in managing public perception, mitigating reputational damage, and communicating with stakeholders during critical situations. This article explores the leading firms in the field ofΒ Crisis Communication, highlighting their importance in today’s fast-paced, high-stakes business environment.

30 Top Crisis Communication Companies/Firms List

Top Crisis Communication Firms List

In the dynamic landscape of Crisis Communication, several firms stand out for their expertise, innovation, and proven track records. These top companies specialize in guiding organizations through crisis scenarios with strategic communication plans, reputation management, and effective stakeholder engagement. Here are 10 examples from the list of 30 leading crisis communication firms, each showcasing their unique approach and expertise in the field.


  • A global leader in public relations and marketing, known for its comprehensive crisis management services.
  • “Edelman’s strategy in crisis communication focuses on rapid response and maintaining public trust.”

Weber Shandwick:

  • Renowned for its integrated approach to communications, Weber Shandwick excels in crisis and reputation management.
  • “Weber Shandwick combines digital, social, and traditional media to manage crises effectively.”


  • Offers tailored crisis communication strategies, focusing on protecting brand reputation and stakeholder relationships.
  • “FleishmanHillard’s crisis communication expertise lies in preemptive planning and real-time response.”


  • This firm stands out for its ability to blend data analytics with human insights in crisis situations.
  • “Ketchum leverages data-driven insights to craft effective crisis communication narratives.”

Burson Cohn & Wolfe (BCW):

  • BCW excels in crisis communication with a focus on innovative and integrated solutions.
  • “BCW’s approach to crisis communication involves innovative strategies to safeguard reputation.”

Hill+Knowlton Strategies:

  • Known for its global reach and expertise in high-stakes crisis management.
  • “Hill+Knowlton Strategies specializes in handling complex crisis situations with global implications.”

Ogilvy Public Relations:

  • Ogilvy’s strength lies in creative and impactful communication strategies during crises.
  • “Ogilvy Public Relations uses creative storytelling to navigate through crisis communication challenges.”

Brunswick Group:

  • A leader in critical issues and corporate relations, Brunswick excels in strategic advisory during crises.
  • “Brunswick Group’s crisis communication focuses on strategic advisory and stakeholder engagement.”

FTI Consulting:

  • Specializes in helping businesses manage crises through strategic communications and public affairs.
  • “FTI Consulting provides comprehensive solutions for crisis management and communication.”

Porter Novelli:

  • This firm is known for its purpose-driven approach and effective crisis communication strategies.
  • “Porter Novelli emphasizes purpose-driven communication to manage and mitigate crises.”


  • Golin stands out for its innovative “g4” model, which offers specialized crisis communication services.
  • “Golin’s unique approach in crisis communication involves real-time monitoring and strategic response.”

Ruder Finn:

  • Renowned for its expertise in healthcare and technology sectors, Ruder Finn offers tailored crisis communication solutions.
  • “Ruder Finn’s strength in crisis communication lies in its sector-specific expertise and strategic counsel.”


  • Teneo provides holistic crisis management services, blending public relations, political risk, and strategic communications.
  • “Teneo’s comprehensive crisis communication approach combines media relations and stakeholder management.”

APCO Worldwide:

  • Known for its global perspective, APCO Worldwide excels in handling complex crisis situations across various sectors.
  • “APCO Worldwide’s global expertise ensures effective crisis communication in diverse cultural contexts.”


  • MWWPR focuses on data-driven crisis communication strategies, offering robust analytics and insights.
  • “MWWPR utilizes data analytics to craft targeted crisis communication strategies.”

Sard Verbinnen & Co:

  • Specializes in crisis communication for financial transactions and other sensitive corporate situations.
  • “Sard Verbinnen & Co’s expertise lies in managing crisis communication for high-stakes financial scenarios.”

ICF Next:

  • Known for its end-to-end communication solutions, ICF Next excels in both digital and traditional crisis management.
  • “ICF Next provides integrated crisis communication solutions across digital and traditional platforms.”


  • Levick offers strategic communication services, particularly excelling in legal and political crisis scenarios.
  • “Levick’s approach to crisis communication is heavily informed by legal and political expertise.”


  • DKC’s innovative strategies in digital and social media set it apart in crisis communication.
  • “DKC leverages digital and social media platforms for effective crisis communication outreach.”


  • Recognized for its creative and strategic approaches, Allison+Partners delivers effective crisis communication across various industries.
  • “Allison+Partners combines creativity with strategic thinking in crisis communication.”

Waggener Edstrom (WE) Communications:

  • WE Communications is known for its strong technology sector focus and innovative crisis communication strategies.
  • “WE Communications excels in tech-focused crisis communication, offering cutting-edge digital solutions.”

Spectrum Science:

  • Specializing in healthcare, Spectrum Science delivers expert crisis communication in the highly sensitive health sector.
  • “Spectrum Science’s crisis communication expertise shines in the healthcare industry, addressing complex challenges.”


  • Padilla offers integrated communication solutions, excelling in consumer, health, and technology crisis management.
  • “Padilla’s strength in crisis communication lies in its integrated approach across diverse sectors.”

Finn Partners:

  • Known for its collaborative approach, Finn Partners excels in crisis communication across a range of industries.
  • “Finn Partners’ collaborative strategy in crisis communication ensures multi-faceted solutions.”

Zeno Group:

  • Zeno Group stands out for its bold and unconventional approaches to crisis communication and public relations.
  • “Zeno Group’s unconventional tactics in crisis communication bring fresh perspectives to challenging situations.”

Hunter Public Relations:

  • Specializing in consumer products, Hunter Public Relations offers expert crisis communication in consumer relations and marketing.
  • “Hunter Public Relations blends consumer insights with strategic crisis communication in the consumer sector.”

5W Public Relations:

  • Known for aggressive and proactive tactics, 5W Public Relations excels in fast-paced crisis communication scenarios.
  • “5W Public Relations’ proactive and aggressive approach is a hallmark of its crisis communication services.”


  • Peppercomm combines humor and seriousness in its crisis communication strategies, offering unique solutions to clients.
  • “Peppercomm’s crisis communication strategies uniquely balance humor with serious messaging.”

Qorvis Communications:

  • Qorvis Communications is adept at handling high-stakes government and international crises with strategic communication tactics.
  • “Qorvis Communications specializes in high-stakes government and international crisis communication scenarios.”

Havas PR:

  • With a global network, Havas PR provides comprehensive crisis communication services across multiple countries and cultures.
  • “Havas PR’s global reach ensures effective crisis communication across diverse cultural landscapes.”

The top crisis communication firms highlighted in this guide excel in navigating through complex crises with strategic expertise and innovative approaches. Their proficiency in Crisis Communication offers invaluable support to organizations facing challenging situations. Understanding the strengths and specialties of these firms provides insights into selecting the right partner for effective crisis management, ensuring preparedness and resilience in the face of adversity.

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Top Crisis Communication Companies/Firms List

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