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kWh to ft-lb

Formula: Energy in Foot-pounds (ft-lb) = Energy in Kilowatt-hours (kWh) x 2655223.738

Kilowatt-hour :

Foot-pound :


ft-lb to kWh

Formula: Energy in Kilowatt-hours (kWh) = Energy in Foot-pounds (ft-lb) ÷ 2655223.738

Foot-pound :

Kilowatt-hour :


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Conversion Factors:

  • Kilowatt-hours to Foot-pounds: 1 kilowatt-hour = 2,655,223.73 foot-pounds
  • Foot-pounds to Kilowatt-hours: 1 foot-pound = 1/2,655,223.73 kilowatt-hours

How to Convert Kilowatt-hours to Foot-pounds:

To convert kilowatt-hours to foot-pounds, multiply the number of kilowatt-hours by 2,655,223.73.


Example: Convert 0.75 kilowatt-hours to foot-pounds.

Foot-pounds=0.75×2,655,223.73=1,991,417.8 ft-lb

How to Convert Foot-pounds to Kilowatt-hours:

To convert foot-pounds to kilowatt-hours, divide the number of foot-pounds by 2,655,223.73.


Example: Convert 5,310,447.46 foot-pounds to kilowatt-hours.

kWh=5,310,447.46/2,655,223.73=2 kWh

Kilowatt-hours to Foot-pounds Conversion Table

Kilowatt-hours (kWh)Foot-pounds (ft-lb)
1 kWh2.655e+6 ft-lb
2 kWh5.310e+6 ft-lb
3 kWh7.966e+6 ft-lb
4 kWh1.062e+7 ft-lb
5 kWh1.328e+7 ft-lb
6 kWh1.593e+7 ft-lb
7 kWh1.859e+7 ft-lb
8 kWh2.124e+7 ft-lb
9 kWh2.390e+7 ft-lb
10 kWh2.655e+7 ft-lb
20 kWh5.310e+7 ft-lb
30 kWh7.966e+7 ft-lb
40 kWh1.062e+8 ft-lb
50 kWh1.328e+8 ft-lb
60 kWh1.593e+8 ft-lb
70 kWh1.859e+8 ft-lb
80 kWh2.124e+8 ft-lb
90 kWh2.390e+8 ft-lb
100 kWh2.655e+8 ft-lb

kWh to ft-lb Conversion Chart

Foot-pounds to Kilowatt-hours Conversion Table

Foot-pounds (ft-lb)Kilowatt-hours (kWh)
1 ft-lb3.767e-7 kWh
2 ft-lb7.534e-7 kWh
3 ft-lb1.130e-6 kWh
4 ft-lb1.507e-6 kWh
5 ft-lb1.883e-6 kWh
6 ft-lb2.260e-6 kWh
7 ft-lb2.636e-6 kWh
8 ft-lb3.013e-6 kWh
9 ft-lb3.390e-6 kWh
10 ft-lb3.767e-6 kWh
20 ft-lb7.534e-6 kWh
30 ft-lb1.130e-5 kWh
40 ft-lb1.507e-5 kWh
50 ft-lb1.883e-5 kWh
60 ft-lb2.260e-5 kWh
70 ft-lb2.636e-5 kWh
80 ft-lb3.013e-5 kWh
90 ft-lb3.390e-5 kWh
100 ft-lb3.767e-5 kWh

ft-lb to kWh Conversion Chart

Difference Between Kilowatt-hours to Foot-pounds

AspectKilowatt-hours (kWh)Foot-pounds (ft-lb)
DefinitionUnit of energy commonly used to measure electricityUnit of energy used to measure mechanical work
UsagePrimarily used in electricity billing and energy consumptionUsed in mechanical and engineering contexts
Conversion to Joules1 kWh = 3.6 million joules1 ft-lb = 1.35582 joules
Typical ApplicationsHousehold electricity usage, electrical appliancesTorque, engine work, lifting objects
Measurement ContextElectrical energyMechanical energy
Ease of MeasurementEasily measured using electricity metersMeasured using torque meters or calculations
Commonly Used InResidential, commercial, and industrial sectorsEngineering, physics, automotive industries

1. Solved Examples on Converting Kilowatt-hours to Foot-pounds

Example 1

Problem: Convert 1 kilowatt-hour to foot-pounds.

Foot-pounds=1 kWh×2,655,223.73 ft-lb/kWh


Example 2

Problem: Convert 2.5 kilowatt-hours to foot-pounds.

Foot-pounds=2.5 kWh×2,655,223.73 ft-lb/kWh


Example 3

Problem: Convert 5 kilowatt-hours to foot-pounds.

Foot-pounds=5 kWh×2,655,223.73 ft-lb/kWh


Example 4

Problem: Convert 10 kilowatt-hours to foot-pounds.

Foot-pounds=10 kWh×2,655,223.73 ft-lb/kWh


Example 5

Problem: Convert 7 kilowatt-hours to foot-pounds.

Foot-pounds=7 kWh×2,655,223.73 ft-lb/kWh


2. Solved Examples on Converting Foot-pounds to Kilowatt-hours

Example 1

Problem: Convert 1,000,000 foot-pounds to kilowatt-hours.

kWh=1,000,000 ft-lb/2,655,223.73


Example 2

Problem: Convert 2,500,000 foot-pounds to kilowatt-hours.

kWh=2,500,000 ft-lb/2,655,223.73


Example 3

Problem: Convert 5,000,000 foot-pounds to kilowatt-hours.

kWh=5,000,000 ft-lb/2,655,223.73


Example 4

Problem: Convert 10,000,000 foot-pounds to kilowatt-hours.

kWh=10,000,000 ft-lb/2,655,223.73


Example 5

Problem: Convert 7,500,000 foot-pounds to kilowatt-hours.

kWh=7,500,000 ft-lb/2,655,223.73


Are there online tools available for converting kWh to ft-lb?

Yes, there are many online calculators and tools that can help you quickly and accurately convert between kilowatt-hours and foot-pounds. Simply enter the value in kWh or ft-lb, and the tool will provide the corresponding conversion.

Why is it important to convert kWh to ft-lb?

Converting kWh to ft-lb is important in fields where both electrical and mechanical energy need to be measured and compared, such as engineering, physics, and various technical applications.

What are typical applications for these conversions?

These conversions are typically used in engineering, physics, energy management, and any field requiring a comparison or combination of electrical and mechanical energy.

How accurate is the conversion between kWh and ft-lb?

The conversion between kWh and ft-lb is very accurate, as it is based on precise definitions of the units involved. It is widely accepted in scientific and engineering calculations.

Can the conversion between kWh and ft-lb help in understanding energy efficiency?

Yes, converting between kWh and ft-lb can aid in assessing the efficiency of systems that use both electrical and mechanical energy, such as electric motors and generators.