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kWh to US Therm

Formula: Energy in US Therms (therm) = Energy in Kilowatt-hours (kWh) x 0.0341296

Kilowatt-hour :

US Therm :

Kilowatt-hoursUS Therms

US Therm to kWh

Formula: Energy in Kilowatt-hours (kWh) = Energy in US Therms (therm) ÷ 0.0341296

US Therm :

Kilowatt-hour :

US ThermsKilowatt-hours

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Conversion Factors:

  • Kilowatt-hour to US Therm: 1 kilowatt-hour = 0.0341296 US Therms
  • US Therm to Kilowatt-hour: 1 US Therm = 29.3001 kilowatt-hours

How to Convert Kilowatt-hour to US Therm:

To convert kilowatt-hours to US Therms, multiply the number of kilowatt-hours by 0.0341296.

US Therms=Kilowatt-hours×0.0341296


Convert 200 kilowatt-hours to US Therms.

US Therms=200 kWh×0.0341296

US Therms=6.82592 US Therms

How to Convert US Therm to Kilowatt-hour

To convert US Therms to kilowatt-hours using division, you need to use the conversion factor.

Kilowatt-hours=US Therms/0.0341296


Convert 3 US Therms to kilowatt-hours.

Kilowatt-hours=3 US Therms/0.0341296

Kilowatt-hours=87.9003 kWh

Kilowatt-hour to US Therm Conversion Table

Kilowatt-hour (kWh)US Therm
1 kWh0.0341296 US Therms
2 kWh0.0682592 US Therms
3 kWh0.1023888 US Therms
4 kWh0.1365184 US Therms
5 kWh0.170648 US Therms
6 kWh0.2047776 US Therms
7 kWh0.2389072 US Therms
8 kWh0.2730368 US Therms
9 kWh0.3071664 US Therms
10 kWh0.341296 US Therms
20 kWh0.682592 US Therms
30 kWh1.023888 US Therms
40 kWh1.365184 US Therms
50 kWh1.70648 US Therms
60 kWh2.047776 US Therms
70 kWh2.389072 US Therms
80 kWh2.730368 US Therms
90 kWh3.071664 US Therms
100 kWh3.41296 US Therms

kWh to US Therm Conversion Chart

US Therm to Kilowatt-hour Conversion Table

US ThermKilowatt-hour (kWh)
1 US Therm29.3001 kWh
2 US Therms58.6002 kWh
3 US Therms87.9003 kWh
4 US Therms117.2004 kWh
5 US Therms146.5005 kWh
6 US Therms175.8006 kWh
7 US Therms205.1007 kWh
8 US Therms234.4008 kWh
9 US Therms263.7009 kWh
10 US Therms293.001 kWh
20 US Therms586.002 kWh
30 US Therms879.003 kWh
40 US Therms1172.004 kWh
50 US Therms1465.005 kWh
60 US Therms1758.006 kWh
70 US Therms2051.007 kWh
80 US Therms2344.008 kWh
90 US Therms2637.009 kWh
100 US Therms2930.01 kWh

US Therm to kWh Conversion Chart

Difference Between Kilowatt-hour and US Therm

AspectKilowatt-hour (kWh)US Therm
DefinitionA kilowatt-hour is a unit of energy equal to one kilowatt of power used for one hour.A US Therm is a unit of heat energy equal to 100,000 BTUs.
UsageCommonly used to measure electrical energy consumption by households and businesses.Commonly used to measure natural gas consumption and heating energy.
Measurement ScaleSuitable for large-scale energy measurements, such as electricity usage in homes.Suitable for measuring energy in heating systems and natural gas consumption.
Conversion Factor1 kWh = 0.0341296 US Therms1 US Therm = 29.3001 kWh
Relevance in Daily LifeWidely relevant in daily life for calculating electricity bills and energy consumption.Relevant in industries that deal with heating and natural gas, such as residential heating systems.
ApplicationUsed in billing by electric utility companies.Used to rate the consumption of natural gas and heating energy.
Practical ExamplesElectric appliances like air conditioners and heaters often have their consumption rated in kWh.Natural gas furnaces and water heaters often have their energy consumption rated in US Therms.
UnitsLarger unit, practical for everyday energy consumption.Smaller unit, practical for specific heating applications and natural gas measurements.

1. Solved Examples on Converting Kilowatt-hour to US Therm

Example 1

Problem: Convert 1 kilowatt-hour to US Therms

US Therms = 1 kWh × 0.03412 US Therms/kWh
US Therms = 0.03412 US Therms

Example 2

Problem: Convert 2.5 kilowatt-hours to US Therms

US Therms = 2.5 kWh × 0.03412 US Therms/kWh
US Therms = 0.0853 US Therms

Example 3

Problem: Convert 10 kilowatt-hours to US Therms

US Therms = 10 kWh × 0.03412 US Therms/kWh
US Therms = 0.3412 US Therms

Example 4

Problem: Convert 0.5 kilowatt-hours to US Therms

US Therms = 0.5 kWh × 0.03412 US Therms/kWh
US Therms = 0.01706 US Therms

Example 5

Problem: Convert 7 kilowatt-hours to US Therms

US Therms = 7 kWh × 0.03412 US Therms/kWh
US Therms = 0.2388 US Therms

2. Solved Examples on Converting US Therm to Kilowatt-hour

Example 1

Problem: Convert 1 US Therm to kilowatt-hours

kWh=1 US Therm/0.0341296
kWh = 29.3 kWh

Example 2

Problem: Convert 2.5 US Therms to kilowatt-hours

kWh=2.5 US Therms/0.0341296
kWh = 73.25 kWh

Example 3

Problem: Convert 10 US Therms to kilowatt-hours

kWh=10 US Therms/0.0341296
kWh = 293 kWh

Example 4

Problem: Convert 0.5 US Therms to kilowatt-hours

kWh=0.5 US Therms/0.0341296
kWh = 14.65 kWh

Example 5

Problem: Convert 7 US Therms to kilowatt-hours

kWh=7 US Therms/0.0341296
kWh = 205 kWh

Is the conversion factor for kWh to US Therms always the same?

Yes, the conversion factor is a constant: 1 kilowatt-hour is approximately equal to 0.0341296 US Therms.

Are kilowatt-hours and US Therms used for the same type of energy?

No, kilowatt-hours are typically used to measure electrical energy, while US Therms are used to measure heat energy, often from natural gas.

How accurate is the conversion between kWh and US Therms?

The conversion factor of 0.0341296 is very precise and is widely accepted for converting between these two units of energy.

Are there any tools available for converting kWh to US Therms?

Yes, there are many online calculators and conversion tools that can help you quickly convert between kWh and US Therms. Simply input the value in kWh, and the tool will provide the equivalent in US Therms.

Why is it important to know the conversion between kWh and US Therms?

Knowing the conversion helps in understanding and comparing different forms of energy consumption, budgeting energy costs, and making informed decisions about energy usage and efficiency.