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Gram to Stone

Formula: Mass in Stone (g) = Mass in Gram (ton) × 1.57×10-4


Stone to Gram

Formula: Mass in Gram (ton) = Mass in Stone (g) × 6350.29


Mass Converters to Gram (g)

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Stone to GramPound to GramOunce to Gram

Mass Converters to Stone (s)

Tonne to StoneKilogram to StoneGram to Stone
Milligram to StoneMicrogram to StoneImperial ton to Stone
US ton to StonePound to StoneOunce to Stone

Conversion Factors:

  • Grams to Stone: 1 gram = 0.00015747 stone
  • Stone to Grams: 1 stone = 6,350.29 grams

How to Convert Grams to Stone:

To convert grams to stone, multiply the number of grams by 0.00015747.


Example: Convert 2,000 grams to stone.

Stone=2,000×0.00015747=0.31494 st

How to Convert Stone to Grams:

To convert stone to grams, multiply the number of stone by 6,350.29.


Example: Convert 3 stone to grams.

Grams=3×6,350.29=19,050.87 grams

Grams to Stones Conversion Table

Grams (g)Stones (st)
1 g0.000157473 st
2 g0.000314946 st
3 g0.000472419 st
4 g0.000629892 st
5 g0.000787365 st
6 g0.000944838 st
7 g0.001102311 st
8 g0.001259784 st
9 g0.001417257 st
10 g0.00157473 st
20 g0.00314946 st
30 g0.00472419 st
40 g0.00629892 st
50 g0.00787365 st
60 g0.00944838 st
70 g0.01102311 st
80 g0.01259784 st
90 g0.01417257 st
100 g0.0157473 st

g to st Conversion Chart

Stones to Grams Conversion Table

Stones (st)Grams (g)
1 st6,350.29 g
2 st12,700.58 g
3 st19,050.87 g
4 st25,401.16 g
5 st31,751.45 g
6 st38,101.74 g
7 st44,452.03 g
8 st50,802.32 g
9 st57,152.61 g
10 st63,502.90 g
20 st127,005.80 g
30 st190,508.70 g
40 st254,011.60 g
50 st317,514.50 g
60 st381,017.40 g
70 st444,520.30 g
80 st508,023.20 g
90 st571,526.10 g
100 st635,029.00 g

st to g Conversion Chart

Differences Between Grams to Stones

AspectGrams (g)Stones (st)
DefinitionA gram is a unit of mass in the metric system.A stone is a unit of mass in the British Imperial system.
Conversion Factor1 gram = 0.000157473 stones1 stone = 6,350.29 grams
UsageCommonly used for measuring small quantities of mass.Used for measuring larger quantities of mass, especially in human body weight.
Typical ContextUsed in everyday contexts like cooking, medicine, and small-scale measurements.Used primarily in the UK and Ireland for measuring body weight.
Measurement PrecisionSuitable for precise, small-scale measurements.Suitable for larger, less precise measurements.
ScaleSmaller scale unit compared to stones.Larger scale unit compared to grams.
Practical Example200 grams of flour for a recipe.12 stones for a person’s body weight.
ApplicationsWidely used in science, medicine, and daily life globally.Commonly used in the UK for weighing people and animals.
Common EquipmentMeasured with kitchen scales, digital balances, and scientific equipment.Measured with bathroom scales and health assessment tools.
Historical OriginPart of the metric system, established in France during the 1790s.Part of the British Imperial system, historically used for trade and commerce.
International UseUniversally recognized and used globally.Primarily used in the UK, Ireland, and some Commonwealth countries.

1. Solved Examples on Converting Grams to Stones

Example 1:

Problem: Convert 10,000 grams to stones.

Solution: Stones=Grams×0.000157473

Stones=10,000×0.000157473=1.57473 st

Example 2:

Problem: Convert 25,000 grams to stones.

Solution: Stones=Grams×0.000157473

Stones=25,000×0.000157473=3.936825 st

Example 3:

Problem: Convert 50 grams to stones.

Solution: Stones=Grams×0.000157473

Stones=50×0.000157473=0.00787365 st

Example 4:

Problem: Convert 5 stones to grams.

Solution: Grams=Stones×6,350.29

Grams=5×6,350.29=31,751.45 g

Example 5:

Problem: Convert 12 stones to grams.

Solution: Grams=Stones×6,350.29

Grams=12×6,350.29=76,203.48 g

2. Solved Examples on Converting Stones to Grams

Example 1:

Problem: Convert 7 stones to grams.

Solution: Grams=Stones×6,350.29

Grams=7×6,350.29=44,452.03 g

Example 2:

Problem: Convert 3 stones to grams.

Solution: Grams=Stones×6,350.29

Grams=3×6,350.29=19,050.87 g

Example 3:

Problem: Convert 1 stone to grams.

Solution: Grams=Stones×6,350.29

Grams=1×6,350.29=6,350.29 g

Example 4:

Problem: Convert 15 stones to grams.

Solution: Grams=Stones×6,350.29

Grams=15×6,350.29=95,254.35 g

Example 5:

Problem: Convert 25 stones to grams.

Solution: Grams=Stones×6,350.29

Grams=25×6,350.29=158,757.25 g

Is there an easy way to remember the grams to stones conversion?

Yes, remember that 1 gram is approximately equal to 0.000157473 stones, which is a very small fraction of a stone.

What are some common errors to avoid when converting grams to stones?

Common errors include incorrect use of the conversion factor, misplacement of decimal points, and rounding errors. Always double-check your calculations.

Is it possible to convert fractional grams to stones?

Yes, fractional grams can be converted to stones by multiplying the fractional value by 0.000157473.

What are some practical uses for converting grams to stones?

Practical uses include measuring body weight, converting nutritional information, and comparing large quantities of substances in fields like medicine and science.

Are there any tools available to help convert grams to stones?

Yes, you can use online conversion calculators, mobile apps, or scientific calculators to easily convert grams to stones.

Why would I need to convert grams to stones?

Converting grams to stones is useful when you need to measure or understand larger masses, especially in contexts like body weight, where stones are commonly used in the UK and Ireland.