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Time Sheet calculator

How to Use the Timesheet Calculator

Step 1: Input Your Information

  • Name: Begin by entering your name in the space provided.
  • Date: Next, enter the current date or the date for which you are calculating hours.

Step 2: Record Your Daily Hours

  • For each day of the week (Monday through Sunday), you need to fill in two main fields:
    • Day Starting: Enter the time you start work each day. In the timesheet provided, the workday starts at 08:00 AM.
    • Time Ending: Enter the time you finish work each day. In the timesheet provided, the workday ends at 17:00 PM.

Step 3: Account for Any Deductions

  • Deduction (HH:MM): If you take any breaks that are not paid, such as a lunch break, enter the duration here. For example, a 1-hour lunch break would be entered as 01:00.

Step 4: Review Total Hours

  • Total: The timesheet will automatically calculate the total hours worked each day after deductions. In the provided example, the total hours worked each day are 9 hours.