Brand Mission Statement

Last Updated: April 26, 2024

Brand Mission Statement

Embark on a journey through a diverse collection of brand mission statement examples in our comprehensive guide. Uncover the nuances of crafting compelling mission statements that resonate with your target audience, elevate your brand identity, and drive business growth. Learn the art of penning a persuasive mission statement that aligns with your brand ethos and fosters stronger customer connections.

What is a Brand Mission Statement?

A brand mission statement for a company is a concise and powerful declaration that outlines the purpose of a brand or business. It reflects what the brand stands for, its values, and its aspirations. It sets the strategic direction and serves as a guide for decision-making within the organization. A brand mission statement communicates the brand’s raison d’etre to its customers, employees, and stakeholders, helping them understand what the brand is all about and what it aims to achieve.

What is the Best Example of a Brand Mission Statement?

One standout example of a brand mission statement is from Patagonia: “Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis.” This statement is powerful because it goes beyond just what Patagonia does (building products). It embodies the company’s core values (causing no harm), outlines its commitment to environmental sustainability, and positions the brand as a solution provider to environmental issues. This clarity and commitment to a higher purpose make it a compelling mission statement.

100 Mission Statements of Top Global Brands

  1. Google: “To organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.”
  2. Amazon: “To be Earth’s most customer-centric company, where customers can find and discover anything they might want to buy online.”
  3. Microsoft: “To empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.”
  4. Facebook: “To give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together.”
  5. Tesla: “To accelerate the advent of sustainable transport by bringing compelling mass market electric cars to market as soon as possible.”
  6. Starbucks: “To inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time.”
  7. McDonald’s: “To be our customers’ favorite place and way to eat and drink.”
  8. Nike: “Bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete* in the world. (*If you have a body, you are an athlete.)”
  9. Coca-Cola: “To refresh the world in mind, body and spirit. To inspire moments of optimism and happiness through our brands and actions.”
  10. Adidas: “To be the best sports company in the world.”
  11. Apple: “To bring the best user experience to its customers through its innovative hardware, software, and services.”
  12. Netflix: “To entertain the world. Whatever your taste, and no matter where you live, we give you access to best-in-class TV shows, movies and documentaries.”
  13. LinkedIn: “To connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful.”
  14. Intel: “To create world-changing technology that enriches the lives of every person on earth.”
  15. Twitter: “To give everyone the power to create and share ideas and information instantly, without barriers.”
  16. Walmart: “To save people money so they can live better.”
  17. eBay: “To be the world’s favorite destination for discovering great value and unique selection.”
  18. Airbnb: “To help create a world where you can belong anywhere and where people can live in a place, instead of just traveling to it.”
  19. Spotify: “To unlock the potential of human creativity—by giving a million creative artists the opportunity to live off their art and billions of fans the opportunity to enjoy and be inspired by it.”
  20. PepsiCo: “To create more smiles with every sip and every bite.”
  21. Unilever: “To make sustainable living commonplace.”
  22. Disney: “To entertain, inform and inspire people around the globe through the power of unparalleled storytelling.”
  23. IBM: “To lead in the creation, development and manufacture of the industry’s most advanced information technologies, including computer systems, software, networking systems, storage devices and microelectronics.”
  24. Vodafone: “To connect for a better future. We are optimising our operations and are committed to reducing our impacts.”
  25. Mastercard: “Every day, everywhere, we use our technology and expertise to make payments safe, simple and smart.”
  26. Uber: “We ignite opportunity by setting the world in motion.”
  27. Visa: “To connect the world through the most innovative, reliable and secure digital payment network that enables consumers, businesses and economies to thrive.”
  28. Procter & Gamble: “To provide branded products and services of superior quality and value that improve the lives of the world’s consumers.”
  29. Samsung: “Inspire the world, create the future.”
  30. Oracle: “To help people see data in new ways, discover insights, unlock endless possibilities.”
  31. 3M: “To improve every life through innovative giving in education, community and environmental sustainability.”
  32. General Electric: “To build a world that works better.”
  33. Ford Motor Company: “To drive human progress through freedom of movement.”
  34. Dell Technologies: “To create technologies that drive human progress.”
  35. American Express: “To provide the world’s best customer experience every day.”
  36. Pfizer: “To deliver breakthroughs that change patients’ lives.”
  37. L’Oreal: “To offer all women and men worldwide the best of cosmetics innovation in terms of quality, efficacy, and safety.”
  38. FedEx: “To connect people and possibilities around the world.”
  39. Goldman Sachs: “To advance sustainable economic growth and financial opportunity.”
  40. Toyota: “To attract and attain customers with high-valued products and services and the most satisfying ownership experience.”
  41. Honda: “Maintaining a global viewpoint, we are dedicated to supplying products of the highest quality, yet at a reasonable price for worldwide customer satisfaction.”
  42. Siemens: “To develop and manufacture world-class products that captivate our customers with their excellent quality.”
  43. Philips: “Improving people’s lives through meaningful innovation.”
  44. Sony: “To fill the world with emotion, through the power of creativity and technology.”
  45. Panasonic: “To make life more comfortable by contributing to social progress and the development of human culture.”
  46. Lego: “To inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow.”
  47. Cisco: “To power an inclusive future for all.”
  48. Johnson & Johnson: “To blend heart, science and ingenuity to profoundly change the trajectory of health for humanity.”
  49. Bayer: “Science for a better life.”
  50. Novartis: “To reimagine medicine to improve and extend people’s lives.”
  51. Roche: “Doing now what patients need next.”
  52. Nestle: “Unlocking the power of food to enhance quality of life for everyone, today and for generations to come.”
  53. Puma: “To be the fastest sports brand in the world.”
  54. KPMG: “To turn knowledge into value for the benefit of our clients, our people, and the capital markets.”
  55. Deloitte: “To make an impact that matters.”
  56. Ernst & Young: “Building a better working world.”
  57. PWC: “To build trust in society and solve important problems.”
  58. Shell: “To provide more and cleaner energy solutions.”
  59. BP: “Reimagining energy for people and our planet.”
  60. ExxonMobil: “To provide the energy that helps underpin growing economies and improve living standards around the world.”
  61. Mercedes-Benz: “To invent the future of sustainable mobility.”
  62. BMW: “To provide premium products and premium services for individual mobility.”
  63. Volkswagen: “To offer mobility solutions for everyone, making people’s lives safer, easier, and more comfortable.”
  64. Boeing: “To connect, protect, explore and inspire the world through aerospace innovation.”
  65. Audi: “To provide long-lasting mobility solutions, adding more to life with driving pleasure.”
  66. PayPal: “To democratize financial services so that managing and moving money is a right for all citizens, not just the affluent.”
  67. General Motors: “To earn customers for life by building brands that inspire passion and loyalty through not only breakthrough technologies but also by serving and improving the communities in which we live and work around the world.”
  68. Chevron: “To power the world forward with ever-cleaner energy.”
  69. Verizon: “To inspire tomorrow’s creators to use technology to build brighter futures.”
  70. AT&T: “To inspire human progress through the power of communication and entertainment.”
  71. 3M: “To apply science in collaborative ways to improve lives daily.”
  72. Costco: “To continually provide our members with quality goods and services at the lowest possible prices.”
  73. HSBC: “To enable businesses to thrive and economies to prosper, helping people fulfill their hopes and dreams and realize their ambitions.”
  74. Deutsche Bank: “To be the leading global bank with local strength.”
  75. JPMorgan Chase & Co.: “To be the best financial services company in the world.”
  76. Gucci: “To become part of a universe that holds so many different cultures, cities, and stories.”
  77. Zara: “To create responsible passion for fashion amongst a broad spectrum of consumers, spread across different cultures and age groups.”
  78. IKEA: “To create a better everyday life for the many people.”
  79. Accenture: “To deliver on the promise of technology and human ingenuity.”
  80. SAP: “To help the world run better and improve people’s lives.”
  81. Lockheed Martin: “To solve complex challenges, advance scientific discovery and deliver innovative solutions to help our customers keep people safe.”
  82. Marriott International: “To inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one hotel, and one neighborhood at a time.”
  83. Salesforce: “To help our customers succeed by producing the world’s most innovative apps, technology, and services.”
  84. Oracle: “We help people and companies collect, organize, and visualize data to deliver competitive advantage.”
  85. Huawei: “To bring digital to every person, home and organization for a fully connected, intelligent world.”
  86. Lenovo: “We create technology that enables people to challenge and inspire the world, helping them lead more fulfilling and interesting lives.”
  87. Novo Nordisk: “To drive change to defeat diabetes and other serious chronic diseases.”
  88. GSK: “To improve the quality of human life by enabling people to do more, feel better, live longer.”
  89. Amgen: “To serve patients by transforming the promise of science and biotechnology into therapies that have the power to restore health or save lives.”
  90. Merck & Co.: “To discover, develop and provide innovative products and services that save and improve lives around the world.”
  91. AstraZeneca: “To push the boundaries of science to deliver life-changing medicines.”
  92. Johnson & Johnson: “Caring for the world, one person at a time.”
  93. Pfizer: “Breakthroughs that change patients’ lives. In our quest for cures, we are transforming millions of lives.”
  94. P&G: “To provide branded products and services of superior quality and value that improve the lives of the world’s consumers.”
  95. Estee Lauder: “Bringing the best to everyone we touch and being the best in everything we do.”
  96. Nike: “To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world. If you have a body, you are an athlete.”
  97. Adidas: “Through sport, we have the power to change lives.”
  98. Under Armour: “To make you better.”
  99. Reebok: “To be the best fitness brand in the world.”
  100. Puma: “To be the fastest sports brand in the world.”

Mission Statement Examples for you to Inspire & Copy

Professional Brand Mission Statement Examples

Brand Mission Statement Examples
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Creating a professional mission statement involves embodying integrity, excellence, and dedication. Let’s explore some examples:

  • “To provide innovative solutions with precision and excellence.”
  • “Empowering businesses to reach their full potential through strategic advice.”
  • “To deliver top-notch services, maintaining an environment of professionalism and trust.”
  • “Dedicated to transforming ideas into practical, profitable realities.”
  • “To help companies excel with effective, tailored business strategies.”
  • “Bridging the gap between technology and business for optimal performance.”
  • “To deliver unrivaled professional service built on trust and reliability.”
  • “Streamlining processes to enhance efficiency and productivity in the professional world.”
  • “To provide comprehensive solutions for a sustainable and profitable future.”
  • “Elevating professional standards through continual learning and innovation.”

Personal Brand Mission Statement Examples

Personal mission statements reveal your purpose, values, and intentions. Here are some examples:

  • “To inspire positive change through motivational speaking.”
  • “Using creativity and design to enhance the everyday.”
  • “To empower individuals to live healthier lifestyles.”
  • “Using photography to capture and celebrate the beauty of life.”
  • “To enlighten others through immersive storytelling.”
  • “Guiding people towards financial independence through strategic planning.”
  • “Promoting a sustainable lifestyle through conscious consumption.”
  • “To make science accessible and exciting for everyone.”
  • “Empowering others to embrace their individuality through coaching.”
  • “To bridge cultural gaps through culinary experiences.”

Fashion Brand Mission Statement Examples

Fashion brand mission statements convey your commitment to style, innovation, and sustainability. Let’s look at some examples:

  • “Creating timeless designs that make every individual feel unique.”
  • “To redefine fashion with sustainability at its core.”
  • “Bringing high-fashion to the masses without compromising on quality.”
  • “Championing individuality through bespoke fashion.”
  • “To design clothes that inspire confidence and freedom of expression.”
  • “Innovating the fashion industry, one ethical garment at a time.”
  • “Combining art and fashion to create wearable masterpieces.”
  • “Creating a fusion of traditional and contemporary styles.”
  • “To produce garments that transcend seasonal trends.”
  • “Transforming perceptions of beauty through inclusive fashion.”

Clothing Brand Mission Statement Examples

Clothing brand mission statements focus on the quality, style, and impact of your apparel. Here are some examples:

  • “To provide quality clothing that stands the test of time.”
  • “Crafting comfortable, stylish, and sustainable garments.”
  • “Revolutionizing the clothing industry with innovative, tech-savvy apparel.”
  • “To create clothing that celebrates and enhances individual style.”
  • “Promoting body positivity with inclusive sizes and designs.”
  • “Creating durable and functional clothing for every adventure.”
  • “To bring luxury and style to everyday apparel.”
  • “Designing clothes that make every day a fashion statement.”
  • “Producing ethical and sustainable clothes that don’t compromise on style.”
  • “To offer affordable, high-quality fashion for everyone.”

Athletic Brand Mission Statement Examples

Athletic brand mission statements emphasize performance, quality, and inspiring an active lifestyle. Here are some examples:

  • “Enhancing athletic performance through innovative sports gear.”
  • “Fueling the spirit of competition with high-performance athletic wear.”
  • “To inspire an active lifestyle through quality athletic apparel.”
  • “Crafting sportswear that combines style, comfort, and performance.”
  • “Driving the future of sportswear with advanced technology and design.”
  • “To empower athletes of all levels with gear that boosts performance.”
  • “Innovating the world of fitness with apparel that motivates.”
  • “Promoting health and fitness with superior athletic products.”
  • “Creating durable, stylish, and functional sportswear for every athlete.”
  • “Supporting active lifestyles with performance-oriented athletic gear.”

Brand Positive Mission Statement Examples

Positive mission statements express optimism, positivity, and the desire to bring about good. Consider these examples:

  • “To spread joy through each product we create.”
  • “Creating products that contribute to happiness and well-being.”
  • “To inspire positivity and optimism through our brand.”
  • “Bringing brightness to life with every customer interaction.”
  • “Crafting products that spark joy and enrich lives.”
  • “To use our brand as a force for good in the world.”
  • “Promoting a culture of positivity and inclusivity through our products.”
  • “Inspiring change and positivity with every purchase.”
  • “Building a happier world one customer at a time.”
  • “To make a positive difference in our customer’s lives.”

Boutique Brand Mission Statement Examples

Boutique brand mission statements capture the uniqueness, exclusivity, and personal touch of your boutique. Here are some examples:

  • “Providing a unique shopping experience with handpicked, exclusive items.”
  • “Curating distinctive products for those who value uniqueness.”
  • “To offer an exquisite selection of items that tell a story.”
  • “Creating a world of luxury and exclusivity for discerning customers.”
  • “Promoting independent creators through a curated selection of unique products.”
  • “To transform shopping into a personal, intimate experience.”
  • “Celebrating uniqueness and creativity through our curated collection.”
  • “Bringing artisanal quality and luxury to everyday items.”
  • “To provide an exclusive, handpicked selection that reflects personal style.”
  • “Offering a boutique experience that goes beyond shopping.”

School Brand Mission Statement Examples

School brand mission statements define your educational values, commitment, and goals. Let’s consider some examples:

  • “To foster a love of learning in a nurturing environment.”
  • “Cultivating future leaders through comprehensive education.”
  • “To provide an inclusive and diverse learning environment.”
  • “Empowering students to reach their full potential through quality education.”
  • “Nurturing curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking in every student.”
  • “To educate the leaders of tomorrow with a globally minded curriculum.”
  • “Striving for academic excellence in a supportive learning environment.”
  • “Creating lifelong learners who contribute positively to the world.”
  • “To inspire a passion for learning and a commitment to community.”
  • “Preparing students for a dynamic future with a robust academic foundation.”

Simple Brand Mission Statement Examples

A simple brand mission statement encapsulates your purpose clearly and succinctly. Here are some examples:

  • “Creating products that simplify life.”
  • “Making sustainability the norm, not the exception.”
  • “To deliver quality at an affordable price.”
  • “Promoting wellness through all-natural products.”
  • “Making home technology accessible to everyone.”
  • “Driving innovation in the automotive industry.”
  • “Celebrating beauty in all its forms.”
  • “To foster community through shared experiences.”
  • “Turning ideas into reality with creativity and innovation.”
  • “Building a better future with renewable energy solutions.”

Short Brand Mission Statement Examples

A short mission statement gets straight to the point, clearly stating your brand’s purpose. Consider these examples:

  • “Designing the future of tech.”
  • “Inspiring creativity. Celebrating individuality.”
  • “Democratizing fashion for all.”
  • “Fueling journeys. Connecting people.”
  • “Crafting sustainable, earth-friendly products.”
  • “Delivering joy through food.”
  • “Empowering youth through education.”
  • “Revolutionizing fitness with technology.”
  • “Championing a healthier planet.”
  • “To simplify, innovate, and inspire.”

Innovative Brand Mission Statement Examples

Innovative brand mission statements highlight your brand’s commitment to pushing boundaries and introducing new ideas. Let’s look at some examples:

  • “Revolutionizing the consumer experience with groundbreaking technology.”
  • “Blazing new trails in sustainable fashion.”
  • “To reshape the automotive industry with electric innovations.”
  • “Driving culinary exploration with inventive food products.”
  • “Transforming healthcare through breakthrough medical technology.”
  • “Redesigning home living with smart, connected solutions.”
  • “Redefining beauty standards with innovative skincare formulas.”
  • “To push the boundaries in mobile technology.”
  • “Disrupting the travel industry with eco-friendly solutions.”
  • “Leading the way in green energy innovations.”

Sustainable Brand Mission Statement Examples

Sustainable brand mission statements express your commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainability. Here are some examples:

  • “Creating fashion with a conscience for a sustainable future.”
  • “Delivering high-performance products that respect the planet.”
  • “To champion sustainability through eco-friendly products.”
  • “Committed to protecting our planet with renewable energy solutions.”
  • “Making sustainability accessible with our range of organic products.”
  • “To inspire a sustainable lifestyle through our green products.”
  • “Promoting ethical sourcing and production in the food industry.”
  • “Championing a zero-waste lifestyle with our reusable products.”
  • “To revolutionize the beauty industry with all-natural, sustainable products.”
  • “Fostering a healthier planet with our eco-friendly home goods.”

How to Write a Brand Mission Statement

Understanding the art of creating a brand mission statement is crucial for every business. It not only helps in shaping your brand identity but also serves as a guiding principle for your team and your customers.

Step 1: Define Your Brand’s Core Values and Principles

The first step in writing a brand mission statement is to define what your brand stands for – its core values and principles. These serve as the foundation for your mission statement.

Step 2: Identify Your Brand’s Purpose

Next, identify the primary purpose of your brand. What is the ultimate goal that your brand strives to achieve? This should form the backbone of your mission statement.

Step 3: Understand Your Target Audience

Your mission statement should resonate with your target audience. Understanding who they are and what they value can help you align your brand’s mission with their expectations.

Step 4: Determine Your Brand’s Unique Selling Proposition

Every brand has something that sets it apart from others. Identifying and articulating this uniqueness in your mission statement can help distinguish your brand from competitors.

Step 5: Craft Your Mission Statement

Now it’s time to craft a concise and impactful mission statement that encapsulates all these elements. Remember, a good mission statement is easy to understand, memorable, and inspiring.

Step 6: Review and Refine Your Mission Statement

Finally, review your mission statement to ensure it accurately reflects your brand’s mission. Refine it as necessary until it communicates precisely what your brand stands for.

Guidelines for Creating a Brand Mission Statement

Creating a brand mission statement isn’t just about putting fancy words together. It’s about articulating your brand’s purpose and how it delivers value to customers. Here are some guidelines to help you create a powerful mission statement.

– Be Concise: A good mission statement is short and to the point. It encapsulates the essence of your brand without being overly verbose.

– Be Specific: Your mission statement should clearly reflect what your brand stands for. Avoid using generic statements that could apply to any business.

– Be Clear: Stay away from jargon and industry-specific language. Your mission statement should be easily understood by anyone who reads it.

– Be Genuine: Stay true to what your brand is. Your mission statement should reflect your brand’s authentic values and vision.

– Be Forward-Thinking: While your mission statement should reflect your brand as it is now, it should also accommodate your brand’s future growth and evolution.

Common Pitfalls in Writing a Brand Mission Statement

Writing a brand mission statement is a critical task. However, it’s easy to fall into certain traps that can diminish the impact of your mission statement. Here are some common pitfalls to avoid.

– Being Vague: A good mission statement is clear and specific. Avoid using vague statements that fail to convey what your brand stands for.

– Using Jargon: Steer clear of industry jargon and buzzwords. These can make your mission statement confusing and less relatable to your audience.

– Overlooking Your Audience: Keep your target audience in mind when crafting your mission statement. It should speak to them and clearly convey how your brand delivers value.

– Making Unrealistic Claims: Ensure your mission statement is grounded in reality. Making exaggerated or unrealistic claims can harm your brand’s credibility.

Maintaining the Relevance of Your Brand Mission Statement

As your brand evolves and grows, it’s important to ensure that your mission statement remains relevant. Here are some tips on how to maintain its relevance.

– Regularly Review Your Mission Statement: Set aside time to regularly review your mission statement and assess whether it still aligns with your brand’s purpose and values.

– Be Ready to Revise: Don’t be afraid to revise your mission statement as your brand evolves or as market trends change.

– Maintain a Consistent Core Message: While updates might be necessary, strive to maintain a consistent core message that reflects your brand’s long-term vision.


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