Define Inspection Certificate?

An inspection certificate can mean a number of things to a different number of individuals or organization. Generally, an inspection certificate template would represent the worthiness or quality of any product or service after being subjected to standard tests required for a specific line of product or business. A paralegal certification, for instance, gives a standard assessment of the skills of a legal assistant which varies in most states.

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Certificates of inspections are often issued by governing bodies of state which are involved directly with the nature of the inspection. Most modern certificate of inspections are given out in a daily basis for businesses involving trade or export and importation of products.

Export-Import Certificate of Inspection

Inspections for import or export commodities are regulated by governments. These governments work together to control and verify the volume, quality, and price of such importations into their respective countries. Inspections made for these transactions are made by a majority of the following top companies:

  • Bureau Veritas Group – Has been around since 1828 and is the global leader for testing, inspection, and certification.
  • Intertek – Testing, inspection, and own certification company with over a thousand locations in 100 countries dealing with commodity inspection as well as health inspection certification.
  • Cotecna – Family owned testing, inspection and certification company from Switzerland founded by Elie-Georges Massey.
  • SGS – Started as a grain inspection house in Rouen, France and is the leader in the grain inspection business.

In the event of a dispute regarding the inspection certification, a formal resolution or amendment shall be negotiated with the inspection company. Both exporter and inspection company are liable for any disputes arising out in connection with the quality of a commodity upon reaching the client.

However, in the case of a grain inspection result dispute, contacting the agency or grain commission service must be made within fifteen (15) days of the date on the submitted sample certificate in pdf and ask for a petition for the sample to be sent to the chief grain inspector. The chief inspector then will provide a final decision. If this does not resolve the issue, then the exporter and the inspection company shall have to work together in finding a way to resolve the issue.

The Need for Certificate of Inspection

In the case of export-import businesses, the need for having a certificate of inspection comes in connection with the verification of the actual volume and quality of the commodities in relation to giving the proper tariff classification, eligibility for export based on standards, and the pricing of the commodities. As with a certificate of organization, a certificate of inspection verifies the quality and truthfulness of information said about a commodity. A certificate of inspection does the following:

  • It verifies the level of quality claimed by the shipper of the commodities.
  • Inspection documentation can be used as proof if a transaction is made under letter of credit.
  • It provides a 3rd party insight regarding the commodities shipped and if inspection results stated are not to the satisfaction of the expectation of the client, liability shall fall to the inspection company who verified the quality of a commodity or product

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