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3+ Worksite Inspection Checklist Examples in PDF

There are a lot of worksites that may or may not follow the rules of keeping their employees and staff safe from harm. There are also some worksites that are strict about it and would often follow the rules regarding the safety and welfare of their employees and staff. To some extent that they would often ask for a worksite inspection to happen. It could be a weekly inspection, a monthly inspection or even a quarterly inspection. Just to make sure that they are still following the strict rules and the things that are necessary in order to keep everyone in their office safe from any risks. With that being said, a worksite inspection checklist is the best tool for the job. Here are some examples you can simply download below.

3+ Worksite Inspection Checklist Examples

1. Worksite Inspection Checklist Template

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 179 KB


2. Worksite Self-Inspection Checklist

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  • PDF

Size: 65 KB


3. Standard Worksite Inspection Checklist

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 84 KB


4. Worksite Inspection Play Area Checklist

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  • PDF

Size: 315 KB


What Is a Worksite Inspection Checklist?

A worksite inspection checklist is a type of checklist. It is a tool used for inspectors in order to assess if the workplace is fit enough for people to work in. This checklist consists of the items, phrases and questions that would lead the inspector to simply check or mark the correct box that is true to the inspection being made. Each column in a box or in a table has its own specific description or definition and all the inspector has to do is to mark or check the box that signifies what they have observed throughout the workplace.

How to Write a Worksite Inspection Checklist?

We all want to know what a worksite inspection checklist would look like. What we also want to know is how to use it. But before all that, we should also take into consideration how to write a workplace inspection checklist in order to make it work as well.

1. Make a List of Expectations

The list of expectations would be based on what you think would be seen in the workplace, what should not be in the workplace and any other items that may be considered a hazard and should be addressed immediately.

2. Add a Table for the Worksite Checklist

The table helps by allowing you to divide the descriptions, the titles and of course the parts that need to be marked as safe or unsafe. This would also depend on how many columns and rows you plan to make for your checklist. The most basic of checklists are of course in a table form, while others are simply given a description and a space to check which is right.

3. Add a Space for Some Comments or Suggestions

The space for the comments can either be found below or on the side of your checklist. However, it is not as uncommon to find a space for comments below the entire checklist. Either way, as long as there is a space provided for the comments section, your checklist would still be complete.

4. Set the Date for the Worksite Inspection

There will be days when you plan to do the inspection, and there are days wherein you would not be. Whoever is assigned to do the workplace inspection should know that the date is as important as the rest of the checklist. As this helps provide information or answers in case there may be some inquiries regarding the inspection.

5. Place the Name of the Person Doing the Inspection

The inspector should at least place their name on the checklist. The reason for this is in order for the people to know whom to contact in case there may be inquiries and issues regarding the assessment of the worksite. It is also part of the standard operation for an investigator to place their names if they are in charge of the inspection.


What is a worksite inspection checklist?

A worksite inspection checklist is a kind of checklist tool that an inspector would use in order to assess the worksite. They assess in order to see if the place can be used for work and if it safe for anyone to work.

How long is a worksite inspection checklist?

The worksite inspection checklist depends on how specific you can be when you are planning to write it. There are some checklists that may be over a page long if you are specific, while there are others that are only a page long. It is however unheard of to have three pages long for an inspection checklist.

Why is a worksite inspection checklist so important?

The worksite inspection checklist helps with assessing the place in order for the person to see if it is safe enough to start work. There may be some risks and hazards that you may not have noticed or do not have any idea on how to address it. With the inspection checklist, this helps you see what these risks are and a way to minimize and issues regarding them.

It goes without saying, a worksite inspection checklist is a good tool to use in order for you to assess if the place you plan to work on is safe. If the place you plan to let others work is safe. Since one cannot be too careful with things like a lot of risks or hazards in place, it is always best to get a professional to inspect the place before you use it.

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