What Is an Email Marketing Opt-In Rate ?

What Is a Good Email Opt-In Rate?

The opt-in rate refers to the percentage of site visitors who subscribe to your email marketing list. The good email opt-in rate varies depending on the industry you are in, website traffic, and the offers you provided. Generally, anything that is 1% to 5% is the average opt-in rate of a website.

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How Can You Improve Your Email Opt-in Rate?

Percentages below 1% can be improved by redirecting the site visitors to a landing page, commonly referred to as the “squeeze page.” The squeeze page is a page on your site which only contains your formal email websites free offers.

6 Ways You Can Increase Your Email Opt-ins and Get More Subscribers

  • Use pop-ups. Although there are people who dislike the idea of having a pop-up when they visit a site, maybe because the area around the pop-up becomes darkened to emphasize the pop-up. Nevertheless, the pop-up is one of the fastest and effective ways to get more subscribers.
  • Use new technology. There’s a new and cool technology in the website market today where it displays a pop-up or overlay every time the visitor moves the cursor to the top of the page to close or click the back button.
  • Use inline text. One of the effective ways to increase more subscribers is simply to provide an inline text for professional email marketing in the form field. Example, “Enter Your Email Here.”
  • Eliminate distractions. Study shows that additional 28% increase in sign ups can be generated if the pop-up only contains few words that highlight a signup action.
  • Use the bar. Another strategy to increase subscriber is by having a colored and space-efficiency bar that stays on top of your website and ask the visitor to take an action.
  • Use the squeeze page. While the pop-up increasingly becomes more effective, the use of landing page or squeeze page is still the best way to increase subscriber.

Email Marketing Tips and Strategies

Here are some useful tips to do email marketing effectively.

  • Do not buy a list of email addresses. This is not an effective to target your market and this will increase the chance of having inactive subscribers.
  • Provide an opt-in form to your website. Adding an opt-in form to your website will increase your subscribers and can also be an opportunity for your website to gain subscribers who are receptive to your website.
  • Remove inactive subscribers. You may find it too harsh but removing inactive email address in your list will improve the response rate of your website and making more time for you to send emails to people who are actually interested in receiving emails from your website.
  • Use the real name of your website. By providing your real name in the “from” section of the formal email, it will give your recipient an idea of you really are, making them more comfortable to have a conversation with your website.
  • Send email on regular basis. It should be better if you send an email to your subscriber at least once a week, and during times of special offers and promotions. The reason is that subscribers will appreciate people who send them an email on a predictable schedule sample.

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