AI Art Prompt Ideas

Last Updated: April 26, 2024

AI Art Prompt Ideas

AI art is one of the newest innovations people have created in the branch of artificial intelligence and robotics. The AI creates new images or illustrations via machine learning and can try and illustrate new photos in seconds, through the use of AI art prompts which are outlines. Just note, AI art should not be commercialized, and be careful with the art you feed the AI with as it might not have the artist’s consent and might hit copyright strikes.

1. Mix and Match AI Art Prompt Ideas

Ai art is very flexible and can fit various themes, tones, concepts, and contexts the person wishes the AI to create. A person can mix and match various elements  and themes into a single image, which the AI will try and interpret into a single image. For example, one can write in the prompt “A blue hummingbird perched on a tree branch, that has flowers instead of feathers.”

2. Rorschach Inkblot AI Art Prompt Ideas

Rorschach inkblot is a psychological test that hinges on the person’s ability to project one’s thoughts, bias, and symbolism into a vague inkblot. These inkblots may be hard to find or recreate, one can use AI to help create pseudo-Rorschach inkblots. A person can prompt the AI art software with “Rorschach inkblot, white background, black body.”

3. Pixelated Portraits AI Art Prompt Ideas

AI art can help create illustrations and images of different styles and formats. One can use AI art software to create portraits of people and other paintings in a pixelated style. This is wholly dependent on the software one uses to create the AI art. Some software allows the person to upload a photo of themself or the thing they want the Ai to pixelized, but some can only accept prompts. A person can prompt the AI with “Monalisa by Leonardo da Vinci, pixelized, pop art.”

4. Fractal Landscapes AI Art Prompt Ideas

Fractals create an interesting design or image that can not only confuse the person but it can also mesmerize and catch the audience’s attention. One can use AI to use fractal design and implement it on different objects or subjects that can create or illustrate a unique photo. One can prompt the AI art software with “A mountain range with multiple landscapes; the mountains have a fractal design; faded or neutral colors for the whole image.”

5. Neural Style Transfer AI Art Prompt Ideas

Neural style transfer is a technique or process that has a main content image and a style reference image. The style reference image provides the style that the artist will apply to the main content image, to an image that blends the content with a different style. One can use AI art software to create an image using this specific style by providing a prompt like “A photo of the big ben as the content image; neural style transfer with the starry night as the style reference photo.”

6. Abstract Shapes AI Art Prompt Ideas

Abstract style is one of the most subjective ways a person can create an illustration with. This is because abstract art has little to no structure and can have various shapes that will have multiple interpretations. A person can prompt the AI art software to create an illustration using the abstract style. For example, the person can prompt the AI art software with “abstract; multiple shapes stacked on top of each other; colorful; pop art. ”

7. Emotion Recognition AI Art Prompt Ideas

Emotions are feelings a person can feel when they subjectively experience them throughout their everyday life and can cause people to act differently. Some paintings and illustrations can evoke specific emotions and feelings when people view the content of the said paintings or illustrations. One can use AI art software to create an illustration that can not only evoke a specific emotion but can allow the person to recognize said emotion. For example, a person can prompt the AI art software with a “large black silhouette of a person; multiple colorful shapes inside the silhouette, the person has an observable smiling face, pop art.”

8. Generative Adversarial Networks AI Art Prompt Ideas

Generative Adversarial Networks or GAN is a framework for machine learning that feeds real and AI-generated images with some visual noise in the generation. A third-party will act as a discriminator, which will try to filter and identify the real and generated images. One can try and conduct this process and objective of machine learning and use AI art generators to create the other set of images. For example, if the real images are photos of various mountains, one can prompt the AI art software with “photo-realistic mountain ranges, clear, vivid and bright colors, randomized cloud formations.”

9. Artistic Deep Dream AI Art Prompt Ideas

AI art can create images that have dream-like or fantastical landscapes and structures that can incorporate various shades or combinations of colors one will not see in the real world. Not only that, but the person can also specify various shapes and colors that will be present in the AI-generated image. A person can prompt the AI art generator with a “Large dream-like photo-realistic landscape, with a large stone pillar full of nature, the sky has a large pink streak.” Note, you can also provide negative prompts that will ensure the AI will not provide the specified qualities.

10. Data Art AI Art Prompt Ideas

One can use AI art as a way to provide the person with inspiration and references on how a specific thing can look. A person can use AI art to have a salient reference of various data graphs, infographics, brochures, or scientific posters. For example, one can prompt the AI art software to create a set of graph images, references, or designs by using a prompt like “A graph of the world population; each country has a different color, a small bar graph on the left side; a section with labels and details.”

11. Natural Language Processing AI Art Prompt Ideas

Natural Language Processing or NLP is an AI framework that allows the AI to understand and process the context of the prompt and several pre-existing prompts in a given conversation or data set. NLP will ensure that the AI will learn and use the context of the previous prompts to create a more suitable response or image. One can further enhance and add various elements and factors to their image or photo.

12. Motion Art AI Art Prompt Ideas

Motion art is a style in painting and sculpture that allows the artist to create or insinuate movement in a still illustration or photograph. One can let AI generate an image that incorporates this style of movement in the final illustration. A person can do this by prompting the AI art software with “A landscape of various skyscrapers; motion art; vivid colors; blue or cool color for the background”

13. Inceptionism AI Art Prompt Ideas

Inceptionism is a style of AI-generated photos or illustrations that the neural network creates when it tries to understand or conceptualize a photograph, image, or painting. This style of visualization will identify and visualize patterns and try to create the shape of the pre-existing image a person has fed the neural network with. One can prompt the AI art software to mimic or generate an image that will incorporate the inceptionism style. For example, one can prompt the AI art generator with “red flower/s; vivid colors; in the inceptionism style”

14. Deep Style AI Art Prompt Ideas

Deep Style is an application that allows the person to feed a photograph to the AI to modify the fed image into a different style. This means the person will require various elements present before the person can prompt the AI art generator to create a new image. First, the person should prepare a photograph to feed into Deep Style, then the said person will need to Indicate the specific style they want the AI generator to modify or edit the image.

15. Nature AI Art Prompt Ideas

Nature is one of the most prominent and famous subjects a person can use in their illustrations or photographs. The subject of nature has varying elements that focus on curved lines and circles with colors that usually range from green to brown. A person can use AI art generators to create a natural landscape that either can be realistic or fantastical depending on the preference of the person. The person can prompt the AI art generator to create an illustration with the prompt “A small natural treehouse, painting; fantasy; realistic; dark blue background; vivid green leaves for the tree and grass.”

16. Fractal Art AI Art Prompt Ideas

A fractal design is a never-ending or looping design that has smaller patterns of a single shape to create increasingly larger-scale versions of the same pattern of shapes. These designs can range in various shapes and colors to create a complex and confusing image. One can prompt the AI with “Fractal Image of curved lines; vivid rainbow colors; the shape of an octopus tentacle; multiple layers; solid”

17. Ukiyo-e AI Art Prompt Ideas

Ukiyo-e is a historical style of Japanese art that was very famous in the 17th to 19th Centuries. This style of Japanese art has a very distinct style and texture that makes it very prominent from more modern styles of art. Ai art generators will allow the person to have the generator create an illustration or image through this specific art style. For example, a person can prompt the AI art generator to create an image through “Ukiyo-e style; two Japanese women in kimonos; old paper texture; faded colors; two trees in the foreground.”

18. Sci-fi AI Art Prompt Ideas

Sci-fi or science fiction is a genre or style that incorporates various futuristic imagery and symbols. Sci-fi images or illustrations in this specific genre or style have various futuristic machinery, buildings, landscapes, and visions. People can ask or prompt the AI art generator to create an illustration or image in the Sci-fi style. For example, a person can prompt the AI art generator with “Sci-fi landscape; galaxy-like sky on the background; alien landscape; many moons; vivid coloring; not realistic.”

19. Surreal AI Art Prompt Ideas

Surrealism is a style of art that tries to incorporate human experiences with a dream-like or unconscious quality that creates an unconventional image or illustration. Often surreal art uses the uncanny valley or uncanny features that would try to unnerve or elicit a specific emotion from the audience. A person can utilize the AI art generator to create a surreal image that will have a specific object or subject. The person can prompt the AI art generator with “surrealism; house with a snail shell roof; white walls; faded background; muted foreground; floating island”

20. Oil Painting AI Art Prompt Ideas

Oil painting is a style of painting that incorporates various textures and strokes that are unique to oil paints. Often the images the oil painting creates have vivid colors and textured objects that will visibly stand out from the background. A person can use the AI art generator to create an oil painting that will satisfy the input or the prompt of the user. The said person can prompt the AI art generator with “Oil painting; textured; landscape; small white house with a paneled red roof on the right side of the painting; multiple vivid trees on the background; a large blue lake on the middle; light blue sky.”

What Is an AI Art Prompt?

An AI art prompt is a specific outline format or instruction that the AI art generator will follow or use to create or illustrate a specific image that caters to the prompt. This means that there is a large correlation between a specific and detailed prompt and an illustration that matches the wants and desires of the prompter.

How to Create the Perfect AI Art Prompt

The perfect AI art prompt will include very specific key details, colors, nouns, pronouns, proper nouns, and negative prompts. It is important to know how to use or create an AI art prompt as it has a large bearing on the quality of the output the AI will create. For this how-to, we will be using the Nightcafe website as it hosts a multitude of algorithms, AI models, and style presets to choose from. To access their website go to

Step 1: Research the Subject of the Prompt

Start by researching the subject of the prompt and the art style you want the AI to generate for you. This is very important as this will provide you with keywords you will use on your AI art prompt. It is best to write down these keywords on a physical or digital notepad or notebook.

Step 2: Create the Text Prompt

Like the ChatGPT prompt, the AI art prompt serves as the basic template or outline format of instructions the AI will use to process an illustration or output. This means the text prompt must include sentences, phrases, and keywords that all blend to create a single image. Using the keywords, sentences, or phrases you have obtained from Step 1, you will create a text prompt that can span multiple sentences or just a simple phrase.

Step 3: Head to Nightcafe and Log In to an Account

Before a person can use Nightcafe to create or generate one’s illustration they must first head to the website and log in to their account. If the person does not have an account, they can opt to create one by signing up or using an existing Facebook or Google account.

Step 4: Select an Algorithm, Style, and AI Model, then Write Down Your Prompt

Begin by selecting an algorithm you will use to help create or generate the illustration. This algorithm will act as the brain of the whole generation, while the AI model is the dataset the developer has fed into the algorithm. The art style is the general genre or vibe the illustration will have when the AI will generate it. After you have selected all of these factors, you must write down or type your prompt into the text prompt section of the UI.

Step 5: Generate the Illustration

When you have finished entering or selecting all of those factors or elements, you must now generate the illustration. After a few seconds or minutes, depending on your internet connection, the AI will generate an illustration based on the aforementioned factors. If you do not like the illustration the AI has generated for you, then you may opt to tweak any of the factors or the text prompt until you are satisfied with the results.


Can I sell any of the illustrations I generate through AI art generators?

No, you cannot. Not only do some models have art that people have fed to them without the artist’s consent, but it is also in most AI art generators’ terms and conditions that will prevent the person from commercializing the generated art. Therefore, most AI art illustrations will infringe on some copyright and the accepted terms and conditions of the software and the developers.

What is Stable Diffusion, and why is it so important in AI art?

Stable Diffusion is an AI model that utilizes deep learning from fed content and uses the said learning to create images from a text-to-image model. There are plenty of models of Stable Diffusion that people can use to create various types of images and illustrations as these models have different illustrations and paintings that the developer has fed to Stable Diffusion’s algorithm. Most AI-art generative models utilize the Stable Diffusion algorithm and create new types of models for their consumers to use and enjoy.

What sets Stable Diffusion apart from its other peers in the AI art field?

Stable Diffusion sets itself apart from its competitors by allowing the user to have plenty of control over the illustration or image the AI will generate. This algorithm allows the person to affect and manipulate the various factors and elements that the AI will use to generate and create a new image. Unlike other algorithms, Stable Diffusion and all of its iterations allow the user to generally have more control and freedom over the generated image.

AI art is one of the newest functions of artificial intelligence, which allows people to generate illustrations and other images in a matter of seconds. Though there are specific nuances and things that a person must remember when using AI art, it is best used as a way to obtain inspiration to fuel the person’s artistic vision. It is important to know how to create and use AI art prompts as these have a proportional relationship with the quality of the AI’s image generation.

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