ChatGPT to Write an Essay

OpenAI’s ChatGPT is a very popular chatbot that has plenty of uses and can reach a wide array of people due to the adaptability of the chatbot to thrive in different contexts, themes, and tones. People can use ChatGPT as a writing tool to help improve or brainstorm the contents of letters, essays, and books. With proper mastery over the usage of ChatGPT, the person can properly leverage the tool and use it to improve their essay-writing process.

1. ChatGPT Prompts to Find and Refine Essay Topics

Essay topics are the writer’s main subject when they are writing the essay topic and will determine the structure, outline, content, first impressions, and target market of one’s writing. Not only can a person use ChatGPT to help find and generate essay topics they can use to write their essays on, but the AI can also refine and redefine the essay topics they want to write about and make it unique and creative. For example, the writer can prompt ChatGPT to create a list of ten essay topics that all talk about the usage of writing tools in one’s writing process..@1

2. ChatGPT Prompts to Construct an Outline for a Specific Essay Topic

Outlines or outline formats can help the writer properly organize and pace out their content so that the target audience can easily understand and digest their thoughts and writings without any room for miscommunication or misunderstanding. The writer can use ChatGPT to help format and construct a specific outline the writer will use on their essay topic. A person can prompt ChatGPT to create an outline for an essay with the topic of using writing tools to aid in one’s writing process.

3. Using ChatGPT to Obtain New Sources or References for Your Essay

Sources, references, and the bibliography act as evidence and proof for the viewpoint and points the writer is trying to convey 5thorugh their essay. Not only does evidence remove biases and logical fallacies in one’s writing, but it can also make one’s target audience easily relate to and believe the points brought about by the essay. The writer can prompt ChatGPT to provide sources that will talk about a specific subtopic they will present in their essay.

4. Using ChatGPT Prompts to Generate Essay Ideas and Topics

Essay ideas and topics can be hard to come by when the person hits a dry spell or writer’s block. To get over this issue, one can use ChatGPT to help generate and conduct brainstorming sessions for essay ideas and topics the writer can use in their essays within a few seconds. The writer can achieve this by prompting ChatGPT to create or generate a list of essay ideas or topics that broach a specific subject or have a specific theme.

5. Using ChatGPT Prompts to Get Objective Feedback for One’s Essay

Feedback is an important part of one’s personal and professional development of hard skills and soft skills, as it will allow the person to realize mistakes and improve their skills. In writing. objective feedback allows the writer’s content to have correct grammar, spelling, and proper pacing. ChatGPT can provide the person with objective feedback on their essays. Just note that ChatGPT is not an editor and will not consider the stylistic and creative choices the writer will make.

6. Using ChatGPT to Write or Generate a Sample Essay for a Topic

Some writers require a sample or example to act as a starting point for their essay-writing process, which will allow them to have an understanding of the basic gist of the type of essay they will write. One can use ChatGPT to help provide and generate a sample essay of a specific essay topic or subject, which the person can use as a reference for the essay. The writer should avoid copying the contents of the essay ChatGPT will generate, as it may make no sense or have issues with the information it will present to the reader.

7. Use ChatGPT to Co-Edit and Finalize One’s Essay through ChatGPT Prompts

ChatGPT can act as a simple proofreading tool the writer can utilize on their essay as it can easily edit and help point out objectionable content in the writer’s essay. The writer can feed CHatGPT with the content of their essay and ask the AI to help proofread the essay’s grammar, spelling, and punctuation. One shouldn’t use ChatGPT as a substitute for a proofreader or a human reader as it will not take into account the stylistic choices and emotional impact of the essay.

8. Using ChatGPT to Help Summarize and Paraphrase Existing Text for Essay Writing

The writer needs to understand and have a subjective opinion about the essay topic they will be writing before they start with the whole writing process. One can use ChatGPT as a research tool that will help the writer understand specific contexts and topics by using AI to summarize or paraphrase existing information or texts into an easily understandable or digestible text. For example, one can prompt ChatGPT with “Can you summarize this text into something I can easily understand? (Insert existing text or passage here)”

9. Using ChatGPT to Help the Writer Create an Essay Step-by-Step

People incorporate and use different types of writing processes to augment and complement their writing styles. One can use ChatGPT to help edit and compound the writer’s essay-writing process. The writer can achieve this by prompting ChatGPT to create a step-by-step process the said writer can use when they are writing their essay. If the writer thinks the step-by-step process is missing something or does not suit them, then they regenerate the AI’s response or prompt the chatbot again.

10. Using ChatGPT to Help Outline a Thesis Through the Use of ChatGPT Prompts

A thesis is a specific type of document that utilizes the scientific method to push the knowledge and understanding of a specific topic through the induction or deduction of various elements and factors. Writers can use ChatGPT to help outline the contents of a thesis, which will allow the writer to properly pace out their writing for their target audience and market. For example, the writer can prompt ChatGPT to create a thesis outline that explains (insert thesis statement here).

11. Use ChatGPT to Help Build a Compelling Argumentative Essay

An argumentative essay is a subtype of an essay, which establishes a specific position and provides a call to action for the reader through the usage of research and proof. A writer can use ChatGPT to help with the writing process of an argumentative essay by providing the writer with outlines, sources, resources, and proofs they can use to support their position or stance in the argumentative essay.

What Are the Uses of ChatGPT for Essays?

ChatGPT is a very useful tool if one properly incorporates it into their essay-writing process, instead of using the chatbot as a substitute for a writer. One can utilize ChatGPT as a way to help create outlines, generate inspiration, provide evidence and resources, and general ways to brainstorm essay topics and ideas. If one requires examples, references, and ideas on how they can best use ChatGPT as an essay-writing tool, then one can refer to any of the headers listed above.

How to Use ChatGPT to Improve One’s Essays

There are many ways a writer or a student can use ChatGPT as a writing tool to help improve the overall quality of one’s essays and the contents they have written. The writer’s usage wholly depends on the context, themes, ideas, and the stages the person is tackling in their essay writing process. Not only does one’s usage of ChatGPT matter, but the person must also know how to write quality ChatGPT prompts, as all of this will determine the quality of the AI’s output.

Step 1: Using ChatGPT as an Outlining or Formatting Tool

One can primarily use ChatGPT as an outline or formatting tool that can optimize the pacing and build-up of one’s perspective or position on their essay. You can also use ChatGPT to help develop subtopics and each of the sentences that will lie under the specific subtopics. Not only will your essay have a nice and readable flow for your readers, but the essay itself will be able cleanly communicate the content to the reader.

Step 2: Integrating ChatGPT into One’s Writing Sessions and Practices

Writing is a hard skill that a person will need to master and cultivate throughout their life via the use of practicing, learning, and innovation. You can integrate ChatGPT to provide you with writing prompts you can use to help improve your writing. Not only can ChatGPT give you topics you can use as practice, but AI can also provide you with information and knowledge you can use to augment and better your writing skill.

Step 3: Using ChatGPT as Search Engine for References and Evidence

ChatGPT has many uses outside of writing, which the person can leverage and utilize in their writing process. You can use ChatGPT as a search engine that can easily summarize and rephrase the information you are looking for online. Just note that ChatGPT will use information and data available online, which may contain misinformation and missing data that may lead to problems and issues in one’s content or writing. Therefore the person needs to be vigilant when they are using ChatGPT or any chatbot as a search engine.

Step 4: Utilizing ChatGPT as a Brainstorming Tool in One’s Creative Process

You can utilize ChatGPT as a brainstorming tool to augment and help out one’s creative process, which is very important as it will help the person easily create unique and creative works without any risk of creative burnout. There are many ways ChatGPT can help you brainstorm ideas for the content of your essay, the subject, and topic of your essay, and the type of essay you will write. Just note that you should do your best to tweak and form fit the ideas and topics ChatGPT will generate for you.


Why should I not copy the AI’s generated essays?

One can generate essays through the usage of ChatGPT and ChatGPT prompts, which will only take the person a few seconds to generate. Many issues present themselves when a person will do this. The first is that the content ChatGPT creates is a patchwork of any available content online that suits or hits the specific subject or theme the person has in mind, which might cause copyright issues. Next, writers use essays to explain and expound their position on a specific topic, which the usage of AI will undermine and ruin.

Should I double-check the information ChatGPT provides to me for my essays?

Yes, it is important to be vigilant with any information one obtains online, on social media, or through search engines. It is even more pivotal for the person to double-check and verify information, data, and knowledge ChatGPT provides for the user due to the generative nature of ChatGPT. There are instances where ChatGPT creates or generates its take on the data and may even falsify references for said data. Therefore, one should double-check any information ChatGPT will provide to you.

Can I include samples of essay topics I want to see when I use ChatGPT to generate a list of essay topics?

ChatGPT’s AI or algorithm relies on already-present data to generate an output the user can use. The same is true when the user wants ChatGPT to create or generate a list of topics they can use for their essays. To ensure that ChatGPT will generate essay topics that will suit the user’s desires, they can include samples or examples of essay topics they want ChatGPT to generate or avoid creating.

ChatGPT is a writing tool one can employ to improve essay-writing skills and processes and ensure that the reader can understand the writer’s point of view and position. When the writer properly employs and uses ChatGPT, they can create succinct and clear essays that can please, move, and convince the reader of a specific point.

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